Hollywood Housewives...
It was a long hot summer in 1992, especially in Palm Springs, California.

The Hamilton's had rented a villa on Canyon Lakes, and immediately invited my wife and I out for a long weekend.

Paula and I lived in Hollywood and since Palm Springs was really no more than a two hour drive, we took my Porsche Carrera convertible instead of her Jeep Wrangler. That's California living. Plus, it was easier to fuck with the top down, and we did love fucking in that little red rocket. I'd learned to be prepared around Paula. She had taken 'spontaneous' to a whole new level.

We arrived around 11:00 a.m. and were greeted by Ward and Vanessa Hamilton. Did I mention the Hamilton's were Paula's parents?

Ward was a handsome financial planner in Beverly Hills, and apparently a very good one. Their home was more like a museum than a home. Terrazzo floors, towering ceilings, frescos, original artwork by the masters, and more fresh flowers than most florists see in a week. They seem to be bursting from the stone flower pots everywhere you turn.

Vanessa Hamilton was what many considered his equal. She was beautiful, had an Ivy League education, and had made her own fortune in real estate. You may have seen her billboards on Sunset Boulevard. Yep, she was a looker. But, a looker that sold multi million dollar homes, unless she bought it herself. And she did all that part time. The rest of the time she was a typical Hollywood housewife. You know the type. Expensive lunches with the other housewives, always dressed to the hilt, always giving huge sums of money to charities.

Looks, brains, money and sex appeal can be very powerful in Hollywood.

Paula and I bunked in the upstairs bedroom and fucked as soon as the door closed behind us. She was a great piece of ass and the word 'no' never soiled her pouty lips. Even when we dated as high school seniors, Paula was game. But, she was my game and everyone knew it and left her alone. The only reason she wasn't a virgin when we married was because as far as I know, one can only lose their virginity once, and she had given it to me within minutes of turning 16. One of those classic moments etched in young womens minds forever.

The fireworks may have been over the top, but Paula and her family were over the top kind of people. Just imagine your parents lighting off fireworks in your backyard after being de-flowered.


After fucking, Paula had to nap. I understood it because she put out hard. she put out fast, and she put out often. I did love her enthusiasm.

Me? I needed no nap. What I needed was to get into my swim suit, drag my favorite UCLA t-shirt over my head and get outside where I knew Vanessa would be lounging by the sparkling pool.

I hurried downstairs, slid the floor to ceiling patio door open and stepped outside.

There she was.

My mother in law was wearing a traditional yellow bikini. She would never wear a thong and show her ass. No, she preferred men to wonder how her cheeks looked. She knew mystery was a wonderful aphrodisiac.

She was hot and she knew it. Everyone knew it. I certainly did.

I had seen many men try to get her attention. Why wouldn't they?

She was tall, had bronze legs with perfect thighs and calves that flexed when she walked, a great rack, exceptional ass, and a movie star face. I'd classify her as voluptuous.

Actually, she reminded me of the cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. Maybe it was the mane of red hair that draped over her left eye and cascaded in soft waves over her left tit. Or maybe it was the way her luscious red lips always looked wet.

Or the way she smoked. She didn't smoke a cigarette. She made love to it.

She took great care in lighting up. First she would hold the barrel between her thumb and forefinger and roll it slowly with the filter pointed away from her. That usually awakened my cock. Next, she would turn her wrist ever so slowly pointing the filter right at her luscious mouth. I imagined it as the tip of my cock. Would she put it between those wet lips?

Many times, she would turn and look in men's eyes as she laid the white filter dead center on her lower lip. When she closed her lips around it, she would once again, roll it slowly and seductively before slipping it between her delicate fingers.

She would always touch the back of my hand with her red fingertips as her crimson lips puckered. I imagined them tickling my balls. Damn.

Then her cheeks would hollow as the flame flickered under the tip. Tiny wisps of gray smoke leaked from the edges of her mouth on the first puff and shot down the barrel quickly.

Then she would take the smoke deep. Her ample tits would rise and her eyes would sorta half close like she was enjoying the taste of my cock inside her warm mouth. Sometimes she would moan softly. Double damn.

And like most men with a pulse and a prick, I imagined her sucking my cock like that.

The release came when she exhaled slowly, making sure we all noticed the warm smoke seeping from her crimson lips. I pictured the white smoke as gobs of my cum. Oozing, and dripping after feeding her.

Like I said. She was hot and she knew it. And she also knew men.

"Garrett?" She shouted from the other side of the pool.

I was sitting on the patio in a rattan chair reading, Wanderlust by Danielle Steele.

"Yes?" I answered as I dog eared the page and closed it. I was just getting to the good part, but when Vanessa calls...well, a good book would have to wait. It wasn't going anywhere.

"Sugar, do you have a few minutes? I need you."

Now, what's better than a sexy woman needing you?

Exactly. I non-chalantly adjusted my cock and stood.

"Sure. What do you need?"

I was hoping for something like, 'I need you to come here and fuck my brains out'.

Instead I got, "A cold beer, please. No cans. A bottle would be wonderful."

It was then I knew the seduction was on. Vanessa preferred bottles because she could suck and lick the tip and make men fucking crazy. I had caught her act many times and always got hard. And she knew it.

"Sure thing. Coming right up."

The villa had a very elaborate outdoor kitchen. I walked over and looked under the counter and found the stainless steel coolers with glass doors. One side was wine at 52 degrees, the other side was beer at 36 degrees. No soda. This was an adult playground. Overhead was a row of flat screen televisions presumably so one could watch several games at once. A green blackjack layout was atop the bar and a leather backgammon game was open and ready for play.

But, sports and games were not on my mind. What was on my mind was having some kind of sex with my mother in law. My hopes were high. I silently wondered if that was the reason she had called us. Might just have been my overactive ego, but Vanessa had always been very flirtatious with me. Maybe the Hollywood housewife was going to have her way with her son in law? Hmm.

I grabbed a couple of frosty beer bottles, twisted the caps off and headed for Vanessa who was sitting upright on the blue lounger smoking a cigarette. Even from fifty feet away, I noticed the smoke in her mouth. My cock was swelling and I was sure it would give me away before I ever got the chance to make my move. Actually, I had no move planned. One doesn't make plans with women like Vanessa. We just sit back and go with the flow.

"Thank you, sweetie." She said with smoky lips.

My cock wiggled as I handed the bottle to her.

"You're welcome. Anything else?"

"Yes. Sit with me for a few minutes...if you can."

"Oh, I can. I enjoy our time together." I dragged a vinyl covered chair over and sat.

She sucked on her cigarette and took a swig of cold beer. I knew she was looking at me, even though she had on big sunglasses. She exhaled into the bottle and licked the tip. My cock went to defcon 4.

"Oh, that's sweet. I like our alone time, too."

I lit a cigarette and watched her glance around.

"Where's Paula, babe?"

"Napping. Where's Ward?"


"Looks like we're all alone."

She dragged hard on her cigarette then snuffed it out.

"Yes, it does. How about a swim? It's hotter than Hell out here."

A swim? Hmm. Visions of her long legs wrapped around me, her arms hooked around my neck, her tongue deep in my mouth. Yep. A swim sounded perfect.

"Sounds great. Last one in and all that!"

I hopped up and saw her splash before I got to the edge.

"Hey, that's not fair. You cheated!" I shouted then dove in and swam straight to her under water. I saw her legs moving slowly, her arms skimming the top as she tread water. I came up and was surprised when she hooked her arms around my neck. Our lips were inches apart.

"No. I haven't cheated. Yet," she whispered to my lips.

I replied, "Are you thinking about it?"

She grinned, "What do you think?"

I reached under her thighs and pulled them up so she could wrap her legs around me. I felt her cross her ankles and squeeze me between her legs.

I glanced upstairs to make sure Paula wasn't on the balcony. She wasn't. I was going for it.

She gasped as I kissed her hard. Her tongue went wild in my mouth, mine in hers. It was a battle.

It was our first real kiss and long overdue.

She began humping me as the one kiss turned to ten. My mother in law was kissing me with such force and passion, it was then I knew I hadn't been imagining things. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

I pumped my stiff cock between her legs. She pumped back. I knew we couldn't fuck with our swim suits on, but it seemed we were trying.

I held her tight. She held me tighter.

We both gasped when the kiss broke free.

"We...we can' this." She whispered.

"Yes, we can." I whispered back.



"Baby. No. Not like this."

"Okay. If not now...where and when?"

"Tonight. I'll figure it out."

"Okay. I want you, Vanessa."

"Even though it's wrong?"

"Yes. Especially because it's wrong."

"You are such a bad boy."

"You have no idea."

"Oh, I think I do."

I kissed her again.

"Do you want me?" I asked.

With her arms draped over my shoulders, she replied, "Yes."

"How much?"

"Very much."

"Then make it happen."

"I will." She kissed me softly and slowly.

"I do love the way you kiss me. And I love how hard I make you."

"It's always hard around you. You know that."

"Yes, baby. I often can see the outline of your cock when you're near me. I like watching it swell when you look at my mouth...especially when I'm smoking."

"I figured you were doing that on purpose. You enjoy teasing me?"

"I'm not teasing. I'm simply giving you something to think about when you're alone. Do you think about me, Garrett? I mean when you're feeling very..."

"Horny? Yes. I do. Does that excite you?"

"Very much. Do you touch yourself thinking of me?"

"Yes. And do you think of me and touch yourself?"

She paused and nibbled her lower lip. Had I been indelicate?

"Yes, darling. I find myself completely smitten. Sometimes it drives me to want to do things I shouldn't."

I felt her rubbing her pussy against my stiff cock as we kissed hard.

"Garrett...I can hold my breath for two minutes. Can you cum quickly?"

Hmm. A challenge for sure, but I love challenges.

"Not normally, but for you...I'll do my best."

"I hope so. I'm dying to taste your cum."

My cock shot straight up to my waistband a she sank on the spot. I felt her drag my suit down and I thought of kicking it off, but for some reason, I didn't.

I felt her wrap my cock with both hands and rub and squeeze it a few times. Then I felt a warm sensation and looked down and saw my cock in her mouth. Her tongue stroked my shaft. My rim was behind her lips. She sucked slowly at first as my hand cupped her chin. I caressed the edge of her mouth with my thumbs and felt her cheeks cave in. Her red hair floated to the top and moved slowly like the tentacles of an octopus.

Her sucking became more intense, almost desperate. Was she running out of air? Had it been two minutes?

I held her head with both hands and fucked her warm mouth. I felt her moan and the vibration on my cock was intense. I arched my back and pumped harder and harder. My cock slammed the back of her mouth again and again. I sensed she was having an orgasm as her legs went silent in the calm water.

I groaned softly and shot my load deep in her mouth. She gulped over and over before surfacing with a gasp.

"Fuck! That was wild!" She whispered with a devilish grin as she pulled my trunks up.

Then we heard a splash.

It was Paula.

She surfaced and her long black hair covered her face. Atop her head was a glob of cum.

"Hi guys!" she said gleefully. "Whatcha doin?"

Vanessa and I stared at the cum hoping it didn't ooze down Paula's forehead. Something had to be done and quickly as the mass inched forward.

"Playing!" I shouted as I hopped on her and held her head underwater while Vanessa scooped the cum from her hair and after looking around for a place to drop it, decided her mouth was the closest option. She just shrugged and chugged it down in one big gulp.

Then we both laughed and double high fived each other.

Paula popped up like a cork between us, "What's so funny?" then shoved me underwater .

Frankly, I thought she'd over reacted, but under the circumstances, well...who was I to complain?

After a few seconds, Paula got off my shoulders and I popped up grinning.

"Satisfied?" I asked.

She answered, "Not in the last hour, but we have time. Say, how about taking me to the country club dance tonight? I just saw the announcement on television."

I glanced at Vanessa, "You and Ward going?" as she was slipping out of the pool. She glanced over her shoulder and looked me in the eyes as she grabbed a towel, "Of course. It's a big event and Ward's on the committee. You will be our guests," then held her head to the side and dried her hair with the towel.

I realized then that was Vanessa's plan all along. The dance was the reason for the trip. She was going to seduce me at the dance. The incident at the pool was simply spontaneous.

Paula and I got out and grabbed a few towels from the pile and joined Vanessa on the sheltered patio. It was early afternoon and hot. Very hot.

"Baby, get us some beer. Mom prefers bottles." Paula asked while lighting her mother's cigarette. Paula stared at the flame. Vanessa stared at me and inhaled sharply. She had me right where she wanted me. Or maybe I had her.

I nodded, "Coming right up," as my cock twitched for my mother in law. Paula turned her head as a duck squawked across the pond.

Vanessa sucked hard on her cigarette and I slid my hand down my flat stomach and touched my cock faintly for her.

Smoke seeped from her wet lips as she mouthed the words, "Love me?"

I winked, "Yes."

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