Holly, Jessica, my mom and I in my room
We saw them standing right there in the doorway, and they seemed not to be surprised. We were the only ones who lived there, so we felt no need to shut the door. They came in towards the bed, and just grinned.

"So, I guess we aren't the only ones who have taken a dip in the incest pool, Holly," Jessica said.

"You got that right, sister," Mia replied.

Everyone grinned then, and they got down on their knees by the bed. For some odd reason, Mia and I just did not feel the need to cover up. I caught my mom checking out Holly's nice rack.

"Seriously, Jessica, can't you fuck hot chicks your own age?" Mia asked.

"Well, first of all, I made a special exception for these two, and secondly, is that an invitation, Mia?" Jessica asked.

Everyone stayed quiet for a minute.

"I didn't say that, but let's just say I have some new found appreciation for beautiful ladies, such as yourself," Mia replied.

I looked at Jessica and Holly, and both of them were eyeballing my mom. Evidently they liked what they saw.

"So, I heard that this beautiful woman asked you to have sex with her, and you said no?" Mia asked Holly.

"Well, yes, but I eventually gave in though, thanks to your daughter," Holly replied.

Mia nodded her head once, and kissed me on the lips.

"Well, I only ask because, I asked her once, and she did it for me. Maybe I'm just lucky," Mia said.

Holly just gave me a look, it wasn't necessarily a bad look, but it was definitely a look.

"So, does that mean, you just gave it away to my mom?" Holly asked me.

"No, you dummy," I replied.

Then, as if it was just normal, Holly put her hand right onto my leg. She rubbed it slowly, and it felt good.

"Are you trying to steal my daughter?" Mia asked.

"No, I'm fine just fucking my mom," Holly replied.

Jessica looked over at Holly, and she almost looked offended.

"Don't kiss ass, I'm still not buying you that big ass TV," Jessica said.

They kissed each other right in front of us too.

"Who knew that sex with my daughter, could be so damn hot? Oh, I just wanna fuck her brains out right now," Jessica said.

Mia looked at me with some very lusty eyes, and I was sure I knew what she was thinking.

"Well, sweetie, are you ready for another round?" Mia asked me.

"Sure, care to join, ladies?" I asked.

Holly and Jessica couldn't believe the words that just came out of my mouth, but they heard them. Judging by the looks on their faces, they were down to fuck, literally. Holly laid next to me, and we began making out with each other. It was nice to feel her lips yet again, but the two MILFs in the room, felt a little left out.

"Come on, you both like female lips, give it a whirl," I said.

So, Jessica got on the other side of the bed with my mom. They both sat close to each other, and eventually, their lips met. I was busy getting very hot for Holly once again, but a few minutes later, I looked over at them. I found Jessica making out with my mom. Obviously the two MILFs were hot for each other.

"Holly, my mom is kissing your mom," I said.

She looked over there too.

"Come on mom, show some skin. I'm sure Mia will watch the drool," Holly said.

They both grinned, and then Jessica leaned up. She slowly took off her shirt, and then her shorts too. I actually wasn't in a hurry to get Holly naked though. I was content with her lips on mine for the time being. Even though we just had sex a few hours ago, it felt like a year. I thought the sex was always amazing. I was on top of her, and she put her hands right onto my smooth butt.

"Oh, your behind is as smooth as ever," Holly said.

"Thank you, I think now I wanna feel your behind," I replied.

So then, I put my hands right under her crotch, and undid her shorts. She took them off herself, and got onto her knees, with me in the middle. She also, slowly took off her shirt. As she was still in her bra and panties, I looked at our moms. They were both naked, and on their sides. They were fingering each other, and I swear I had a small orgasm right then. I saw our moms and once again, I just felt wonderful. I certainly knew right then, my mom was gonna join the other team too.

"Damn Holly, your mom is a sexual freak," Mia said.

Holly didn't answer, she just looked over there, and I thought her eyes were gonna explode. I leaned up, and laid one kiss on her lips. Then I put my hands onto her back, and I couldn't resist, but to take her bra off. As she was just in her panties, our moms looked at us.

"Come on, Carol. Rip my daughter's panties off, and fuck her like there is no tomorrow," Jessica said.

"I guess, I should give the woman what she wants," I replied to Holly.

I didn't mean to do it quite like the way I did it, but I was a very horny and sexual woman. I pushed Holly right off me towards our moms' feet. I got right on my knees, and literally ripped off Holly's panties. I threw them against the wall, and went right in for her pussy. I ate it out, quite mercilessly right away.

"Fuck!" Holly screamed.

For the first couple minutes, our moms couldn't take her eyes off us.

"Holy shit, I mean holy mother fucking shit, Mia. Is that is your daughter, fucking mine?" Jessica asked.

"Yes," Mia replied.

As Jessica saw me going to town on her daughter, she couldn't wait another minute. She quickly climbed down towards Mia's crotch. She got down on the floor, and stood and her knees. She leaned forward and began eating some older pussy for a change. My mom seemed to like it, just as I imagined she would.

"Oh, so this is what I've been missing?" Mia asked.

Everyone had a small chuckle for a second. After that, Jessica and I made Mia and Holly feel incredible. It was already even wilder, than wildest fantasy. I wasn't too sure anything at all could possibly ruin it truth be told. Holly saw her mom's moist pussy, and she could have her double whammy. She could fuck, and be fucked at the same time. So she leaned over to Jessica's pussy, and stuck her tongue out.

"Oh, my sweet daughter, Holly," Jessica said.

Obviously, Holly and Jessica had really grown on each other, sexually. Jessica slowly leaned up on her knees. As she was straight up, Mia got onto her knees, and crawled over towards Jessica's pussy.

"Care to share?" Mia asked.

"Can I, have a kiss first?" Holly asked.

"If Carol gets jealous, I can always ground her," Mia replied.

So of course, Mia had to give my best friend a big fat whooper on her lips. I actually was pleasantly surprised by that, my mom was bordering the lesbian line, and she had a first class ticket.

"Wow Mia, I had no idea," Holly said.

"I know, it's new to me too," Mia replied.

Then both of them began licking Jessica's pussy, as I ate Holly's pussy. With four sweaty and hot lesbians just having fun, things quickly got intense. Everyone's fingers were thrusting very quickly, and I was pretty sure my tongue had never been in so such pain, from movement in my life. I was moving it nonstop in Holly's pussy. She had some pubic hair on her pussy, but it didn't slow me down.

"Oh, Carol, keep it coming, and make me cum everywhere," Holly said as she moaned.

Everyone was moaning nonstop, so it was just a matter of time before the windows could possibly break. I saw a few adult movies, where two young ladies and two MILFs had fun. Although, it was actually happening, and was a hell of a lot better in real life. It was like a single bite of ice cream, compared to an all you an eat ice cream buffet. Before I knew it, all of us made the sheets absolutely drenched.

"Shit!!" All four of us said.

Everyone came onto someone's face right then. It was simultaneous, and let's just say the sheets seemed like they just got out of the washer. Then all four of us, laid down together and cuddled very closely.

"So, that wasn't gonna be a one time thing, right?" Mia asked.

"Well, we'll see if we can squeeze you two in, somewhere," Jessica replied.

After that, my mom got up, and went down towards Jessica's pussy, I guess she needed some more pussy.

"Take a picture, ladies. This image is gonna be priceless," Jessica said.

So, Holly and I actually got up, and got our cellphones. We both took pictures, and I even set it as my wallpaper.

"Now, anytime I wanna see that, all I gotta do is look at my cellphone," I said.

"Well, take a picture of this," Holly replied as she pulled out a dildo.

As we were standing up, she stuck it up inside my pussy. With her other hand, she felt me up once again, as she was behind me.

"Oh my god, Jessica, our daughters seem to be fond of each other too," Mia said.

"You could say that. Mia, your daughter should be in chick on chick adult movies. She would fit right in, I know she could get guys to shoot their loads, in about ten seconds," Holly replied.

I just had a somewhat weird look on my face.

"Ten? Don't you mean five?" I asked.

"OK, fine, five seconds," Holly replied.

"That's better," I said.

Holly, took the dildo out of my pussy, and brought it over to Jessica.

"Would you like, to do the honors?" Holly asked.

Jessica sucked off all the cum off the dildo.

"That is scrumptious," Jessica said.

"Thank you," I replied.

I saw my mom just having the time of her life eating Jessica's pussy. I never ever got the opportunity to share anything quite like that with my mom. So I walked over to Jessica's pussy, and laid down with my mom.

"You wanna share, with your mom?" Mia asked.

"Yes," replied.

I leaned in, and began licking Jessica's sweet pussy. She had all of her pussy juice just flowing like a stream. A minute later, Holly got on the bed, and laid down with her mom. Mia, let me have it for about a minute, then she entered her tongue into the mix.

"Holy shit, I have a mother and daughter fucking me right now!" Jessica screamed.

Holly laid one kiss on her mom's lips, and decided to add a third tongue. She climbed on top of Jessica, with her pussy right over her mom's face. So Jessica actually had three tongues on her pussy all at once. None of us, could really go down on her, but it was still very kinky and sexy though. Of course Jessica couldn't help, but to fuck her daughter.

"Mom, I love you," Holly said.

"I love you too, sweetie," Jessica replied.

Those three faces were all wet, and it seemed like the grand finale would come a lot sooner than expected.

"Holy shit!!" Jessica screamed.

I guess since she had three tongues fucking her, she just lost it much easier. She splattered all of her pussy juice, all over our faces. As our faces were drying, Holly leaned towards my mom, and kissed her once.

"That's all I get, Holly?" Mia asked.

So then, Holly got up off the bed. She came over to Mia, and put her hand out. Mia gladly took it, and Holly brought her to the other side of the bed. Holly laid down first, and then Mia got on top of her. They began making out, very passionately. Jessica and I just watched them for about fifteen minutes with out taking a break, and we both began masturbating. I used the dildo, and Jessica used her fingers. It only took, Jessica and I about two minutes to cum, but they kept going. After about another two minutes after we came, Jessica had an idea.

"Come here, Carol," Jessica said.

She laid down on her back, and I got on top of her. We began making out really passionately, to compete with them. They had seventeen minutes on us, but we were gonna show them that we could make out too. We went in even stronger than Holly and Mia did. We made out for about fifteen minutes, and they were still going at it too. Obviously, it was turning into a make out contest to see who could last longer. All the rules were unspoken, so we didn't feel we had to keep our eyes closed. I peaked over at them, and Holly was looking at us. Both of us wanted to say something, but that would mean we'd forfeit. We were making out with each others' moms, and whoever won was gonna get some big bragging rights. Even though Holly really wanted those bragging rights, she had to stop.

"Damn, I just had to give my lips a rest," Holly said.

So, then they both turned to us and watched. They wanted to see if we could last longer than them. We kept our lips together, and as it came down to the last minute. Unfortunately, I gave up too.

"Son of a bitch," I said.

"Ha, we win," Holly replied as she chanted.

So I laid down with Jessica, and Holly laid with Mia. We cuddled with each others moms for about a half hour in silence. We all dozed a little bit, as we were a little tired. After a half hour, I got up and noticed the rest of them were out of it. I was little hungry, so I walked over to the kitchen completely naked. I found some jell-o in there, and that sounded perfect. So I got out a spoon, and had a little snack.

"Damn, this is a close second to an orgasm," I said softly.

I ate it in about a minute, and then all of the sudden, a hand landed on my shoulder. It was my mom, and
she knew she scared me.

"Oh, mom," I said.

She was laughing, and she was naked too.

"That's not funny," I said.

She gave me a hug and kiss, and stayed close.

"So, is this gonna be a normal thing?" Mia asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Eating snacks, naked in the kitchen," Mia replied.

I looked down at myself, as if I didn't know I was naked.

"Well, maybe it will be. Let's face it, you'd like it," I said.

She got behind me, and put one hand on my right boob, and the other on my pussy.

"You are the best daughter there is, period," Mia said.

"Just because I had sex with my mom?" I asked.

"Yes," Mia replied.

I turned around and kissed my mom. She was everything that Jessica was, and more. I was a lesbian, and it seemed that I turned my mom into a lesbian too. I'm not complaining about that, but she does like to hog the covers though. I just fulfilled my mom's request, and we ended up falling in the process. Even though we are committed to each other, we still have to have fun with the other mother/daughter couple we know, from time to time.
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