Her Turn To Make Up II
My wife Cindy, her co-worker Shelia, my sister-in-law Sandy, and my niece Stacy all had a taste of what was to cum and they are all-in for a good time!! They were off to the local adult sex shop my wife is suppose to surprise me with her outfit, Sandy (normally a stuck up bitch who's shit doesn't stink) is our slut slave to be abused for all of our amusement, Shelia young perky co-worker of my wife will get a school girl outfit, and my niece Stacy (27yrs old & we both just found out we've fantasized about eachother) the former cheerleader now cheerleading coach will of course get a cheerleader outfit. Along with the costumes they will get plenty of sex slave toys for us to use on Sandy; double-headed dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons for the girls to enjoy doing eachother; and I said any other toys they may enjoy.

I went to my computer to watch my camera phone I gave to Shelia to record so I could listen and watch the girls. I had my computer plugged into the cable so I went downstairs to set up my surprise for the girls, turned on the big screen tv and turned up the volume. Stacy was talking to Cindy about wanting to get pregnant and if it was okay she would love to have my baby. Wow I tried to focus on hanging up the "love swing" otherwise I would start jacking off at the thought of my niece having my kid.

Cindy asked Stacy, "What would Sam (her husband)think of that?" Stacy responded, "I would like to invite Sam over so he could keep you girls busy while I get pregnant," she laughed then continued, "plus Sam has fantasized about me doing another man and eating another mans' cum ot of my pussy." All the girls laughed, Shelia said, "Shit why not just have him suck it straight from his cock?" Stacy look and said, "Sam knows I would love to see him suck a man's cock, he is my bitch he'd do what I say." With that the girls called Sam and told him they would be over to pick him up. Sam was 28yrs old played some minor league baseball and was the all american boy except he was Stacy's bitch he would do whatever she said.

The girls picked up Sam, Stacy took control right away. "Sam, don't ask any questions. Today you will be a sex slave to Shelia, Me, my uncle and my aunt Cindy do you understand?" Sam's eyes lit up with excitement, "Yes whatever you say." Stacy continued, "My uncle will father our next child and you will pay homage to his cock when I tell you, you will suck his cock do you understand?" Sam began to blush a little but his eyes were still lit up, "Yes whatever you say. We will have such a beautiful child when he gets you pregnant." Stacy said, "Will you suck his cock and taste his cum?" Sam looked down nervously then looked up with a smile, "I would love to suck his cock and taste his cum." Cindy said, "Your uncle will love being the Ringmaster so we should get him the appropriate outfit, with a big hat, a bullwhip, and blow horn to shout out commands with."

I sat at home watching and laughing. I had a "Love Swing," to strap a woman into so both her ass and pussy could easily be entered. Then I had a machine that looked like something you would set a horse saddle on. However it had attachments for a woman to sit on for entry into her pussy and ass, the attachments were sized from small to home-wrecker. I planned on ruining Sandy forever with those attachments. And finally I had a contraption which I could strap all four girls in in a daisy-chain where each would be eating the others pussy while I had access to any ass, with a small adjustment to any mouth or pussy. It was my three ring circus. I guess I would have to figure out something for Sam, oh hell with Sam he can take it like the rest of the bitches I thought and laughed.

I looked at the tv and listened as the girls were piling up stuff to buy and trying on outfits. As I finsihed up I see the girls and Sam leaving with $8,000 of toys, outfits, and batteries. It look like they left with 1/4 of the stuff in the store, the manager even gave them extra batteries and a case of lube. I was laughing my ass off. When they got to the car Stacy pulled out a dildo and handed it to Sam saying, "Get use to this quickly you have to up grade 3x more before we get back or you will struggle. Stacy kept working with Sam to get use to swallowing cock. The rest of the girls were stripping and putting on their outfits. I can't imagine the look on the faces of the passerbys that saw an ass, a tit, a pussy, and other naked body parts as they passed or got passed. Then Shelia and my wife were changing seats while the SUV was still moving and my wife started to get undressed but Shelia turned the phone before I could see her outfit.

I went upstairs to jump in and out of the shower and get dressed. As I got out of the shower my wife blindfolded me as I felt my cock being sucked, it felt different but damn whoever was sucking sure knew what they were doing. The blindfold came off it was Sam slamming my cock down his throat, I was impressed. Okay lets go downstairs, I tried to get things headed to my three ring circus. I was barely able to take in all of the outfits as we all just moved with our bodies just intermingling. I felt hands, breast, pussy, and ass as we moved. I was being dress with my Ringmaster outfit: a top hat, a red coat- with long tails, gold trimmings and black cuff/collar, black boots, no pants, a bullwhip and a blow horn.

As we went down stairs everyone grabbed a bag of toys to take downstairs. When we got down stairs I grabbed Sandy picked her up handed her the controls, dropped some lube on the largest attachments and told her "Show us what a slut you are!" Sandy hopped up the large attachment slide right in her pussy but the other slowly split her ass open as we all cheered her on. My wife got up and put some serious nipple clamps on Sandy and poof the other large attachment dissappeared in her ass. I grabbed the controls and turn on her ride, Sandy grabbed on tight as the attachments vibrated with a solid "hhhmmmm" and jolted up & down which was in & out. Sandy started squirting and screaming. Everyone was amazing at Sandy taking it and riding it hard. She was screaming, cumming, and her body was shaking like a crack-whore in rehab. We pulled her off the ride and the women started putting their entire hands in her pussy and ass. Sandy, was say, "Fuck yes do it, fist me!!" The girls with the smaller hands started and we worked our way to my two large fists. Sandy, "Tell me you will always be my slut and fuck, suck, and schuck whatever I tell you to?" Sandy cried out, "I will fuck, suck, and schuck whatever you tell me because I will always be your slave slut." I moved my fist in and out of her ass and pussy like a two stroke engine. She started squirting again. I told her she was bad so we took her to the bathtube in the basement and we all pissed on her giving her a golden rainstorm. We told her to clean off and we would dress her when she comes out.

I had forgotten all about my phone which Shelia was still recording everything and she had muted the tv but we had Sandy's entire humiliation on tape. Shelia turned off the phone. I told my wife and Sam to hang Shelia in the Love Swing, give her pleasure for her good deeds. Stacy walked over to me in her cheerleading outfit with no bra or panties on did several moves including an inverted split so I could look at her pussy and ass. She got up and started doing a cheer with some extremely sexual moves and lyrics "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Cum In Me, Get Me Pregnant, I want you B-A-B-Y!!

I was in full attention as Stacy came over and put my cock in her pussy. She whispered in my ear, "I masterbated every night for two years until I learned how to cum, you were my inspiration. I waited 15yrs to feel your cock in me. I gave up and got married thinking nothing would ever happen. I want to have your baby. My mouth, pussy and ass are yours whenever, where ever, and with whomever you say. I stood up with her legs wrapped around me bouncing her up and down like a horsey ride, I pinned her to the wall of the basement and drill her like a jack-hammer nailling concrete hard and spliting it. I didn't want to cum yet, so I changed positions again putting her in the wheelbarrel position on her hands bent facedown towards the ground with her legs wrapped in reverse-cowgirl position but me standing and her balancing on her hands. I could feel the pressure building so I dropped her down to doggy style, I whispered I'm going to cum as it felt like a large stream of my seamen flooded her, I slowly pulled back thrusting forward I roped off another load of cum. My body kept jerking as I proceeded to overfill her with my cum. I felt a tongue under us licking the juices that oozed out of her, it was Sam and Cindy.

Shelia was out of the swing and had Sandy in it, fucking Sandy in the pussy and ass with a double-headed strap-on. I told Sam to fuck Cindy and learn how to fuck like a man. Cindy take charge of that bitch. Stacy sucked on my cock while I lubed up her ass and began using my fingers in her ass. My wife shoved a large butt-plug up Sam's ass. We all just happened to look over as Cindy shoved it up Sam's ass, Sam shot a load of cum about eight feet hitting a wall of our basement. We all yelled, "Bitch, lick that up." He did, then my wife disaplined him some more for cumming without permission. She's getting him well trained. I stuck my cock in Stacy's ass, she said, "I only used my own fingers up there in the hopes you would open my ass for its first service." I told Shelia to bring Sandy over to suck Stacy's ass off my cock. I pulled my cock from Stacy's ass and said, "Stacy look at your slut slave whore aunt watch her eat your ass off my cock." Sandy, looked us both in the eye as she swallowed my cock almost. Stacy and I looked at eachother, each put a hand on the back of Sandy's head as Stacy said, "Skull fuck this slut slave whore." I felt my cock stretching her mouth and then her throat to new limits. Sandys eyes had tears in them, we pulled my cock out, and Sandy said, "Skull fuck me, I'm your slut slave whore."

My wife and Sam were fucking pretty good, Stacy was happy that Sam was learning how to let go and enjoy sex. I told Stacy, "I want you and Shelia, go get her love her and you two share this dual ended dildo." Stacy did as I asked. As Shelia and Stacy were looking so beautiful. I continued to abuse Sandy, she looked at me at one point, I asked, "Do you want to tell me something?" Sandy said, "Yes," I bent down as she said, "I love you for including me in this, I love being the slut slave whore. You've ruined me and I will need to be treated like this in order to cum please you and the others continue to abuse me from now on, I need it."

I put restraints on Sandy's hands, a gag-ball in her mouth and a leather mask over her eyes. I put the restraints on a hook over Sandy's favorite horse ride, attached two large attachments lubed them up and whispered in her ear, "You were born to be my test fuck dumbie, enjoy the ride." I left her there and walked over to Sam and Cindy, they each suck my cock deeply. I grabbed Sams hand pulled him up flung him face down in the "Love Sling" lubed up his ass with my wife's fingers and had her insert 1, 2, 3 and then 4. With her other hand she grabbed his dick forcing in back into her pussy. Then I handed her a big dildo that she put in his ass. My wife said, "He did it again." I told my wife to pull his cock out and let the cum fill this cup and let him drink it. Then start over until he doesn't cum, again. Cindy laughed and said, "This is gonna be fun, he's young and this will go on for a while."

I walked over watching Shelia and Stacy really loving one another with the same dildo one on each end fucking it slow and deep, they begin to pick up the pace and they are both cumming. I pull the dildo from them spin it so each is sucking an end tasting the others' juices. They both are working the dildo trying to meet in the middle. I stick three fingers in each of their pussys which spurs them to get a little closer. I take my lubed fingers and shove them up each of their asses, their lips meet in at the center of the dildo. As my cock begins to salute I move behind Shelia stick my cock in her pussy to lube it, I take it out putting it in her ass. I pull the dildo from their mouths and tell Stacy to eat Shelias pussy, she does. Shelia begins bouncing up and down on my cock, I tell her what a bad school girl she was and that if she continued to be bad I would continue punishing her. Shelia started cumming and Stacy said, "I'm gonna make you squirt," as I felt a heavy vibration that was put directly on her clit. Shelia lost it her body was shaking as fluids squirted from her pussy, she was trying to stand up to get my cock out of her ass but she was to weak so my cock kept slamming back into her. Stacy reached up and pinched Shelia's nipples hard, I felt a tremendous contraction on my cock which force my cock out and actually stood Shelia up. As fluids dripped from her pussy Stacy moved straight under her and began sucking Shelia's ass from my cock. The juices drenched Stacy's hair, Shelia leaned back against me and held the vibrator to her clit. Sandy was squirting fluids all over riding her favorite ride. Cindy was fuck Sam as Sam was fucking Cindy. I grabbed the blow horn and said, "This is the greatest show on earth."
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