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Hi babygirl...yes daddy.. Your going to Uncle Gregs house instead of Papi's for the weekend. Papi said he would make it up to that ok..Sure Dad Uncle Greg is cool. you and Mom enjoy yourselves. i'm lucky to have a daughter like you...ok finish pack! I got plans for your mother...Ewww daddy...

Greg man thanks..I didnt have plans this weekend and Tasha's a good kid. And since my leg is still in a glad she can watch her Babygirl be good..I will Dad..Go..have fun..Dont bring back any siblings!...waving goodbye they make their way into the house...

Uncle Greg I'm old enough to be alone soooo...i can just walk back home its just 3 houses her best pout and puppy eyes she's sure he'll ok it...Uncle Greg always give her what she wants...Hold on Miss.Little Lady...I planned a fun weekend, I even planned to let you drive...that caught her playing...nope no playing....uhmm...biting her plump lower lip...ok i'll stay she says while making her way to her room in his house..

Damn Greg says out loud...when did she get so grown and sassy..i mean just the other day she was running around asking for barbies now i have to bribe her to at better..what is she 13..14 now....I don't understand why anyone would bother with any women under 30yrs old.....

After dinner Tasha went back to her she was getting into be she heard a crash....running down the hall the went into Uncle Gregs room to find him on the floor with a towel around his waist, plastic over the cast leg, and his wheel chair over turned....she couldn't help it he looked so funny all pinkest and wet on the floor...Come on Uncle Greg i'll help you up..she gets behind him to help left him from behind giggling the whole time..i wish i had a camera... funny..really little girl...i'ma remember this....feelings a little hurt...but sore...and pissed at the dame wheel chair.....Greg turns to give her a piece of his mind, but get side tracked by the way the water from his back had made her night shirt cling to her front....When the Hell did she get those breast?..

he was so busy thinking that he didn't notice she was asking him if he was ok...Uncle Greg, Uncle Greg!..getting worried he had hurt his head she stood in front of his face trying to get his attention....this only made the nipples on her shirt stick out more to Uncle Greg...before he could stop him self he had placed his mouth over the closest bud to him....instinctly the nipple responded to the moist heat of his mouth...even through the thin material the hard nub felt incredible to him....on its on accord his other hand had began to palm and play with the other nipple, loving how stiff and perky it was...uhmmm he began to hum.....

...Uhmmmmm..Uncle Greg!!...Oh Shit!..Oh Shit!..Fuck!...he pushed her away from him so hard she fell...looking at him with big tears rolling down her face, she got up and ran to her room.....Babygirl!....rushing as fast as he could to put a pair of shorts on..kinda hard with a cast on his leg..he got to her door....

Tasha...babygirl...soft crying could be heard through the door...feeling the lowest he had ever felt in his life Greg pressed the door open to find his babygirl curled into small ball....gathering her in his arms..he rocked her until she stopped crying...lifting her face with his finger tips he looks her in the eyes...I'm so Sorry Baby girl..what just happen was so wrong..if i had found anybody doing that to you i would kill him..the fact that i assaulted you....uncle Greg..Don't..I know you would never hurt me...not on purpose..

No honey..I was wrong..thats something I should never have been able to do..I'm so sorry..i promise it wont happen ever Uncle Greg...she spoke softly as he made his way out of her room..all the while wondering why her lower area was throbbing and the same time Uncle Greg couldnt get the feel of her round firm bottom of his mind or stop his 9' cock from being hard...

The next morning was a little tense for both of them...sitting in the living room on the long cough Tasha decided to ask her uncle about the reaction her body had...Uncle Greg...yes babygirl...i need to ask you a question..ok baby...Ww..Why did my vagina get all wet and sticky last night....choking on his sandwich Greg tried to move past the mental image in his mind...Babygirl that's a question for your parent's I-But Uncle Greg..I would have to tell them why i wanted to know...uhmm..ok..well..umm..when a woman is excited her body prepares itself for more adult play...What about the aching feeling down's like i can feel it--like a heart beat...That just means you really like what was done to your body..Greg pulls the towel on the arm of the chair in front of his growing erection...

Getting up to sit closer Tasha whispers..its still do i make it stop...closing his eyes to all the wonderful was..moving pass the lump in his throat..Babygirl if you leave it alone it'll go away...there I did it, I didn't offer to suck her little pussy until she passed out from the joy and feel of my tongue feasting on her innocent flesh....breath Greg, get your self together man..this is babygirl..u changed her diapers, played dolls with her, and your her Godfather for Jesus tap dancing Christ!!

Uncle Greg it hasn't stop all Night..please help me make it stop..i tried taking a shower to cool it down then i touched and all i did was hurt this time she was kneeling in front of him between his could he..god forgive him but he could see her in pain..because of him no less...Baby do you trust Uncle Greg..Yes..tears rolling down her face..We cant tell anyone..ok..I mean it Baby..They wouldnt care about the pain your'll still be wrong in their eyes...Uncle Greg Help Me....
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