Her SirPrize
We are Leslie and David, a couple who has been involved in the swinging lifestyle for several years. Being in the lifestyle, we have met and played with several couples, guys and ladies. Below is a story of a wild night fantasy I (David) told Leslie about...

One night we decide to go out for drinks... as usual, we meet Mike (and now Lisa too) in Old Town for a few glasses of wine at O' Connell's. You and I get there first and we get the booth in the far back on the lower level... This booth offers the MOST privacy. You sit on the inside and I sit on the outside.

Mike and Lisa walk in and light up when they see us... She's got a very pretty and big smile, which matches her pretty looks. Mike instantly looks at you, hugs and kisses you and tells you how HOT you are, as he always does. For this meeting, you're wearing those red Jessica Simpson boots with the buckles and a skirt and top. When it's time to sit down, Lisa sits next to me and Mike sits with you.

We order a round of wine for the table and then SIRPRIZE, a stud walks in! Imagine a guy, 6' tall with ripped abs and big, muscular arms. He's previously met me on the internet, but not all of us at once. Mike is obviously in on this, as I got his approval to make this happen. It's a pleasant surprise for you and Lisa, but there's more to cum!

So, he has a seat next to you and you're now the meat in a sandwich with Mike and Mr. X. After a couple of drinks, we are all feeling pretty good. I bring up the topic of how well we all got along and played together at Tabu last weekend and how I thought it was sooo hot to come back from the restroom to find my girl kissing another girl so passionately while being fucked pretty damn well by Mike. This leads us to talk about kissing and you get the notion to lean over and kiss Mike. Well, Mr. X, feeling left out, feels the need to run his hand on your legs, up to your thighs.

This gets you nice and worked up and so you grab both of their crotches and start rubbing them both while looking at me with that big, beautiful, devilish smile you give me when you know you're about get have some good fun. You can feel Mr. X's cock getting stiff and you start to realize that this guy might be a close second in size to Mr. Miami Meat (A playmate of ours with a foot-long and THICK cock!) and now your juices really start flowing and your heart rate increases!

Mike sees this and notices the obvious excitement in you and he also starts to get stiff. The kissing now moves back and forth from you and Mike to you and Mr. X. Lisa and me are watching this and getting turned on too, so we all make the decision to head back to Mikes place.

Once we get back, we light candles and pour some wine and then sit and chat for a few minutes. You're sitting in the middle of the couch and I with Lisa and I suggest that you two lay on the sectional with the big body-sized pillow... of course, being the good girl that you are, you listen and take up a place there with her. I then inform you that it's the job of you two to get us guys soooo worked up that we can't stand it anymore and we nearly cum from anticipation. It's our job to watch.... For now!

Understanding that you're not bi, I understand your hesitation to do anything bi with a female and that's totally fine... In fact, the idea is more of one to tease than to do much more than that. So, you and Lisa begin with some nice, deep and passionate kissing. This leads to rubbing and while this is happening, you spread your legs. She puts one hand behind your head and the other on your thigh. She starts rubbing your thigh and you really start to get wet. She keeps rubbing higher and higher up your thigh to your sweet spot, but keeps stopping short. After this goes on a few times, you can't take it anymore and you thrust your crotch up to have her make contact with your juicy, wet pussy.

She does just that... She rubs it and feels your lips and meanwhile you and her start kissing wildly. This now gets you really hot and you start rubbing her crotch as well. You can feel right through her panties how wet she is too and this gets you worked up... The thought of you getting a woman so worked up really pleases you. You LOVE to please others and now you're finding out just how much pleasure you can give a woman too.

Meanwhile, us three guys are watching this and really starting to get a little crazy with anticipation. We all get undressed and are standing there at the opening of that room just waiting for the signal from you two.

After more kissing and rubbing you both decide it's time for the guys to help out and you motion to us. Mike walks up to you and I walk up to Lisa and Mr. X gets down and starts licking you both, switching back and forth. You're sucking Mike's rock hard cock and Lisa is sucking on mine. All the while you're both enjoying having Mr. X sucking your clits and licking your inner thighs.

Mr.X really starts getting worked up and feels the need for more... So he gets up and stands in the middle and you and Lisa each get the first, good, upclose look at his 9" cock! There's plenty there for you both to grab and that's exactly what you do, you each grab part. You then put your face down in his balls, the way you love to do and this drives him crazy, as it does every guy! Then Lisa licks the tip of his cock. He's really getting worked up now having two incredibly HOT ladies licking his balls and cock. Mike and I each grab both of your heads and rub them as you two pleasure him orally.

You continue to rub your tongue up and down his shaft to his balls, sucking his balls and fondling themLwith your tongue. After a few minutes of this, you and Lisa switch and you suck his cock and she licks his balls. Lucky guy to get such GREAT service from such HOT ladies as you two!

Now it's time to move on... You want some of that cock! So, you lay back and I tell Mr. X he needs to fuck you good... He positions himself right between your legs with his erect penis staring straight at your face. He pulls out his condom and while he puts it on, you rub his thigh and balls. Meanwhile, Lisa positions herself on her knees with her face over yours and you both start kissing... just as you do, Mike penetrates her from behind and Mr. X penetrates you in the missionary position. You thrust upwards as you feel his cock sliding in... you want to feel it all go in and you can't wait for the full amount to be firmly planted in your wet, warm pussy. He instantly moans with pleasure from your tight pussy and he tells you how heavenly it feels and this gets you VERY excited as you're giving him such incredible pleasure.

He pounds you in this position for a while. Lisa is getting pounded from behind and then I decide to position my cock above your face from the other side and you and Lisa both start sucking my cock and balls. This really gets me going and I precum constantly. That gets you excited to taste me and then your getting worked up causes Mr. X to really get worked up.

We all lay and play like this for a bit and when Mr. X decides he needs to cum, he asks where. Well, that's when I tell him he has to cum on both of your faces. Then you and Lisa lay down, opposite each other so that your heads are right next to each other, cheek-to-cheek. As he moves out of the way to make his way up to your faces, Mike moves right in and begins to fuck your very loose and wide-open pussy. Mike has always said how he loves your pussy and it just wouldn't be a 'play night' unless he got some of it. So, Mike, shoves his cock in your pussy, with no condom on for the first time ever. He can now feel your pussy like he's never felt it before and this gets him soooo excited. Because even though it's loose from Mr. X's HUGE, 9" cock, it's still a new feeling and it feels GREAT!

Mr. X moves to the side and pulls off that huge, Magnum condom and begins to stroke his huge cock while watching Mike giving you that sweet meat of his, which you have ALWAYS enjoyed. This gets Mr. X very worked up and he EXPLODES all over your faces... well, the site of this gets Mike and I REALLY worked up and Mike then pulls out and explodes all over your pussy. Your face and pussy are now cum soaked from your two studs. You're so excited from the pleasure you just gave them both and you're now VERY ready to cum. I instruct you to lick Mr. X's cum from his cock and like the good girl that you are, you listen and do just that. Meanwhile, I get down between your legs and start sucking your tasty clit. Not only is it wet from your juices, which I always LOVE LOVE LOVE to taste, it's now soaked from Mike's cum and I get some extra flavoring... This tastes sooo good that I go wild sucking your clit and licking around your pussy.

When I start this, Mike gets down and starts licking Lisa. It's his job to get her to cum too. I keep licking you and as soon as I detect I've hit the right spot, I suck it and flick it with my tongue until you CUM hard! The sound of you SCREAMING (like you always do when I suck your clit) makes Lisa cum too and you BOTH SCREAM and grab each other's hands, really tight as you both shutter from the cumming.

I love to taste another man's cum on you and in you and the thought of it and the pleasure you just gave him always gets me worked up. As a result, I come up from licking your pussy and explode in your mouth! I tell you to suck it HARD as I cum and you start to choke, but you don't want to miss a drop. It's your job to MAKE ME CUM when we play and you know that and you want to show Mike, Lisa and Mr. X how well you do it.

After that, we all crash right there for a few minutes and chat about the FUN we just had.
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