Home Office
Home Office
by Miss Anonna

I had placed an ad for office cleaning to make a few extra bucks per week as it had been slow at my own studio. That day I received an email from a man asking if I would stop by his home office and do some dusting and tidying up as he didn't have much time in his busy schedule. I agreed to stop in around lunchtime on Wednesdays. He had told me the front door would be open and I would be able to just pop in, get it done and pop out.

When I arrived, I walked through the door and up the steps just as he had asked and entered his office. On the shelf was a duster so I snatched it up and headed into the bathroom to check its cleanliness. I must admit that I stopped at the mirror to check my own looks, turned around and closed the door behind me and headed towards his desk. He was buried in his laptop and only raised his hand to acknowledge my entry into his domain but never once removed his gaze from the computer screen. I ducked my head under his desk to grab the waste basket and noticed a towel over his lap. I was momentarily frozen there stooped under his desk in pure curiosity. I could hear him tapping away on the laptop above me and every once in awhile he would squirm in his chair. I reached for the waste can and began to remove the bag from it but stayed focused on the towel in his lap.

His chair moved forward and startled me slightly but I soon realized he had pushed himself up against the desk tightly. There was slight movement from under the towel across his lap, too. I tried to pretend I was doing my job but the curiosity was too much, then I heard some sounds coming from his laptop as if he were watching a video but not just any video. It was obvious he was watching some pornography as I could hear the moaning of a woman in the background. The towel seemed to be moving towards the side and at this point I knew what was going on and shook my head in disbelief. I scooted a little further under the desk and reached up to the towel and tugged on it slightly until it fell to the floor revealing this man's full erection jutting out from his trousers and begging me to play with it.

I reached up and wrapped my fingers around the tip and pulled it down like a slot machine lever, let it slide loosely in my warm hand and stroked it several times. It was nice and thick as I could hardly get my fingers completely around it. I could feel the blood rushing through it and the pulsing of it every time I encased the tip in the palm of my hand. I brought myself in closer and ran my tongue up from the base to just under the lip of his head. I pushed my lips to it and flicked my tongue on that very spot while the pulsing head of his cock was moistening my thumb with a slick, clear liquid. I opened my mouth, pulled his cock to my bottom of my lip and pushed him deep into my mouth along my tongue all the way to the back of my throat and reached into the opening of his trousers and ran my fingers under his testicles, pulling them slowly from inside his pants to drape them next to my chin. I removed his throbbing cock from my mouth slowly and let my fingers follow my lips back to the tip then squeezed his firm staff at the tip and circled my fingers around. I pressed his cock firmly against my closed lips and began to slide up and down his shaft with my lips and tightened hand. I could hear his breathing getting heavier.

Again and again I buried his cock deep into my mouth and the juices were getting thicker and thicker and I pulled his stiff member slowly from mouth and slapped the widest part of my tongue against his testicles and slowly drove my tongue up the underneath and squeezed the tip of his cock. I felt a surge of liquid quickly pass my tongue and an eruption of creamy spunk jolted past my finger and into the air where it landed just under my eye and I quickly began to suck just under the lip of his head while twisting my hand over his slick, thrusting cock which made it way into my mouth through the force of his twitch and I could feel the warm, thick cream fill the cavity in which my tongue lay. I held him there momentarily until his thrusting subsided.

I slowly pulled him from my mouth and used the towel to wipe him down. I emerged from under the desk, grabbed the bag of trash and dropped it in the big can on my way out. I stop there once a week now to clean but I only clean under his desk.

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