Her hot feelings sent
You pull me tight, kisses me deeply and slides inside.

Mmmmmm I am still so tight from my orgasm that my pussy grasps tightly around you.

Both of us moan out loud.

You are so thick, so hard, and so needy.

You just stay there for a minute.

I cant lay still...I try thrusting my hips and fucking you but you hold me down with your weight and your strength....making me beg.
I cant breath

I need to be eaten.
Slowly you begin. Slowly out....all the way to the tip....and in....all the way to the balls.

I can feel the head, the throbbing, the thick blood filled veins pass by every pleasure point inside me...your arms are wrapped tight and your lips are pressed to my neck.
Hot breaths and small moans with every , teasing slide of your hard bar.

Innnn...and outtttt....Mmmmm.

My legs wrapped around you, pulling you in, and my clit is exposed.

I can feel your cock slide along me...your nest of hair tickles me...I am building to orgasm.

I whisper " fuck meeeee " against your ear.

That's all it responded.... sliding in deep, hard, and fast.
The pumping rhythm increased as we fucked deeper and deeper.

I was building to a giant orgasm as I could feel the rigidness of your cock begin to bend from intense pleasure.
Both our bodies tightened.

We clung tightly to each other as we both thrusted....again...again.

The closer you got to cumming the louder your moans got, the harder and faster you thrusted....and the closer I got to orgasm.
You tensed....moaned....and exploded inside me.

My senses were so full of you that my clit quivered, my love holes tightened, wrapped around you, and pulled your hot juices from you as I climaxed with you. entire body shook with pleasure as our moans filled the room.
The thrusts slowed to rhythmic grinding.


Soft gentle kissing...petting...and breathing.

We laid in each others arms still inside me...and enjoyed the gentleness we both offered.
No words needed...just sweet kisses and caresses as we drifted onto a cloud of complete and total satisfied comfort . baby i love you
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