Her Story
Another night of music loud enough to peel the paint off the walls.

Another night of male hormones filing the air like a mist.

Another night of guys, so charged, beyond turned on, copping a feel as Cheryl delivered drinks to their tables.

They came in turned on, excited, why shouldn't they? It is a strip club.

Beautiful women, removing every stitch, showing all their goodies.

Cheryl is also beautiful, red hair, resting on her shoulders, soft curls that many guys dreamed of curling their fingers in as she sucked what little cocks they had.

She estimated three out of ten guys barely cute. The estimate for the guys having a decent cock was even lower. Judging by their bodies, some fat, others fatter, a few more getting stuck in their chairs, pushed that estimate into the negatives.

Plenty of guys asked her why she wasn't a dancer. They loved her cute face, her blue eyes, straight nose, dimples in her cheeks when she smiled, lips, soft, very kissable.

Guys often read her lips because of the loud music, their puny cocks dripping into their jockey shorts right at the table. Her body is firm and soft in all the right places. Her white shirt, (fun spot written in blue thread above her left breast) and pink shorts seemed painted on her body. Often, very often, a hand would move up her tan legs. The hand never had the chance to move back down her leg, her slap on their wrist was swift, and it stung.

Cheryl always gave the same answer, "sorry babe, I don't dance." In the guys minds, she danced, boy did she dance for them as they pumped, correction, used a few fingers to make their pathetic cocks cum.

A special party was booked in the fantasy room. How appropriate, Cheryl thought, every guy in the place was living a fantasy. She was stocking the mini bar as the guys started filling in. A moment of surprise, every guy that came in was trim, buff, tall, delicious eye candy. The last guy in shut the door behind him, Cheryl forgot all about the mini bar.

He sat at a small table to the right of a small stage. All the other guys were joking, waiting for the stripper to come out. Cheryl walked from the bar towards the small table. Male testosterone thick in the air, a cologne that made her nipples painfully hard under her shirt.

What was it about him? His dark eyes? Piercing her, making her feel naked in front of him? He looked at her like he already knew what she looked like naked.

He nodded as she stood in front of him, drinking in his face, chiseled out of marble. Silently, she kneeled, the room following suit, also became silent. She undid his pants, barely hearing the scrape of chairs as guys moved to get a better look. His pants and shorts moved down muscled thighs. His cock was a bobbing flexible pole. Did she hear a zipper come down? A rustle of clothing as guys freed their own cocks? Most definitely. Her palms ran up and down his thighs, feeling hard muscle quiver into her skin. Her tongue licked the shaft side of his huge gap. A gasp from many deep voices filled the room, her's being the softest.

She looked to her right as she sucked the cap into her mouth. Her lips felt the heat burning through his cock's skin. A few "oh yeahs," As she lowered her head, sweet pounding cock filling her mouth. A few more "oh fuck!" As her nose nestled into his patch of hair. She sucked, slurped, letting her saliva drench every inch of him.

Her panties were soaked, she could smell her own sex, a lighter scent, mixing with, how many? A t least a dozen, fully hard cocks. Most were already dripping pearls of guy juice.

She stood, faced all the guys, not one limp cock in the place, all were about the same, eight inches easy.

Many growls of approval as Cheryl peeled off her shirt. A loud "fucking beautiful," as she took off her bra, the other guys barely able to nod. Her shorts came off next, guys leaning forward, daring to get closer. As she peeled down her panties, a smokey "fuck," echoed the room. She threw her panties to the closest, luckiest fucking guy. He sniffed and licked her saturated panties.

Cheryl lowered her swollen, dripping lips onto his saliva covered cock. The burning in her body was an explosion as she sank lower, letting his cock force her contracting muscles apart. Only one guy had his cock poking out of his pants, through the zipper. Everyone else had their pants and shorts pooled around their ankles, hands pumping long, thick, hard cocks.

She gasped, for two reasons, so many cocks, so few holes, the other, pleasure, serine, mind blowing pleasure melted through her body. Her cum was creamy globes coating the huge cock she was fucking. She pointed to the the shy guy, the one with his pants still on. Her index finger motioning him over.

Sitting down, feeling the balls under her, his hands squeezing her breasts, his cock pumping into her pussy. Cheryl sucked shy guys cock into her mouth, burying her nose against his pants, her tongue making him moan, his cock spasing in her mouth. He came quick, his cock wiggling like mad as he squirted his cum, her lips tight, not letting a drop escape. She came again as she swallowed, her pussy being pounded from below.

Grabbing a chair, straddling it, her hands gripping the high back, dark eyes guy following her, his cock a tether to her pussy.

Holding the chair, fucking him as she stood, her hips rocking up and down, twisting as she came. Sucking every guy in turn, her mouth fucked as hard as her pussy, her lips and tongue loving the different bulges and thickness of each cock.

Dark eyes finally got his turn, spewing his cum into her mouth, his salty taste mixing with her cum on her tongue.

"Is that my story?"

"Do you like it?"

"I love it! Do you think we can be in the movie?"

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