Her first one
Wednesday afternoon. Her car would be in the driveway before long.

It was quiet in the house, the family was gone,leaving only she and I alone. We'd always been close, she likes to cuddle and snuggle with me, on the big sofa while watching the big flat screen TV. We'd had several moments of semi-intimate contact before. This time was to be different, she came in from her senior band flag corp practice, took a quick shower putting on only panties and her bra,her favorite perfume, then joined me on the couch.

She brought along her favorite cover and snuggled up close. She said she'd fresh shaved her legs, wanting me to feel how smooth they were. Smooth as silk, I told her, and kept my hands on those slender, slick legs.

With her legs lying over my lap, it was all too easy to just keep caressing her legs. She was holding onto my arm and pulled herself closer as we watched the movie. Needless to say, my caressing her smooth skin, smelling her perfume,caused my cock to stir softly.

My hands were originally on the calves of those sexy, smooth, female legs, but now I was growing a bit bolder and began to caress her knees, the sides then the backs of her knees. She opened her legs a bit wider, squeezing my arm a bit tighter at the same time. As time passed, my area of contact continued upward on her legs. She would open her legs a bit more and I would allow my finger tips to move higher. The insides of her smooth thighs were like ivory,so sexy, so smooth. Touching the most sensitive insides of her upper thighs, caused my cock to throb, and swelled even bigger inside my lounging pants.

She wiggled even closer, while opening those sexy legs a bit wider. My finger tips were at the top of her thighs now. Gentle caressing, and teasing the front and insides of her thighs. Dare I touch the crotch of those panties..??

Growing horny, with my cock now throbbing, I allowed one finger tip to 'accidently' brush across that narrow strip of panty material covering her womanhood. She took a deep breath, sighed, and held my arm tightly. I took her reaction as approval to continue.

Again my finger brushed that narrow band, she buried her face in the side of my neck while thrusting herself upward to meet my hand.

My finger tips now continued caressing her young womanhood that remained covered by those sexy blue boy style panties. Her legs were wide apart now, her knees slightly bent, her breathing was faster, I could feel her hips moving upward to greet my fingers again.

Being so bold and naughty I slipped one finger under the elastic in the leg of her panties. Now for the first time, my finger was in contact skin to skin with her. She not only shaved her legs, but her vagina was shaved I discovered.

My goal was to caress the very top of her female lips. In a gentle circle my finger tip caressed those lips. It wasn't long before I could detect some moisture coming from her vagina. She was hugging me close now, breathing fast against the side of my neck as my fingertip discovered the hard nub of her teenage clit. Her clit was engorged and very noticeable, I continued to caress it, very gently and directly. Just the very tip of my finger was between her vagina lips...with contact being made with her most sensitive zone.

I concentrated on my caressing of the very upper part of her female parts. My goal was to generate her first female orgasm. My efforts were providing her some real sensations, she was kissing the side of my neck and thrusting her hips in a steady rythm. I put my finger tip in my mouth, wetting it then put it gently back into contact with her swollen clit.

In just a few more minutes my efforts proved a success. Caressing her clit brought her to a full female orgasm. Her eyes were open wide, her mouth open, while gasping, she could only say "Don't top, don't stop, don't stop"...... I didn't.

My cock was swollen so bad it hurt. She felt it against her, causing her to ask "What can I do to make you feel good too?"........"You made me feel so good, I want to do the same for you".......

I took my cock out. She was all eyes seeing me erect for the first time. I put her hand around the shaft and put my hand over hers to show her how to stroke it. I took my hand away and watched her face as she pumped my cock, the pre-cum was already flowing down the shaft.

"Am I doing it OK?"......"yes honey, you are, it's gonna cum soon".......she was watching it closely, I told her to stop a minute. I pulled the Kleenex box closer. Taking out four sheets of Kleenex I formed a pouch over my cock head, then replaced her hand. Now, you can keep doing it. She picked up her rythm and soon I told her "It's gonna cum, watch the pouch fill up with my cum"......she kept stroking. I let her continue for a few seconds then I put my hand over hers to stop her movements. My cock head was swelling and huge gobs of cum were now filling the Kleenex pouch...she was fascinated watching my man cream fill that pocket.......When I finished dropping my load, I took that Kleenex pocket and opened it up for her to see how much I had pumped out. She was amazed at the amount, even more amazed when I put my finger in the pool, then tasted it. I wanted her to see the taste was OK. I was thinking our next time we could 'snowball' and I would swallow it all.

We both caught our breath, once we calmed down we snuggled close, I held her, kissing her nose and forehead. Realizing I had just given her a real life gift, I had no shame.

Later, we talked about how we'd made each other feel so good. She said she's never ever felt those sensations. She most certainly wanted to do it again, with me.

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