His Tastes
I meet you at the door of our hotel room. I am so happy to see you I wrap my arms around you and give you a big passionate kiss, pressing my body up against yours. I have dressed to hopefully entice you. I am wearing black lacy bra and boy short panties with a black see through babydoll over them and a black short silk robe open so you can get tantalizing glimpses of whats underneath. While I am kissing you you take both of my wrists in your hand and hold them behind my back. You lead me to the bed, I have already put restraints at all four corners. Seeing this you chuckle and tell me what a naughty girl I am and that you have every intention of giving me exactly what a slut like me deserves. You trail kisses up and down my neck which I love and gets me so wet and makes me tremble for you. I start to run my hands down your body and you grab my wrists again and tell me that I am not allowed to touch you yet.

You fasten my wrists and ankles to the bed spread eagle and then blindfold me. I am completely at your mercy now just like I have fantasized about ever since first talking to you. I hear your zipper being lowered and the rustling of your clothes being taken off. Then I hear your switchblade open and feel a little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement. you run the blade very lightly all over my breasts and down my body telling me "I'm all yours now to do with as you like". This gets me even more excited than I already was and wetter too. You set the knife aside and I hear you lighting a cigarette which you soon place between my lips, I take a nice big drag and blow the smoke towards where I can feel your body. You take the cigarette out of my mouth and I hear you taking a drag so we can share. You lean down and share another passionate kiss, this time laced with smoke. We share the smoke back and forth kissing and you caressing my body as we do. When we finish the smoke I hear rustling and the lighter again and I'm just waiting in anticipation of what you have in store for me.

You start rubbing my breasts and my nipples. Pinching my nipples harder and harder until I am squirming and trying to push my breast even further into your hand. You remove your hand and all of a sudden I feel something hot on my nipples that cools almost instantly and I realize that you had lit a candle and are now dripping the hot wax all over my body, mostly focused on my tits and pussy. It feels incredible and very sensuous. Then I feel something extremely cold on my nipples and realize you have grabbed an ice cube which you rub over my nipples and clit, I jerk against the restraints and you laugh evilly. Then I feel your hot breath where you had just trailed the ice and soon after that you run your tongue all over my nipples and clit and warm them up for me.

I really want to touch you but unable to so I beg to suck your cock. You tell me "all in good time, be patient you cock hungry slut. I am in control here, not you and I am not ready to give you the gift of my cock yet." I whimper but comply as I have no real choice anyways. You undo the restraints momentarily and turn me face down on the bed, then retie me up. Then you trail your hand from the top of my spine down to my ass and rub your hand over it and then bring your hand down firmly WHACK and keep spanking my ass you reach between my legs and feel my pussy is dripping wet. You tell me what a naughty slut I am and really deserve to be punished. You remove your hand from my ass and soon I feel and even stronger pain on my ass, you are now using a paddle instead of you hand and fingering my pussy as you do it. The combined pleasure/pain pushes me over the edge and I cum the first of many times yet to come.

You rub your finger on my pussy and get it wet with my cum and insert one finger into my ass and pump it in and out of my ass, then you inert another finger and keep pounding into me. By this time I am begging for your cock. You finally relent and undo y restraints again and flip me over onto my back and retie me. Then I feel your cock rubbing against my lips, you are such a tease. You finally plunge your cock into my hungry mouth and start fucking my face. I am sucking you harder and harder as you pound into my mouth faster and faster. Then without warning you withdraw your cock and tell me you don't want to cum yet. You have a lot more pleasure for us both to experience first.

You untie my legs and tie them up higher in the air so both my pussy and ass are totally available to you. You slide your cock over and over my clit, teasing me but never entering me. I start to beg yo to fuck my pussy and you tell me "all in good time slut" you keep teasing me and teasing me until I think I can't stand anymore and then and only then you slam into my pussy without any warning and bury your cock balls deep into my hot, wet hole. I scream and immediately start to cum bathing your cock and balls with my hot juice. My pussy keeps spasming around your cock for what seems like a very long time. You slam into me again and again telling me "take my hard cock you slutty whore, I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll still be feeling it days from now." You are relentless and keep driving into my pussy until I cum again and again.

Then you pull out and shove your rock hard cock into my ass and it feels so good. I am so tight around your cock. You can feel the ripples of my multiple orgasms running up and down your cock, heightening the pleasure you are feeling. You tell me you are going to fill my ass to overflowing with your cum. You continue to pump in and out it feels so good for both of us I am almost constantly moaning and talking dirty in your ear, telling you how good you feel inside of me and how I love being your plaything and to not hold anything back. Give me all of you as hard and as fast as you want. Finally you can take no more and your cock swells even harder and throbs against the walls of my ass. Then I feel you explode, pumping squirt after squirt of cum into my ass, making me cum as well one final time. You cum so much that it leaks out of my ass and runs down the crack of my ass, very naughty feeling.

You then take your cum coated cock and shove it into my mouth ordering me to lick and suck you clean and also have me lick the cum off your balls. You untie me and take the blindfold off and share a passionate kiss with me. I have never been fucked so good in my entire life and have a huge but sleepy smile on my face. We smoke a cigarette and then snuggle and get some rest for the next round, which could be either naughty or nice too soon to tell at this point.

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