He Read Her Diary
Cindy's hair is short, (but not mousey, her words, page one of her diary), her eyes are a rich brown, not dull, also page one of her diary. Seth thinks her nose strong, (not weak) again her diary. Her lips are in no way thin.

Seth can tell, by looking, of course, also judging by the kiss he just stole, her lips feel very hot on his.

Cindy is an inch or two short, bottom of page one. But she certainly does have strength in her petite body. Seth is shoved back more then a few feet. Cindy's eyes are burning a smoldering tan, glaring at him.

"You had your chance to kiss me some time ago, you waited too long."

She didn't write that in her diary. Cindy wrote many things, by page three, Seth was whacking off, getting a few drops on the pages.

A stinging slap reddened Seth's cheek when he attempted a second kiss. Her arms pinned to the walls, Cindy wrestled one arm free as Seth kissed her. Her second slap was hard, but it lost much momentum. She broke free a final time, gasping, her slap was very weak.

Seth didn't just read Cindy's diary-he studied it!

He grabbed her arms, forced them behind her body, he used his body to pin her to the wall. Her mouth succumbed to his, her lips already started puffing from his intense kissing. His hands ripped her shirt wide open, tearing the shreds off her body. Her breasts are attacked, Seth's large hands sliding under the cups, forcing them upward as he squeezed her soft flesh. He did not agree with Cindy thinking they are too small.

Hands mauling her tits, mouth sucking her sharp nipples, teeth nipping roughly, Cindy was bouncing on her feet, her body itching for so much more.

Still pinned to the wall, her butt smashes against her hands as her belt is violently loosened, jeans forced open. His left arm presses Cindy against the wall, pushing hard on her collar bone. His right hand dives into her panties, racing over her mound, invading the space between her thighs. His palm slides over her lips, instantly soaked from her pussy. Two fingers thrust in, reaching for that magical G spot. The heel of his palm pushes up on her clit, fingers fuck like tiny jack hammers, finger tips perform the come hither motion on her G spot. Seth watches Cindy's face. It contorts with a beautiful agony. She moans, her mouth a perfect o. His cock twitches like a possessed snake, wanting to be in there. Her head tilts back, thin, sexy muscles in her neck are bulging cords. Her thighs tremble on his forearm, contractions, strong enough to crack walnuts crush Seth's fingers. Her head cranes farther back, her breathing is harsh, heavy. A harder squeezing of her pussy walls. Her cunt floods, she cries out as her body pants for breath.

"Taste!" Her lips lick her nectar, tongue lapping, not drops, but her thick, syrupy release. "Undo my pants!"

Her numb hands reach for Seth's jeans, her tongue still licking her cum off his fingers. She feels a bulging, pulsating log as her fingers unsnap his jeans, then pull down the zipper. "Pull my pants and underwear down!" She drops to her knees, pulls, his cock bounces up and down, its size momentarily stealing her breath. "Suck me!"

She swears she feels a pulse as her hand grips his cock. Her lips close over the head, feeling a strong electric current vibrate her lips. She takes more in, maybe three inches, her hand grasping the rest. Sucking, feeling its hardness slide over her tongue. His hands grip her short hair, sticky fingers curling short bangs in between thumb and index finger. "Like this!" Forcing all of himself in as he pulls her forward, his huge head hitting her throat, making her gag, saliva escaping past her lips. He buried her nose into his thatch of hair before backing her off, popping out of her mouth, smearing his crown over her lips, then filling her mouth again.

Jaw aching, Seth stands her up, moves her to the wall again. He pulls her pants down, orders her to step out of them. Her panties are white, cum drips from the crotch. Seth drops to his knees, his mouth sucks the puddle of cum through her panties. He turns under her, his body stretched out on the floor away from her, his cock a swaying pole in the air. Her eyes fix on it, craving it and fearful of it being inside her.

"Sit on my face!"

Her panties are forced to the side, his mouth sucks her cunt, tongue tracing her outer lips, the tip pointed and sharp. His hands pull her panties down over the cheeks of her ass. Her squatting forces her split open, Seth slips his sticky fingers in between, rubbing her tight hole, pushing past her barrier. His index finger penetrates her ass first, the tip worming its way in. His middle finger follows, they move to the swaying of Cindy's body, she is feeding her pussy to Seth. Once his thick fingers go in to the knuckles, Cindy's body is shaking, her pussy bearing down on Seth's mouth, trails of juice filling him like rain fills a open well. He starts fucking her ass, fingers pivoting in and out, Cindy rolls her hips, her orgasm twists her body, her hands cup her breasts, she cums, her body falling on top of Seth.

Shaking, violent trembles shaking her, Cindy never noticed Seth slither out from under her. She didn't know where he was till he ripped her panties off her body from behind. The tearing sound made her toes curl.

An explosion of heat opened her pussy, his cock shot into her like a rocket. Hands on her shoulders held her down, balls slapped her clit as his cock pounded in and out of her pussy. She came so hard, it felt like peeing all over his cock, shooting, spraying out between her lips and his cock.

Legs pointed straight up, resting on his shoulders, his thrusts are slow, she can count the inches going in. He fills her deep, balls pressing against her lips. Flames dance in her belly, her fingers pull strands out of the carpet, her ass burns as it moves from his fucking. In the blink of an eye he speeds up, his cock moving like a machine into her. She cums, groaning as cum trails down to her ass, leaking into her expanded hole. He swells, triples in size inside her! He pulls out, his hand strokes it quickly, he groans now. Seth shoots his cum, blasts it out, coating her breasts in seconds, it shoots into her hair, then her face, smearing across her lips, cheeks, she feels it running down her neck. Finally, he collapses next to her, breathing as heavy as she is.

"There are two things I want to say to you."

"What's that," he gasps.

"You are replacing my clothes and I'm so glad you read my diary."

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