Her Best Friend
A few weeks ago Randall had a fantastic long dirty fuck with Janet's best friend. This girl, Maddy, is a very small woman around fifty with short blonde hair and a good body with the most delicious small pointed tits that bounce and wag while she walks and when Randall jams his cock in her. They had fucked one time before, two or three years ago. While they were screwing in her bed she said she's just not been getting any and she's been dying for a piece of meat between her legs. He said he was glad to help a friend any time, and then he shortened his stroke and started pounding her cunt as hard and fast as he could. She stretched her arms out above her head and just lay there taking it deep. Later they were fucking a hard slamming doggie and she groaned at him to grab her hair. She had like three orgasms at least, he wasn't sure how many times she got herself off.

Randall came in her, groaning and grinding his cock in her sloppy wet pussy. And then in a few minutes—to her delight—he went down on her, carefully eating her freshly fucked hole, digging his cum out of her with his tongue and swallowing some of it. The rest of it he got on her naked tits and her brown nipples by drooling it out and letting it fall out of his mouth onto her. Maddy looked fucking amazing and they were both really turned on.

He had to piss and she followed him into the bathroom, cleaning her messy pussy with tissue and watching him standing there peeing. She didn't say anything, but Randall noticed the way she was staring at his heavy stream, which, he hoped, indicated she could maybe be interested.

It was a great afternoon playing hooky from work for both of them.

When they were back in bed she lit a cigarette and made herself look really sexy sitting up and leaning back against the headboard with pillows behind her. She held it out, offering it to him and he took one drag watching her stroking her tits, feeling herself and slowly pulling her nipples. He doesn't smoke, and neither does she, except she likes the way she feels using it as a visual toy during and after sex. And Randall had to confess that watching her languorously enjoying it after fucking—or while they were fucking was damn mesmerizing. She knew how to make it look erotic and cock teasing, and that's what it was all about. Until he met her he never dreamed that a cigarette could become an object of sexuality for him. But god she was supremely erotic and watching her his prick was up and stiff as a fucking board.

Soon the smoke was tossed aside and Randall got his hands under her knees. He spread her knees wide and pushed them towards her head, rolling her ass up off the sheet. On his feet crouched above her, cock straight and hard, he lowered himself and drove it down into her mushy wet cunt.

That evening when Janet got home, Randall was still so damn horny he fucked her with half her clothes still on. They ended up in bed in an awesome 69, with her cumming in his face while his cock was in her mouth. His cock that a few hours ago was fucking her best friend's clenching pussy.
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