Her Very First
She had led a very sheltered life until now. She had never been around guys very much and was totally inexperienced in the area of sex. It wasn't that she didn't want it, it was just that the opportunty had never arisen before. But now things were changing. She had a new job as an event planner for the convention center and was surrounded by men executives, men clients and even professional athletes when they came in for games or promotions.
She wasn't drop dead gorgeous or anything even near that but she wasn't unattractive either. She wished she could dress more provacatively but had never quite mastered the art.

She went to work excited to be there every day and put her all into the job. She had made friends with Rachel, the other event planner and she watched as Rachel handled the biggest celebrity like it was no big deal. Rachel had that flirtatious manner tha some women just naturally have. She was funny, charming and stunning to look at She dressed really well, not trashy at all but she always managed to look sexy. Gail wanted that look.

She asked Rachel if she would go shopping with her and help select some more exciting work outfits. Rachel was delighted to help. It wasn't long before Rachel had Gail looking quite hot, then she showed her how to flirt and Gail began to have fun with her new found look and her ability to capture the male attention she had always wanted.
Gail had a major crush on this football player named Bobby Tom and she began to subltly flirt with him whenever he came into the building for promotional work. He was an enormous guy with great looking cheeks that looked like they had been chiseled from stone. He had incredible blue eyes and jet black hair that he wore a little on the long side.His build was rugged of course and he talked with a real southern accent that really turned her on.

As she walked by his photo session at the arena one afternoon Bobby Tom waved her down and in his sexy southern accent he called to her and asked if they could talk for a minute. Gail stopped and they chatted for a few minutes and then Bobby Tom did the imposssible, he asked her to dinner. She said yes of course and walked quickly back to her desk. Gail thougt for a minute and realized she had no idea how to carry off an evening with Bobby Tom, she immedialtely thought of Rachel and sought her out.

Rachel was delighted for Gail and suggested which outfit to wear. When Gail asked her how she should act on the date, what she should do if Bobby Tom asked her back to his hotel Rachel said "For that part of the date your on your own girl, do what ever makes you happy." Gail had no idea what that was but she would soon find out.

Bobby Tom picked her up for dinner at her apartment and was pleased with the way Gail looked, kind of innocent and sexy all at the same time. They dined in a beauiful restaurant overlookng the city and Gail was mesmerized by both his accent and his manner. He was very easy to talk with and had a very layed back easy going nature.She loved the look in is eyes when he looked at her, she could see his desire clearly in his face, and she began to feel desirous.
Bobbby Tom returnnd her to her apartment that night promising to call her soon. Gail practically floated into her apartment after Bobby Tom's good night kiss.

Gail continued to see Boby Tom on and off for the next few weeks. He was always a gentleman and never pressured Gail for anything more than a good night kiss. Gail was stating to get anxious that maybe there was something wrong with her because Bobby Tom seemed so willing to settle for just a good night kiss. She again sought out Rachels advice. Rachel said some guys are just more shy and maybe Bobby Tom was just one of those. She also told Gail that she should feel free to make the first move. Gail thought about this and then decided maybe Rachel was right after all, being a virgin at 30 was becoming embarrassing and she knew she wanted Bobby Tom to be the one.
At the end of their next date Gail suggested that she would like to see where he lived and asked if they could go there before he took her home again. Bobby Tom looked at her quizically for a moment and then said
"Are you sure your ready for that darlin???"
"I'm sure" she said and she layed her hand on his thigh. Bobby Tom's foot pressed down on the accelerator hard.

Inside Bobby Tom's apartment Gail felt anxious and knew she needed to tell Bobby Tom this was her first time. She shyly kissed him and then in the strongest voice she could muster she told him the truth. Bobbby Tom looked at her for a long moment , then he kissed the tip of her nose, his smile slowly faded and his eyes darkened He cupped her jaw between his hands and lowered his mouth to cover hers. When their lips touched her body was flooded with sensations. His tongue slid betweeen her lips and she reveled in the intimacy of it.She sank her fingers into his shoulders and took his tongue deeper into her mouth.
"Just relax love, he said softly, let me lead the way."

His hands slipped under her top and he slowly removed it exposig her breasts. She let out a soft cry when he lifted her breast and took the nipple into his mouth. She felt the hot suction of his mouth, the throbbibg between her legs. He manuvered her towards the bedroom with an urgency that they both shared . She loved knowing that he wanted her and he loved knowng he would be her first. He was kisssing her everywhere now as he slowly undresed her and then himself.Dipping his head he kissed her again, he stroked her inner thighs torturing her with his caressses coming closer and closer but never quite touching. She went wild arching against his hand.
"Please don't stop there she gasped.
"I won't sweetheart believe me I won't!"
He eased a finger inside her feeling the moisture within.Taking himself in his hand he eased inside, bit by bit he eased into her giving her time to adjust to his size.
"Are you alright baby he asked as she felt his restraint in the tight coiling of his muscles beneath her hands. But she didn't want restraint, she had been waiting too long for this.
"Please,don't hold back."
"You don't know what your askin darlin."
"I do, I want everything she gasped."
He trembled and drove into her. She lifted her hips to his and wrapped her legs around him. His hands slid beneath her and he lifted her higher and thrust more deeply. She gasped at the magic that let her body accept his. His breathing was rough in her ear and she moved with him as if she had always done just that. He carried her higher and higher into a cloud of ecstacy and then together they tumbled back down.

It could have been minutes or hours that passed as they lay together. His body grew heavy on hers but she welcomed the weight and felt a little sad when he pulled out of her. He rolled onto his stomach letting his arm rest across her chest.She lay on her back and studied his face, memorizing every detail. Joy surged through her as she remembered the last moments. Never had her imagination prepared her for that. She kissed him softly as he dozed, thanking him in her heart.
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