He Let's Me
Love it when a man, or a woman, smiling, takes control. Showing me what they want to do to me, holding my hands down, blindfolding me, etc.

Sometime I like to take control, allowing the flame in me to take over.

It could start slow, his kisses, a spark inside me, my nipples growing, feeling how wet I'm getting, my panties becoming soaked very quick.

Is he shy? Taking it very slow? Wondering if I like a lot of foreplay?

My fingers dig through his hair, his body close to mine, my toes can't curl in my shoes, I kick them off.

He let's me unbutton his shirt, my palms rub his barrel of a chest. Moving down, I undo his pants, pull them down. Smiling, his cock bobs from the force I pull his shorts down. Long, thick, hard, huge cap. Should I kiss the tip? Kiss my way down? Tease him? I don't, my flame is controlling my actions, I take him in my mouth. Does he moan as I take all of him? My nose buries in his hair, his huge cap touching the back of my throat. Judging by the way he holds my head, throbs in my mouth, I would say he does. Sometime I really hate being deaf.

I strip quickly, his eyes watching as I become naked. I keep myself in good shape, it makes me feel good to see him drool.

He let's me go down on him again, not sucking hard, just bobbing up and down, later I will suck him hard, smiling. Sucking his balls as I stroke him, his cock moving up and down in my hand.

Letting me do what I want, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rubbing my wet pussy over his cock. I take him in, fuck, he's big, he spreads me open. I ride him, slow at first, so greedy for his cock, milking it. My flame burns hot, taking over my body, sweet pleasure as I ride faster. Fucking him, I cum, my pussy gripping him.

I'm breathless, but still greedy for his cock, will he let me have another ride?

He's a big fan of my ass, wants to get his cock in there so much. I'm not ready for that...yet. But I will give him a treat, turning around, gripping his thighs, I lower myself, taking him in. He's very hard inside me this way, I fuck him slow. My cheeks open in this position, his thumb presses my last virgin hole.

Burning hot, intense sweet pleasure has reached a river inside me. I'm fucking him much faster, taking him in hard. My orgasm robs me of my sanity, I'm washed away as I flood his cock. I have to find a way to describe what cumming feels like.

He let me fuck myself to two fantastic orgasms, I feel him turning to steel inside me. Just a few more seconds, he's very close.

I knew a guy, didn't like cumming in a woman's mouth. I would have held this guy down, if I had to, I didn't have to though, he let me.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM he let me taste myself on his cock, let me smell my juices in his hair. I sucked him, extremely hard, tasting his cum as he filled my mouth, drinking down thick hot seed. Next time I'll tell you what I let him do to me. Or do you prefer what she did to me?
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