Hi, I'm Sue
Hi, I'm Sue, 43 years old, mother of one, divorced for 3 years. Ever since my divorce life has been lonely. Thank god for my 18 year old son...who joined the army two months ago. I guess that now makes me an empty nester. At first I enjoyed the solitude and privacy living alone even that is getting old and feels lonely sometimes. I have family and work friends but they don't help much when you alone at 11:00pm. I have found some friends online to chat with but am still looking for someone special.

Tonight I think I may have finally gotten lucky. I met a guy named Ken. I read his profile and found that he is a nudist. Not just a home nudist like me but actually goes to nude resorts. That intrigued me enough to start a chat with him.

After 15 or 20 minutes of small chat, I have to admit he did make me laugh a few times and I really enjoyed chatting with him. I was anxious to ask him about social nudity but afraid...of what I don't know. He broke the ice when he asks if I was also a nudist. I said I liked being nude at home but didn't think I go be nude in front of others. The only man I'd ever been nude with or had sex with was my husband. He offered to send a picture of himself. I told him yes. I was a little disappointed when the picture arrived...he was dressed. He looked good and has a nice smile but I was thinking I wanted to see his dick. I was wondering what he would look naked. I sent a picture of myself taken at a swimming pool and I was wearing a bikini. I wanted to look a little sexy for him but not too slutty. Ken complimented, saying that I looked great and that he liked my smile and that I looked great in a bikini. He joked and said that he was hoping for a nude picture. I told him that I didn't have any. Deep down inside I wanted to see him nude but was afraid if I ask for a nude picture he would want one of me. The idea of me sending a nude picture scared me and at the same time made me feel warm and sexy. A feeling I hadn't had in years.

He ask if I was disappointed that he was wearing clothes in the picture. I really wanted to see him naked and wondered what his dick looked like. Without appearing too anxious I said that if he wouldn't mind he could send a nude picture. Almost before I could hit the send button I was receiving another picture. My heart was racing as I hit the "open" button. There he was naked. OMG!!! He looks soooo good. I love the way he looked, his dick was there without hair hiding any part of him. A nice flat belly leading down to his hairless dick and balls. I just sat there staring at his dick wondering how good it would feel to hold his smooth dick. My husband had been hairy and seeing Ken smooth was such a contrast. I loved his look. I felt warm and wet between my legs.

My pussy wanted him inside me. My mouth wanted him inside me. I thought how much I'd like to be running my tongue over him...feel his dick grow hard in my mouth and how it would feel in my pussy.

After what seemed to be a few seconds...he ask if I was still had been almost two minutes since he sent the picture and didn't get a reply from me. I told him I was staring at his picture and time just flew by.

He then ask if I'd send him a nude picture. I said that I'd have to take some and for him to wait a few minutes while I took a picture. I undressed, almost wishing I had my cam on for him to watch me exposing my body for him. What am I doing? I'm getting naked to send nude pictures to a guy I just met. I almost stopped but something inside told me to live a little and enjoy having a good looking guy see me naked. My pussy was so wet...It was dripping down my legs. I wanted to stop but couldn't. I wanted to be naked for him. Hoping that he'd like what he saw. I stood and in front of the camera and snapped the picture. It looked good a full frontal nude. I had nice smile and my boobs were still perky and hadn't started to sag. My belly is flat but my pussy is hairy and natural. As I hit the send button I was nervous...hoping that he'd like what he saw and wouldn't be disappointed that I was hairy.
He said "WOW! You look great and would love to see more pictures." My morale shot up like a rocket. My confidence boosted along with my desire to fuck him soared. I said that I'd would send more anytime he wanted. "tell me, is there any special pose you want? If your nice and send a picture with a hardon I'll shave my pussy for you."

More to come later...look for "Hi, I'm Sue part 2

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