His wife in a bikini
I am invited to a very nice home and a prestigious neighborhood. I met Rhonda and Michael several weeks ago at random by chance have one of my favorite cigar bars in New Orleans. Struck up a small conversation in between listening to music. All of a sudden, when Rhonda went to the ladies room, Michael directly asked me if I thought round it was attractive. Hell yes she was. Bright red hair cut short. A gorgeous figure accented by double D cups according to Michael. And a body that simply wouldn't quit. Nothing happened that evening which was a Friday. But he invited me to their place on Sunday to spend an afternoon lounging around the pool.

I'll admit to being excited, nervous and terrified all at the same time come late Sunday morning. Part of me want to back out but I was bound and determined to move ahead and see exactly what may transpire. I'm so glad I did.

When I got there, Michael open the door and say hi and thrust a bottle of beer in my hands. I took a generous gulp and then moved through the home to the back right could see the pool. I didn't see Rhonda right away until I came around the corner and through the door. What I saw was her in a black thong bikini and a standing spread eagle tie between two colors, a large Wyckoff between your teeth and lips. She had on but I can only guess to be 6 to 8 inch come fuck me heels and her body was glistening to the heat and when I presume was a hint of sunscreen from being out in the pool earlier before I arrived. When she saw me her eyes widened, and I suddenly realized that perhaps she didn't know I was invited. Michael confirm that after he came around the corner with a white smile on his face informing Rhonda that she was to be my play toy and he was going to enjoy the show.

I took another sip and move forward after I was told by Michael to do as I pleased. I stood in front of her and lightly took my fingertips to her cheeks down past the cloth down her neck between your cleavage around the breasts that were exposed through the bikini top and down her abdominal area which was tight and taught. I think your tips lingered in the inner thighs and continue down her legs all the way down to her feet and back up again. She was moaning lightly and breathing deeply while experiencing my touch, the touch of not exactly a stranger but definitely a surprise.

I turned and looked down to my left and saw small table and a variety of things sitting on it. I smiled to myself I recognized some of the instruments and implements. I look back up at her in her eyes I took my fingertips to the back of her bikini top and and did the strings slowly pulling them down until finally all of her breasts were exposed. Such hard beautiful pink nipples. I traced around each one with my phone which caused her further deep breasts and moans. I looked and admired Michael's work but the ropes as her wrists and ankles were firmly bound and she was going nowhere.

I leaned down and took my tongue and likely licked one nipple and then the other before lingering and then sucking deeply honored that caused her to cry out in her head went back. I knew this was a sensitive sweet spot. I continued for another several seconds before moving to the other nipple. When I was satisfied and she was moaning and groaning and I could feel her body swaying in the ropes, I liked all the nipple and then reach down for a pair of Clover clamps. They quickly went on savagely and she cried out and threw her head back and she felt the clamps attack her nipples. Swiftly, and a savagely, my fingers went down into her thong and deeply into her pussy which was wet and moist. It must not of taken more than 15 seconds for her to go into the throes of orgasm. I turned around and smiled at Michael's I looked my finger and he said to her "good girl" and informing me that she was very multi orgasmic.

I talked on the coin change slightly to watch your body move forward but only as forward as she could with the ropes holding her back I could see her eyes widened as she could feel the torment on her buds. I showed her the bulge in my shorts and said and I believe you're Michael was going to allow me to fuck you as hard and as long and as often as I want today. She threw her head back and moaned loudly and I almost imagine that perhaps she had some sort of mental orgasm in hearing those words.

Next, the flogger. She had an ass that demanded attention. And who am I to deprive such a beautiful woman from such a sensual torment? βΊ
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