Helping My New Neighbors
I was sunning myself at my apartments. The weather was beautiful and it seemed that everyone else in the apartments were outside too. There were people setting up to cook out and other playing at the pool and others like myself just sitting around enjoying the sun. about three, I decided to head back to my apartment and as I started gathering together my things I notice a couple of young guys in their early twenties playing Frisbee.

They were shirt-less to let the sun help tan their young strong bodies. Watching them, I realized that the two handsome hunks looked like twins. I couldn't take my eyes for those to young men as the run an jumped as they played. I began thinking how unfair it was that they were exerting all that energy on a Frisbee when they could be pleasing some hot and hungry woman like me.

I stayed there looking at the young men for a few minutes. One of the twins moved closer to where I was standing , watching and soon we were exchanging, shy but seductive glances. After a few minutes of watching them playing I closed my eyes. I could see them, their young hard body , their faces, their eyes, their full blond hair, and I could imagine their manhood hard and erect. When I opened my eyes, I found both twins standing in front of me. They were smiling. I grinned back.

They introduced themselves as Todd and Ted. I stuck again by their identical appearance. After a few minutes of talk, I found out that they were not related and they had just moved in and didn't knew anyone yet. I told not to worry about that the women of the apartment complex would soon be knock on their door as cute as they were, and even some of the men. They laugh at my statement. Then they invited me back to their apartment for a drink.

Their apartment was lavishly decorated with a lot of art in a room, much of it sexual in nature. I began to wonder it the twins were gay, but my doubts were quickly put to rest by their eyes, staring at me, my breasts, my ass and my crotch. By how they sat close to me touching my legs or arm or shoulder. We talked and laughed, soon we were talking about sex, as we continued our drinking. After a little while, there was so much sexual tension in the air that, when Todd finally got around to suggesting we all go into the bedroom, we ran.

It had two king-sized beds, pushed together, it was strange but at this point I didn't care. Todd came up behind me and helped me undo my top. After removing it, he fondled my breasts, then turn me around and slipped his tongue deep inside my mouth. As I was lost in a deep kiss with Todd and him caressing my breasts, I felt Ted undo my bottoms and push them down off my full hips. he massaged the cheeks of my ass and kissed my lower back. Being fondled by two men, and the fact that the two men were identical handsome hunks, I didn't think it could be better then Ted spread my ass cheeks and his tongue circle my anal opening. Soon I was moaning and having an intense orgasm.

I soon found myself on their bed, my twins kneeing on each side of me so I could take turns suck both of them . Todd's manhood was large and circumcised, Ted's was smaller and uncircumcised. Both of their cock were beautiful and I wanted them both. Todd's cock was delicious, though at first I had difficulty taking his large crown in my mouth.

I had more difficulty sucking Ted, whose velvet foreskin had to be gently forced back with my fingers before I could tongue it the special way I wanted. I tried to suck both cocks at the same, unsuccessful, since one alone was more than a mouthful for me. Instead, I rubbed their swollen crowns together and licked for everything I was worth.

As my twin lovers held their cock for my hungry mouth, my hands tickled and rubbed their heavy ball sacs. Then I inched beneath their dangling balls and to the anal openings. After I edged a finger all the way in to each of them, I found their tunnels slippery and clearly well traveled. As I played with them, they played with me, stroking, pinching, twisting , pulling on my nipples. My nipples had never been treated in since a rough and erotic manner.

Our combine moans were loud and get louder. as I respond to their strong fingers and hands on my nipples and they responded to every action of my busy tongue and pumping fingers. Within seconds, jet of hot white, sticky cum came spurting out of their throbbing cock, covering my breasts. Once their twin orgasm ended I sucked their cock into my mouth one at a time to get the last of their tasty cum. I was surprised when my twin lovers laid down next to me and began to lick the cum from my heaving breasts. Their tongues never missed a drop as the lapped their cream of my body.

The feel of their tongues and their hot mouths on my now super sensitive breasts, plus their roaming hands traveling up and down my body. It was to much my cunt felt like it was on fire, my need to have a hard cock inside was growing beyond my control. I grabbed my twin lovers by the hair and pulled the faces away from my breasts. I kissed one then the other hard, letting my tongue dance inside their hot mouths. After I finished kissing them both I growled that I needed cock, now.

It only took my twin lover a few second to sheath their love swords in condoms. I took control and directed traffic. I knew that when I finally cum it would be so powerful I didn't think I could stand any more at lease for a little while. So I decide I had to have them both at the same time. Todd on the bottom and Ted behind me.

For me I have to comfortable with a guy to have anal sex. Most guys screw it up, they just get too excited. They either try to jam it in and hurt the girl or they get it in, and then loss control, and pound away. You have to take it slow and build it, slow going in and slow stroking and soon she be begging you to pound her ass. I had a feeling that Ted and Todd knew how to fuck someone in the ass, but I wasn't about to let Todd's big cock in my ass. The crown on his rod alone would stretch my anal opening more than my desire would allow.

I told Ted to relax and watch the show as I squatted over his roommate's rod. Ted commitment that he could see my juice dripping from my hole as I spread my wet lips and lower myself onto Todd's pole. That large crown spread my tight hole and I groan and shook slightly, if felt so good. My need was so great I just drop down engulfing Todd's shaft in one fast stroke. He and I gasped, he could feel my hot juices leaking out on to his balls, I had climax just by taking his big cock inside me.

I laid forward on my lover and whispered in his ear and Todd did as I asked and spread my cheeks for his friend's cock. Ted was quick to join us. I was right about Ted. He was slow to enter my anal opening, letting me get comfortable with him as he inched his way deeper inside. Todd moaned into my breasts that he could feel Ted's cock entering my ass. Soon I begged for Ted to pump me, Todd couldn't really move but the look on his face told Ted and me that he lay there all day with my pussy wrapped around his cock and enjoy the feeling of Ted's cock stroking in and out of my ass. Let my orgasms pour out of me, my hot juices running down over his cock and balls, soaking the bed beneath his ass.

Then something happen that no one excepted. Ted took a long stroke back and his cock popped out of my ass and when he thrust forward his cock slipped down, just a little and he penetrated my cunt hole. The three of us gasped as one. There have been very few time I have ever been that full. Ted began to back out and scream at him to be still. Todd's cock was big and fill me but with Ted's cock in me too. I whimpered to them to fuck me. Some how they got in a rhythm where they were thrusting as one.

It felt as if the biggest cock in the world was splitting my cunt hole, throbbing ready to cum deep inside me. I laid there moaning as orgasm after orgasm spasm out of my pussy and up my spine. I was lost in a sea of pleasure and pain. Then I held a groan that was not me and Todd began filling his condom with his seed. His throbbing member set off Ted and he to started shooting his hot load. We collapsed a tingle of arms and legs. It felt so good the boys pulled free of my cunt, but it felt so empty, too. As I fell to asleep the last thing I saw was my lovers moving into a 69 to suck the cum-covered cocks clean. I smiled, and thought what a way to make some new friends.

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