Helen's Halloween part two

Young Helen had decided she wanted the party for over the Halloween weekend. Little did anyone know at the time this was her testing the depths of commitment.
She was responsible for the guest list. Inviting many of the Ladies she had known in her life, with the promises of the free glamour photos sessions.
The outbuilding, the barn was decorated as the labatory for the mad science. Devices with knobs and dials along the walls. Beverages despensed from chemestry glasswear. Fog machine added to the scene. The old style camera on a rolling tripod.
Photographs captured of attractive ladies in the mad science lab, various amounts of skin showing from time to time. Nipples, both stiff and erect and some pierced. Many tempations. With all the exposed skin none were Helen, so not interested. This evening is what leads to the next day, when Helen comes to me as we were cleaning up from the night before, tells me with all the photos created the night before that none were of her.
This is the omission that could be repaired.
Helen dissapears for the moment to put on a costume from the night before. She returns looking similar to the serving girl, the billowy blouse and the skirt. Somehow looking even better than the night before.
A series of photographs as we move about the lab space. Finding her standing in front of mystery equipment whith the knobs and dials. Helen ask about the ropes that hang over her head. The suggestion that she may want to try this type or style of photograph, the loops over her wrists. Ropes pulled tight. Feet light on the floor. Instructions delivered ,the command to kick off the shoes. Now Helen hangs from her arms.
Helen is helpless.
moving closer, hold her body tight. Feeling her woman's shape. Pulling her hair, tilting head back, and taking kisses from her lips. Hands on Helen's chest unbutton her blouse. Soft kisses, along her neck and down her throat. Reaching into blouse and pushing breasts upwards, the nipples rise and pop out of clothes. Mouth goes lower, lips to Helen's nipples. Kissing and sucking the nipples untill hard and stiff. Chest flushed with excitement.
Stepping back, creating more photographs of Helen's exposed breasts.
Firm and full with hard nipples.
Watching breasts rise and fall with each breath.
Wanting more of Helen, then return and moving behind her, unfasten the skirt which falls to the floor. Commands to her ears to kick the skirt away. Helen is slow to kick. Firm hands grasp her breasts. The pinching then twisting and pulling of nipples. Legs thrashing about, as if struggling to escape. Then kicking the skirt away to slide along the floor. Good girl whispered to her ear.
More photographs of Helen result. Still there is much more of Helen that is Worthy of the photographs.
hands on her hips pushing downward, panties are pushed off the hips and down the legs. To be taken from her.
Helen starts to protest, arms wrap around her body pulling her close, hand reaching her exposed bottom. then the sharp sound of her ass being slapped. Then another sharp slap, and another. This continues, her ass becomming pink from the firm discipline and attentions.
Excited whimpers escape from her mouth, of I will behave my master.
Tension on ropes lifting her arms is reduced, one hand released, the blouse is removed, hand secured. Again for the other arm. Tensions then applied lifting Helen again.
Delicious body hanging as fruit ready to be picked. More photographs of her stripped body. Too delicious to resist, she is the fobidden fruit.
Aproached again, held in strong arms, body moved and adjusted. Hands feeling her soft smooth skin. Hand lifting her breast to waiting mouth as her nipples are sucked again. Hand goes lower, to between legs. Helen responds to the commands to spread her legs, fingers explore her, hot and wett and waiting to be taken, needing to be taken.
Belt and pants are released falling to floor.. Hand on Helen's hips lift her so whe can wrap legs around body. sensations as she is open and wet and inviting as her body slides lower and Helen can feel herself being both filled and taken. Or is she giving?
Too many days of teasing, and tempting. this release of pleasure has been delayed too long. Frantic movements then Helen hears the moans from him as he explodes inside of her. Helen grips tightly. Rocking hips as to milk everything he has to give. Legs shaking. Holding on to hanging Helen to avoid falling to the floor.
A few brief moment of composure,
Tensions of ropes released. Two bodies collapse to floor.
Brief moments of rest, then Helen whispered, shall we finish this later in the house?
As she released her arms and body then dissapear for this moment.

To be continued??

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