His Sexual Proxy
We're in bed, naked, hands eagerly caressing each others bodies, discovering unknown pleasure zones, building the heat. Our lips meet hungrily, tongues engaging in a seductive dance. Our breath quickens as the passion builds. You reach beside the bed grabbing a blindfold, telling me, "put this on, my love." Eager to do your bidding, I slip it over my head, making sure it's securely over my eyes. My heart races in anticipation, as my excitement grows. This always happens when you plunge me into darkness. It heightens my other senses, increasing my pleasure immeasurably, which is exactly what you want.

Your fingertips run lightly down the side of my neck to the valley between my breasts, a chill goes through my body, raising goosebumps on my flesh, making my nipples harden almost painfully. You take each of my large, full breasts into your strong hands, squeezing them tightly makes my nipples stand up even more. Your tongue swirls around and around my erect nubs, flicking against them as you switch from one, to the other, then back again. I moan, arching off the bed, wanting even more of the sweet torment you are providing. I feel your mouth close around my nipple and part of the surrounding flesh. The combination of fierce suction alternating with your teeth biting my puckered flesh has me aroused almost to the point of orgasm.

"Touch yourself, I want you to cum for me."

Hearing the commanding tone in your deep, sexy voice makes me gasp, and my deep muscles clench. You know how much I love it when you take charge like that, it never fails to excite me. You stop playing with me and I sense you rise above me, I know to watch me pleasure myself. I waste no time and move my hand to my pussy and lightly stroke against my clit, I'm so close, I know it won't take much to push me over the edge. You push your middle finger into me, your palm up, then curl your finger and stroke against the roof of my vagina. The tension in my body builds and my muscles squeeze against your finger as you continue to stimulate this nerve rich area.

"Cum for me my pet, do it NOW" you tell me, the command in your voice darkly seductive.

I can't resist the pull of your words, the feel of our fingers working together. I cum violently. My passionate cries fill the room as pleasure swamps my body and I squirt all over your fingers and hand, my pussy closing like a trap around you. I don't remember ever having this intense of an orgasm, it seems to last forever. You continue to stroke me until my muscles relax, releasing you from my dripping hole. I hear sucking and slurping noises and know you are cleaning your hand and fingers, licking up all the juices you just wrung from my body.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you taste so damn good my love. I want more."

Unknown to me, you aren't the only one watching. Mark, the handyman working on my house, has been there at the door, seeing everything almost from the beginning. You know I'm a very sensual woman, with a high sex drive, and that I've been suffering without you here. You've come up with a slightly unusual solution. Since Mark is here most days, you've decided you want him to be your proxy. You've teasingly told me many times that I should hit on him and each time I've told you no. You're well aware that if you just told me to have sex with him since you're not here that I'd reject that idea. So you've taken matters into your own hands and talked with him, setting this up. One of your stipulations to him though is you have to be here the first time he fucks me. Being protective in nature you want to make sure that I'm alright, but you also want to see him in action to make sure that he's good enough to pleasure the woman you love. You later also tell me you've had a fantasy about watching me with another man for a while now. This solution satisfies all those needs.

Your mouth possessively claims mine, lips hungry, your tongue plunders, as you share my essence. You kiss down my body, spread my legs wide, nipping and kissing my inner thighs, working your way toward my heat radiating core, still glistening with my juices. You settle between my legs and suck my lips into your mouth, your tongue lashes against my clit as you devour my pussy like a starving man. The ferocity of your oral loving shocks and thrills me, my heart is racing, body straining against you, as I pant and moan deeply, my fingers thread through your hair, holding your head to me. I'm caught in the web of lust your talented mouth and tongue is weaving. It's been a really long time since a man has eaten my pussy, and you're a master, well worth the wait! As you continue your sweet torment, you wave Mark in, pointing toward my head.

I of course am unaware of this, but I'm soon to find out. I feel a presence above me, then something lightly touches my lips. Jerking at this unexpected sensation, I bring my hand up to brush whatever it is away from me, and was surprised to discover warm, hard flesh. OMG!! A cock?! I know it's not yours, you're between my legs, eating my pussy like a wildman. Who the hell is this I wonder? I let my fingers explore this unknown cock. It feels to be about an inch or so shorter than you, and not quite as thick as I close my hand around it. That isn't surprising as you are quite a bit larger than average, which would make this man's still above average. He gets even harder as I stroke my hand up and down his length.

You continue your pleasurable assault on my pussy as I play with his cock and balls. Your tongue glides up and down my slit, teasingly brushing briefly against my clit, my arousal builds with each stroke. My hips, a mind of their own now move, rubbing my lips against your mouth, my body silently begging for more, needing the pleasure only you can give me. Your tongue stabs into me over and over, fucking me. It feels so good I can't stay still! Then your lips close over my clit, you suck it forcefully as your tongue strums against it. Your teeth graze my swollen button, then nibble it. My body jerks at this unexpected sensation and I pull you tighter against me. You moan, the vibration surrounding my blood engorged clit shoves me over the top. An intense orgasm rips through my body, an earthquake that could be measured on the Richter scale, my pussy moves jerkily as I flood your mouth with my sweet cream. You lap up all the cum you just created, your tongue delving deep inside of me. Raising your head, you look at me, your mouth and face shiny from from my juices. You move up my body, claiming my lips in a volcanic kiss, sharing the remnants of my release.

Taking my hand, you help me sit up, then pull me to my feet and lead me around to the other side of the bed. You let go and I hear you sit on the bed.

"Get down on your knees and suck his cock, my pet. I want to watch."

The commanding tone of voice you use excites me so much. Who knew you were so kinky? Although I'm not complaining one little bit. I've plenty of them myself and it seems as if you're playing on at least this one today. And letting me see some, or at least one of yours. I think, "you want a show babe? I'll give you a show!"

I reach my hands out and touch his legs, I run them lightly up his inner thighs until my hands encounter his balls. I take them in my one hand gently pulling down, then massage them, softly squeezing and running my fingernails teasingly up his ball sack. I lick his cock, my tongue sliding up and down his rigid shaft repeatedly, not an inch escapes my attention. My lips slide slowly over his head as I take him into my hot, wet mouth. I tease him a little, only sucking and licking his swollen cap, my tongue, never still, moves over and around him.

When I just can't wait anymore, I sink down onto his cock, taking his full length into my throat. I hear two moans, his and yours, apparently you're both liking this. I move up and down his shaft, slowly and seductively at first. His hands go to my head, grabbing a handful of hair on each side he holds my head still, I guess he's in charge now. Hips moving, he thrusts his dick into my willing mouth over and over. I moan helplessly around him, picturing in my head the naughty images this must be giving you. Your woman on her knees, mouth stuffed full of cock, getting face fucked by this other man.

I suspect you must have told him some of the things that turn me on. Don't get me wrong, I love to suck a man's dick! But what excites me even more is being held helpless while he fucks my mouth. There's just something about it that really thrills the naughty, slutty side of me! Juice drips down my thighs as he drills his hard length into my eager mouth repeatedly, my lips vibrate around him as I moan. I feel him swell in my mouth, then all of a sudden he's gone.

Hands help me up, then push me down to sit on the edge of the bed. I hear movement, then he turns me and pulls me across the bed, pushing me down to lay on my back. He spreads my legs wide open and moves between them. Teasingly he runs his cock up and down my dripping slit, rubbing himself against my clit. You've apparently given him more insider information. Remind me to thank you properly later lol. He continues to stroke against me, teasing me, driving me crazy. My arousal climbs and tension builds in my body, as he pushes more against my core, but still not enough to enter me. His head feels so hard and thick as it parts my drenched lips, my gasp and need filled moan brings pleasure to both men. He laces his fingers with mine and pins my hands against the bed. I've not heard you in a little while and wonder if you're still here and if you're alright with everything that's going on.

"Babe, are you still here?"

"I'm right here my love, I want you to act like I'm not here. I just want to watch." Your voice comes from behind my head and is thick with desire.

He enters me.

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