He who waits
'You like to watch, don't you?' Liam asked him.

He nodded, dry mouthed, before adding, 'second best to taking part.'

'Well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves,' he said.

So it was arranged. He would be in Liam's house, out of site. Liam's girl was amazing - just so hot. A fantastic curvy figure, large round breasts, a beautiful firm ass, shoulder length blonde hair, and so passionate.

The two of them almost ripped each other's clothes of - just a few meters in front of him. Liam's hands were inside her blouse in seconds, freeing her wonderful breasts, sucking on her pink nipples. How sensitive they were! The girl's face was exquisite as he sucked deeply on one nipple while rubbing the other one hard.

Her hands were all over Liam. She pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock. The watcher was taken aback and the length and thickness of Liam's cock compared to his own average sized one. Undaunted, the girl took the huge cock in her mouth.

'Oh Tina,' Liam moaned. 'You are so good at that. Oh yeah.' The whole shaft was disappearing into her face, and presumably halfway down her throat.

The lovers got into a 69. The watcher could see Tina's pussy being given a rough, almost savage, tonguing as Liam's hands tried to pull her ass as close to him as he could. Tina came again and again on his face.

The watcher's pants were on the floor now. He gently rubbed his shaft, loving the amazing sites, sounds and smells of this pure sex.

Now Tina was on top of Liam. The watcher could see her breasts bouncing and her pussy accepting Liam's big cock. The watcher was naked now, his cock as stiff as it had ever been in his life.

Liam held out his arms to Tina. She leaned forward to his face, tasting herself. He took her in his arms and pulled her down against himself.

He indicated for the watcher to come forward, behind her.

'I've got a surprise for you, Tina,' Liam whispered.

As planned, the watcher padded softly across the room and started to kiss Tina's ass. She tensed in Liam's arms and tried to sit up but he held her tight.

The watcher started to kiss and lick her ass hole. Tina started to relax.

'This guy has been watching you,' whispered Liam. 'He thinks you are so hot. You have got him as stiff as a poker.'

The watcher delved into her ass hole as deep as he could with his tongue. Tina was wriggling, but with pleasure, not fear.

'He likes to watch,' whispered Liam.

This was the watcher's signal. He moved the tip of his cock up against her ass hole.

'But most of all he likes to fuck. And he is going to fuck you.'

The watcher started to press against her ass hole. His cock popped in and he slowly started to move back and forwards. Her ass was so tight, full of his cock and with her pussy full of Liam's monster.

The watcher established a rhythm and Liam started to move at the same speed. The double fuck was driving Tina crazy - she came again and again. The watcher reached under her and grabbed her wonderful breasts, marveling at their softness and the stiffness of the nipples he had been admiring before.

Tina was bouncing on the pair of them, they had almost stopped moving as her motion took control.

Tina was screaming with pleasure. Liam started to cum, really hard, pumping more and more seed inside her. The watcher was driven over the edge and shot his load inside her ass.

They collapsed in a heap. 'You are the best,' Tina sighed to Liam. Cum was dribbling out of both her holes.

The watcher silently left them.
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