Her Highness part 1
Her Highness part 1
By: Caress

It was his deep, rumbling voice with just the hint of an unknown accent that first caught Catarina's attention. She imagined how it might sound rough with passion. Looking around, she tried to see who was the owner of that sexy voice. When she located him, his eyes took her breath away. They're a startling blue, blazing with an inner fire. She had always been partial to blue eyed men, and he was no exception. He was with a group of people in front of a convenience store. Obviously he knew them, as they talked and teased with the familiarity of long time friends.

He projected strength and a quiet confidence that drew her like a moth to a flame. It screamed alpha male. MMMMMMMM her favorite kind of man! Wrapped in the shadows, she heard more of his conversation, and while he was being helpful in his suggestions to the one he spoke with, he did it in a humble way.

Possessing a deep, infectious laugh, he seemed to do it quite often. That was good news as eternity could get very boring without a sense of humor. Yes, Catarina thought, he will do quite nicely. She continued to observe their conversation. As it was wrapping up one of his friends told him, "keep in touch Brian." So, she thought, I now know his name.

He started walking. One of his friends offered him a ride, but he refused, telling them it was such a nice night that he wanted to walk home. Catarina sighed in relief, she would never have been able to carry out her plan if he was in a car.

Leaving the bright lights of the parking lot behind, his path was now only lit by the street lights periodically situated high above the sidewalk he was on. Brian never heard Catarina approach, it was as if she appeared from the mist. One minute he was alone, and the next a woman was there. And not just any woman, a breathtakingly beautiful one.

Her thick, slightly curling, midnight black, shiny tresses flowed over her shoulders like a silk cape. The eyes looking back at him, a startling shade of sparkling sapphire blue, deep and fathomless, they seemed to contain the mysteries of the universe. Full, pouting, red lips, drew his attention to her mouth. His eyes traveled the rest of her face, taking in perfect brows, the high, flushed cheekbones in her heart shaped face, her flawless skin, but they always came back to her mouth, her lips drew his gaze like a magnet. Images of her plump, red lips wrapped around his cock, with her long raven hair fisted in his hand while he pumped her face flashed through his mind. His dick hardened painfully in response to these pornographic thoughts, and a few drops of pre-cum dripped from his slit.

Catarina knew the effect she was having on him. She could hear his thoughts and see the images in his mind, and she loved it. It excited her to know that she hadn't even touched him yet, but already his cock was weeping for her. She knew that soon she would be giving him everything he just pictured and so much more.

She started to move closer to him but in the semi darkness, and with her thoughts preoccupied, failed to see the crack in the sidewalk. She tripped and fell at his feet. Leaning down, he grabbed her hands, and helped her to her feet. Her cheeks blushed red enough that he could see it, even though the area was not fully lit.

She laughed at herself saying, "well, you could call me Miss Grace, but my name is actually Catarina. Since I've fallen for you, it only seems fair that I should know your name." Only she knew the double meaning to that statement, and just how true it really was.

Stunned by her musical laugh, and the sweet, slightly husky sound of her voice, he forgot to let go of her hands. Shaking his head and chuckling, he said in a teasing tone, "no problem, I always love it when a woman throws herself at my feet. My name is Brian, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Catarina pulled Brian to her, the inhuman speed and strength he felt scared him, and he began to struggle against her. She spoke softly, soothingly in his ear, her voice a caress in his mind, "shhhhhhh, my chosen one. Don't be afraid and accept the gift of my kiss." Her voice instantly calmed him, it's hypnotic tone working it's usual magic. He was still, his eyes glazed with a far away look, no longer aware of anything that was happening.

The scent of his body up close called to her, the wildness inside, and her fangs lengthened. Her mouth flooded with his blood when her sharp teeth broke the skin, his rich, spicy flavor intoxicated her, it's path warming her insides like a fine brandy as she sucked him in. She sensed every organ, every function, and sensation in his body as she drank. So she knew that he grew hard instantly as her teeth had penetrated him, could feel his body's excitement grow as she sucked against his neck, drawing his blood into herself. She felt him explode, the waves of his pleasure battered against her senses. And as the cum shot out of Brian's cock, flooding his underwear, so too did Catarina's pussy flood, making her panties all wet and sticky, a trail of cum escaping to leak down her thigh.

She continued to feed until the ripples of their mutual orgasms had subsided. She licked the puncture wounds on his neck, the healing agent in her saliva closing them, his skin now unblemished, looking as if nothing had ever happened.

She'd been right about him, had sensed that he was strong. Catarina is now almost positive she's found a man that can survive the change. The one to be her consort and help her rule her kingdom. She must choose wisely this time. Custom dictates that she find a man, that once turned, will become the King of her land, ruling and fighting at her side. She must do this before her five hundredth birthday or forfeit her crown, and she's almost out of time.

It's not like she had waited until the last minute, there had been three others before him. But two had not been strong enough, and the change had driven them insane. The third, had turned into an indiscriminate killing machine once changed, and she was forced to end all three by her own hand. It still hurt to think about.

Brian had the strength and determination of a warrior. His protective nature would keep her and her people safe as he fought in battle at her side. But he also had the heart and soul of a poet. His kind and loving nature would be a blessing to her and everyone in their kingdom as he helped her rule. She knew instinctively with him at her side, that the kingdom would prosper. Yes, this time she had made the perfect choice!

She kissed him deeply. The feel of him as he answered her tongues caress with a passion of his own, made her heart skip a beat. But as much as she hated it, they had to leave before they were noticed by somebody driving by. She quietly said to him, "my future King, it's time to leave. You won't remember me or anything said or done this evening until you see me again. Awaken, my love."

As soon as she had finished speaking, she wrapped the night around herself like a cloak, at once shielded from any and all eyes. When Brian had become aware again he looked around, sensing something, although he had no idea what. He felt the wet stickiness in his underwear as his cock shifted, sliding a little in his cum. He tried to figure out what could have happened to make him shoot a load, but decided he must have been daydreaming as he walked. That would explain how he had no idea how he'd gotten to this point in his walk home and why he was drenched in cum. Strange, he thought, shaking his head, as he continued to his house. Once inside, he laid down on the couch, and quickly fell asleep. That night, he dreamed of a beautiful woman, with stunning blue eyes kissing him.

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