His Eyes...

He was watching me. At first I didn't know what to think, but I knew that I like it. I loved how his eyes glided over my face,taking in my eyes, lips and smile to travel slowly down the rest of my body that he could see above the table top. Finding myself blushing with a hot wet pussy I tried to return my attention back to the droning voice of the speaker, but he wouldn't let me. His eyes...oh how they watched me. Then he pushed me over the edge, a soft smile graced his full kissable lips and drifted up to those amazing eyes. I caught my breath and closed my eyes to keep from melting into an orgasm. When I opened them the meeting was over and people where leaving the table...except for him. I realized that soon we would be the only two left at the table. That would not be a good situation, so I rose and joined those who were leaving.
As I stood to go I could feel the wetness of my desire slowly making a warm path down my thighs. I felt hot and embraced all at the same time because he was still staring at me with that hot sex smile on his face. He knew it thrilled the hell out of me. So as I left the room there was more of sway in my step having little to do with the 3 in heels I was wearing or the pencil skirt that hugged my ass just right. I left knowing that I would be him one day soon.

Six months later...

He touched my face with his fingers tips, lightly tracing outlines. It made my skin tingle and feeling heat stirring between my legs because of it. As his fingers tips continued their journey, my heart beat increased and the moan that escaped from my lips was the expression it.Then he kissed my lips and the world stepped back.

"Take off your clothes," he said as he stepped back to watch.

I had chosen a simple cotton summer dress in white, nothing showy or suggestive, simple, almost virginal. In fact my whole demeanor suggested that on viewing, but it was what was underneath that, said more the truth.

I stood there looking at him for a moment, knowing what had brought us to this place and time, all the emails, Skyping, phone calls, texting into the wee hours of the morning almost every day for six months. We had finally agreed to meet. In a place that we both knew little to nothing about, so that we would be on equal footing as much as we could be. We had chosen the hotel and the room to be the place of our first meeting.

As I looked round the hotel room taking in the elegant but simple amenities, I heard muffled the sounds of the city below. I went over to the balcony and opened the doors to let in the afternoon light. It came into the room, golden and magical creating pool of light I decided would be my backdrop. Turning toward the center of the room where he had taken a seat and was calmly waiting for me to do as he asked.

Stepping into the light,I stood there letting him see me. Not the one who writes stories that teases his desires, then asking him to imagine the possibilities of more. I wanted him to see the one who needed and wanted more than what was before her. The one who dreamed and hoped,as I unfasten my dress, sliding it off my shoulders, over my breasts and hips to pool at my feet. I let that thought guide me and be my shining light. I lifted my head not realizing that I had lowered it to face him in my nudity of body and soul. He sat there with an open look of admiration on his face, glowing in the cool darkness of the room. His eyes so blue spoke to me while the rest of him didn't move a hair. I nodded in acknowledgement of his openness as stepped out of the pool of white cotton leaving my shoes behind nestled. I walked toward him slowly so I could watch the change of expression in his eyes. His eye were the only part of him that seemed to be move. Stopping a few feet from him, I stood there as he slowly dropped his eyes from my face and sent them on a journey down my body.

Yes, I am older and younger and he is younger and older in our ways. In my case my body attested to this. With its curves and valleys showing very few planes, yet it did show a smooth creaminess that acknowledges the care that I gave to myself. In his case is understanding of the moment that can only come from lessons learned in life.
He stood towering, over me, almost casting me into shadows, but the light kept me. I stood my ground as he walk around me slowly touching me with his eyes as my own were caste down. Then I felt his lips at the base of my neck in the back and his warm soft large hands cupped my breasts as he continued to caress my neck with his lips. That left a hot traceable pattern on the back of my neck and shoulders. He gently turned me around and held my head in his hands as his kiss became hot, passionate and demanding. I moved into his body so we were one from lips to our places of pure sexual desire.
I told him to undress with the same urgency he showed when he told me to strip for him. Standing back from me he unbuckled his belt and pulled it off his slacks. Then he undid the clip at his waist and unzipped his fly. His slacks dropped to the floor, and he slipped off his shoes as he kicked away the fabric.
With a heated looked that match the one in mine he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor. The rest of his clothes follow in a quick progression to leaving him standing naked for my appreciation? His cock stuck out from his body and ready to...fill me or to tease me to distraction. I smiled as my pussy and mouth prepared to receive such a lovely treat. Such a wet little mess I was becoming!

He walked toward me at a slow pace letting me take in his advance as the movement of his body now set my core to burn and the rest of me because needy for his touch. He stopped in front of me standing so close that I could feel the heat radiating off his body and smell the intoxicating scent of his skin. I stood there almost breathless with my body humming now to the unheard music that played between us.

He raised his hand and with one finger he light traced my face. Lips, eyes, and nose, all places he lightly touching the air just above the skin that sent a shiver down my spine right to my pussy and points beyond. I was drowning in his eyes as he teasingly slid a finger against the fullness of my bottom lip. Teasing me to part them and I did with a soul shuttering sigh. I tried to close my eyes against his hypnotic stare but I couldn't. It fed the heat between us and my long denied desire. I wanted him inside me any way that I could get him. I reached for his cock and sucked his finger into my mouth at the same time. He smacked at my hands like I was a naughty child but let me keep his finger, which I now sucked on like I was sucking his cock. Oh his eyes! They darkened and seemed to dominate his face followed by that wonderful mouth of his.

"Oh, will make me...No not yet!" he murmured between clenched teeth as he pulled his finger from my mouth with a wet pop.

He took my hand and led me to the bed, guiding me to sit then lie on the crisp cotton sheets. He stood over me and then leaned down to kiss me as his hand cupped my pussy. His kiss was hot, wet and demanding has the hand that taken possession of my pussy that was now like some hot, wet fruit asking to be licked then eaten. He felt soo good as I moved against his hand in need of him.
With a chuckle he smiled seductively as he lay down next to me and began to slowly massage my pussy that had dripped juice all over his hand.
At that moment, I felt all things to him his lover, slut, child and woman. I relished in that feeling and open myself to him spreading my legs and two of his fingers found their way into pussy. It sent me almost into bliss he claimed my lips and pulled him to me tightly. The hand in my pussy never left as his other hand,legs and body claimed the rest of me.

I wanted his cock in me and reached for it only to be stopped again! Damn him I wanted him to fuck me long and hard. My desire rose, and he restrained me with his other hand as the hand in my pussy came to life and I almost lost it. He had found my spot and stroked it. We deepened our kiss and felt the raising heat of the passion between us form into an orgasm. It sent me screaming into his mouth as I exploded in a near hot release of my pleasure. Coating his hand as my fluttered in my head and the only sound coming from my mouth now as name, I chanted in a scream... over and over again.

"Fuck me," I screamed with the echoes of the orgasm still running through me.

It was not enough, I wanted and needed more. I begged him and then screamed against his lips and into his mouth as he reclaimed my lips. Our kiss deepened as tongues played the preface to a loving, so hot, so powerful, and so erotic! I heard him laugh softly against my lips as I withered, unable to speak and out of control under his touch. Then his mouth left my bruised lips lock on to my right nipple with a force that shots pleasure from my nipple to every part of my body. I was between moaning and screaming when I reached out seeking something to hold on to, but he was able to restrain me again.
His fingers drew some of wetness from my pussy onto my clit and crisscrossed it with gentle but rapid strokes. The very action closed my eyes and arched my back trying to get closer and yet in some way to get away. His caresses were getting me closer to cumming again.

"Fuck me, PLEASE!",I murmured unable to speak louder than a whisper.

He had me and he knew it, I could see it in his eyes now that I was able to open and focus mine. They were teasing me with their desire and a lust that frighten and seduce me at the same time.
"What do you want from me my Angel?" he whispered as he kissed my lips eyes nose and ears. It quickly became a chant that was all heat,sex and fucking. It made me melt even more. Sending me into a wanting that I was sure would separate my soul from my flesh.

"I surrender."

He looked into my eyes to see if what I had said was true. I looked into his and it was like looking into the eyes of a man that I had never met. Again, what was there frightened and intrigued me.

"I surrender, "I said between a whisper and a heartfelt moan, yet knowing he didn't believe me.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, putting a pillow under my head and lifted my legs to his shoulders. I laid there waiting what was to come as he looked down the length of my sweat covered quivering body. Locking eyes with me, he pushed his thick hard cock into my wet throbbing pussy. Stretching me as he slowly pushed until there was no more to push and it felt like he was almost touch my cervix. Not once had he taken his eyes from mine and he felt soo good! Filling me and stroking my entire pussy with hot, hard flesh as he started to move slowly back and forth. I purred in pleasure.

With each stroke he kissed me. At first they were like a gentle tease that became demanding as he moved faster and deeper into my body. I felt my pussy starting to squeeze his cock as my orgasm began.

"Ohhh Godddd I am...."

"You are what baby? Say it let me hear you say it," he demanded between clenched teeth as sweat poured off his body like a gentle rain onto my own.

"Tell me... what I know is true... tell me...!"
Each word was punctuated with a forceful yet delicious thrust into my body as I gave him what was left of me.

"I surrender...I am...yourss...", I cried as the sound of my orgasm raged in my ears and then ran through my body knocking at the walls of my soul.
Then I came...writhing underneath him like a bucking bull trying to dislodge him, but he pushed hard to stay in and wrapped himself around me.
He rode me like this driving further into my orgasm but not before I heard him begin to moan deeply from his chest. He told me that he was close. Gathering me to him,he held me tight against his body as he thrust hard into me one last time. He came with a deep moan and heartfelt curse as he squirted a hard stream into me that heated my pussy even more. It caused a flooding that bath us in a wet, warm, sticky wash of pleasure
With is cock still in the warm wet clutches of my pussy muscle, he rolled off of me taking me with him, to lie beside him wrapped in his arms. He told me he didn't want to come out and I could only smile in agreement as I had been robbed of speech. So we remained as one. Looking into each other eyes, we touched, kissed and whispered all that needed to be said.

When sleep finally ended the conversation, I laid in his arms with as his eyes closed and a sated look upon his face. I closed my own as his arms tighten around and his cock moved inside me...


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