Her Secret Garden
This was her place to escape. She felt free here but safe, able to dream and explore. It was a warm, pretty day. The sun beating down on newly opened buds and reemerging leaves. Like her, they seem to reach to the heavens wanting to uproot and float on the meandering breezes. When she strolled from bush to bush and flower to flower, her fingers tenderly, softly caressed a petal, here, a petal there. Aromas wafting up to her nose from the rose, jasmine, and lavender. Subtly draping their perfumes over her skin and threading through her hair. She smiled as she wondered along, lightly skimming her hand down her bodice, her body humming in time with the nature she felt so much a part of.
The garden was enclosed with a great wall on 3 sides and the west wall of the house. Only the 3rd floor window of the upper library overlooked the garden and no one ever visited the old room anymore. All but forgotten and left to itself to linger.
As was her habit, she eventually made her way towards the trellis in the corner. Covered with honeysuckle, dripping down in long trails with tender little pink blooms. A large cotton covered chaise beckoning her like a lover.
He hurried up the steps, knocked on the door and waited impatiently. George answered in his leasurily way."Good afternoon, Master Andrew". "Hello, George". "Miss Evangline is in the garden". "Thank you, George, but I'm not here to visit Miss Eve, I need to see Lord Williams 3rd volume again, please?" "Of course, Master Andrew". He started up the stairs taking them 2 at a time, "Thank you, George, I know where it is", waving as he ascended. George was a good guy but he was slow as molasses and old as dirt. Andy really was in a hurry but he never passed up a chance to stare at Eve. Locating the leather bound volume he leafed through to the section that was in question. He had the upward lift but it was just too heavy to get off the ground. Now what was that fabric, nylon or polyester?
That's when he saw her, he was standing there, with an old dusty book in his hand, his mouth slack and maybe a bit of drool slipping past his lower lip. She had just disrobed next to a chaise in a corner of the lower garden. Fully naked to the afternoon air and his bulging eyes. And that's not the only thing that began to bulge. He watched her disappear behind a trellis, no matter how he pressed his nose to the glass or tried to peer around the window he couldn't see her.
He was in the garden in seconds, striding through it's maze of willows, butterfly bushes, foxglove and hollyhocks. There just around the azalea, he could her her heavy breathing, little gasps and moans. See her soft, creamy skin glowing with excitement. Legs wiggling and restless with need. Long fingers swiftly moving too and fro across those swollen lips. Beautiful full breasts with buds the same color of the drooping honeysuckle. She arched....squeaked and tensed. After a moment, her breathe came hard and fast but her body began to relax. Andy was hard as a rock, aching with desire. She was so beautiful, laying there, in the aftermath of her orgasm, like an untouched flower. Before him was the object of most of his sleepless nights. Nights filled with so much want.
He stepped out around the bush. Moving slowly as not to startle her. Eve looked up and quickly tried to cover herself with her hands, she was slightly still dazed. He sat next to her "My sweet Eve, I could make you feel so much better then that. Let me love you". She was a little surprised but very intrigued. He gently caressed her legs, his eyes locked with hers. His hands roamed over her legs, her hips, her lower belly. He squirmed, he was hard and not positioned correctly. She noticed and couldn't help but reach out to touch him. Her hand laid over his bulge, pressing, squeezing. He hissed between his teeth, his eyes closed, his hips rocked forward. Oh, she liked that. In a moment he was standing in front of her, exposed for her to taste. She was so curious and he was offering himself to quench that curiosity. Timidly she touched him with light fingertips. His cock bobbed and she giggled. Again she reached out but this time she took ahold of his stiff rod. And again he hissed. He wrapped his hand around hers and slowly pumped. After a moment he let her have her way, she continued to slide her hand up and down his thick shaft. Slow then fast, then slow, then fast, driving him crazy. She knew he liked it by the little moans and groans that fell out of his open mouth. A drop of pre-cum bubbled up from the small slit on his tip. Without thinking she leaned forward and licked it off. "Mmmmm" he tasted good. He nearly lost his balance it was so unexpected. He closed his eyes, up and down, up and down her hand flew. It felt so good, until he was covered with something warm, wet and so soft. He opened his eyes to see his cock embedded in her mouth. "Oh Eve!" His hand cupped the back of her head. She was cautious but so inquisitive. Her tongue tangled around the ridge of his cock, her mouth sucked harder. She let it pop out of her mouth, then licked his length, from bottom to top. Holding his balls in her other hand she kneaded him, felt his weight, how smooth he was. She quickened everything all at once. Sucking, licking, squeezing, pumping, she was rewarded with more pre-cum. "Mmmmm" her approval vibrated through him from tip to base. "Sweetheart, if you don't stop I'm going to cum". He forced himself to be still, giving her time to understand and withdraw. When she didn't, he couldn't hold back any longer. With several great thrusts and a growl he filled her mouth with his hot seed. Sweet, thick and gooey, he tasted like clotted cream. She gobbled him up. As his thrusts slowed and his breathing calmed, she covered his member with light kisses. Caressed his legs and his lower belly like he did to her. Both of their eyes found each other again, shining with attraction, wonderment, hunger, amazement.....

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