Her Love Strikes Like a Hurricane

Her eyes, plead yes,
My heart beats in zest,
Her smile, on the crest, searching for the best,
My insatiable lust I must confess...

Just when you think you've experienced the ultimate in sexual satisfaction, she comes along and gives new meaning to orgasmic bliss.

Lying on the beach soaking up the sun's fantastic healing rays, she tries to be discrete but her foot is to close. I feel the sand slip away as she kneels down by my side.

I attempt a sideways squint wondering who's this intrusive inconsiderate fool. Realizing I'm actually becoming conscious after a quiet dream state, I can only manage to make out the outline of a bronze statuesque body wearing the thinnest skin tight, skin colored bikini.

Her head shadows the sun's brightness just long enough for me to open my eyes to a fascinating, lustfully alluring woman who in my blurry vision looks like a teenage sex craving maniac.

Wondering if I'm still dreaming? I feel her hands attempting to lift my cock out of my loose, cotton, partial see through swim suit.

As I try to lift my chest up she calmly presses down saying, "Just lay there and relax. I want to enjoy what you have on display."

Wow, I almost instantly realize I'm at the secluded end of a private beach. The beach behind a friends house who let's me come and go as if I was his room mate.

This long haired sex goddess who seems to have appeared from the random splashing surf is slowly stroking my cock and licking the pre cum that issues from it's crown. The splotch of wetness smeared all inside my suit seeped out into a noticeable pool of liquid which must be what attracted her attention.

"I love sucking cock, the bigger the better. I'm Jesse, Rick's friend. He told me you would be here and that if I, per chance, found you stretched out on the beach, I'd find a treat that I so cravingly desire."

She inhales the head of my cock stretching my foreskin upward so she could insert her tongue into the folds of skin. I feel a burst of pre cum shoot upward then blocked by her tongue. She releases then covers the opening so that cum pulsates out in time with her tongue action.

Her moans of joy are enough to get me so excited I could let loose of an enormous amount of climactic cum. I force myself to control the release. I feel a build up that's bound to surprise, maybe even startle, the heck out of this gorgeous mermaid.

While slipping my suit off down my thighs and off my legs her hands alternate as one strokes my shaft while the other massages my balls. With the middle finger of the hand massaging my balls she presses into my anal cavity.

As she sucks harder I feel the steady oozing of pre cum building. She releases what she doesn't swallow and it flows over the hand stroking my cock. As my balls become saturated she works the liquid into my anal cavity penetrating the sphincter.

My hips move signaling my approval of all senses she's actively stimulating. Her finger drives deeper, her sucking increases in intensity, her stroking becomes long and deliberate. Her sense of timing is awesome knowing exactly when I'll burst with a volcanic eruption that'll fill her mouth so full of cum she'll either gag on the mammoth amount of cum or have some super swallowing technique that'll take my breath away.

She definitely takes my breath away, finger fucking my ass as if her added fingers were a cock. I suddenly realize she's working her way up to three fingers. My body spasms out of control with bursts of cum splattering the walls of her upper and lower palate.

She forces as much swollen, elongated cock down her throat as possible finally realizing that if she strokes downward tightening my foreskin she can inhale my cock deep within the depths of her throat almost reaching into her chest cavity.

No one has ever sucked my cock with such elated joy as Jesse. Never before has anyone deep throated my cock that far into her body. My cock has reached a level of hardness I've never realized possible. It's so hard it pleasurably aches to move it in any direction.

With her mouth overflowing with cum allowing it to drip into my mouth, she announces, "Now, Rod, I want what Rick tells me is your favorite hour of sex."

She gets completely naked as she walks me into the cabin holding my cock between her thighs. The slippery movement keeps my engorging cock as hard as sixty layers of cold forged steel.

Leading me to her favorite comfort couch, laying back, spreading her thighs, her legs wrapping around my neck she hurls my cock into her pussy before I even have a chance to enjoy any semblance of a subtle approach.

"Fuck me Rod, just tear me apart and turn me loose. I want your cock to expand so long and thick it bursts the walls of my pussy to ever new fields of ecstasy."

Her thighs widen, both her hands hurl my cock into her self lubricated wetness, the walls of her pussy bulging out as her flowery pussy lips are stretched inward. The tightness of her pussy relaxes once I'm deep in her pussy. Her hands forcibly hurl my cock deeper and deeper. She's in complete control of every thrust.

I feel like a fire hose being stretched our for maximum length and efficiency.

She slumps into a position where I'm able to drive my cock so deep she finally lets go with her hands allowing me to reach maximum depth.

Her body struggles to accept the hard driving thrusts she craves. "Harder Rod, don't treat me like a beginner, treat me as mean as you can possibly imagine. I love to be fucked hard. Bury the roots of that massive tree trunk to the center of the earth. Destroy and ruin my pussy, drive that cock so deep I can taste your cum. That's the kind of fucking I crave."

She grabs my hips yanking me into her pussy giving me full reign to destroy her pussy with every once of thrusting energy conceivably possible.

Her eyes go wild when I start fucking her with every thrust taking on a new angle of approach. Side to side thrusts, then in the middle, then upward, downward she screams with blissful, craving lust when I begin to work my cock in circular sweeps opening her pussy so wide she slips her fingers in exposing her elongated clit.

She starts stroking her clit as I fuck her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. The thrusts are timed so that the first half of penetration is circular then a plunge with the remaining portion driving so hard the head of my cock mashes into the walls of her uterus bulging into a balloon shaped grapefruit sized monstrous mushroom.

"Faster Rod, I'm feeling like exploding into a cataclysm of cum. Now Rod, give it to me full force."

I fuck her so hard and fast I can't pull back out of her cervix without ripping her pussy open beyond all expectation. My cock transforms from cannon ball size in her uterus to a narrowing javelin exiting her cervix.

She forcibly gasps for air with every thrust screaming, "Yes...More...Yes me wild Rod...turn me inside out."

All of a sudden she stops breathing, her eyes close, her head falls back, she clenches her teeth then lets out a blood curdling scream that could be heard from Malibu all the way to Monterey. Her arms fly out as if taking off in flight, her hands reach inward mashing her tits together, her thumbs driving her nipples deeply inward.

"Fuck me Rod, fuck me with every thrust matching my thumb penetration."

With her pussy spraying cum in all direction, our thighs becoming soaked with liquid ecstasy I set up a rhythm matching her penetrations.

The thrill of a woman who loves being fucked this hard is overwhelming. I shoot a wad of cum deep in her pussy. "Again Rod, I felt that, do it again."

I plow into her pussy with pile driving force shooting wads of cum I've never known existed in that abundance. Her pussy becomes a mesmerizingly soothing vessel of saturated cream.

She reaches for the cum spraying out her pussy then coats her tits and nipples driving her thumbs so deep her palms are at the outer edge of her rosettes.

Our guttural sounds harmonize as we fall into a steady pounding rhythm of thrusts that once you've ever experienced this much perpetually invigorating style of fucking you never want to stop.

So rare have I ever experienced this level of ecstasy it's a thrill beyond compare.

"Don't stop Rod, fuck me for as long as you can, as long as you want, fuck me unconscious then wake me in the morning with a gigantic swollen cock that wants to keep on fucking."

We both fuck each other into a slow motion stupor that once entered we can't stop. The awesome feeling of being thrashed into a state of pleasurable bliss is beyond description.

"Jesse, you've made me your most dedicated admirer."

"I know. This is what Rick said you were looking for. Well here I am and here I stay as long as you want me."

"You make me realize what forever's eternal haven for sexual pleasure."

"And you make knowing what fucking should be all about. Rod, I've never been so amazingly thrashed before. I crave the way my pussy feels after a good fuck. This wasn't just a good's the kind of fuck that lingers with orgasmic ecstasy craving repeat performance after repeat performance as it wanes to a shimmering volatile magnifying steady vibration."

"Jesse, your pussy makes every other pussy my cock's ever penetrated feel like a worn out sponge. I can't imagine how you can take that kind of punishment. I can't even figure out how my cock was able to take the kind of acceptably amazing abuse it did. I've never been that swollen or elongated ever before. I have to admit that as of right now I need to recuperate and I've never admitted that before."

"You definitely surprise me Rod. When Rick told me about your sexual adventures I have to admit you became my challenge. I wanted to fuck you into submission. I'm proud to say I'm glad we both have the endurance to fuck each other into an oblivious insane state of ecstasy. I want you Rod, for as long as you'll want me."

"How about as long as our bodies can survive?"

"I'm there!"

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