Home alone
This is a little different than what I'm used to doing, but at the request of another I ventured into it to see if I could pull it off.

She was in the shower, it was time for me to make my move.
No one else was home,
I've been watching her for days, waiting, planning.
I popped the back door and in the house in a flash.
I rounded the corner and up the stairs, moving quiet and quick.
I could still hear the water running as I entered her room.
Her bedroom light was off, the only light in the room was from the open bathroom door

Across the room to the window I closed the curtains,
I reach into my pocket and pull out four pieces of satin scarf
Quickly I tied each piece to the bed making a cinch loop at the other end.

The water stopped and I hid behind the door in wait.
I heard her open the shower door, she's was humming as she made her way naked to her dresser turning on the stereo.
She turned around and I was on her like a cat.
She screamed but only for a split second,
My hand over her mouth, my weight on her as I slammed her to the bed.
She tried to struggle, but to no avail.
I have her tightly in my grasp.

Her still wet body pressed tightly against mine, her wet hair across her face.
Her sweet scent filled my mind.

She tried to break free, trying to scream.
Shhhh baby, its alright, go to sleep, I locked my arm against her neck, squeezing slightly her struggles turned frantic,
I watched as her struggles eased.
She went limp in my arms.

Oh such a beautiful body baby,
I ran my hands over her naked cool flesh.
Tracing my fingers up under her breast, leaning down to suck one of her soft nipples into my mouth, tasting her sweet wet flesh.

I ran my hands further down, the tips of my fingers finds her soft tight opening, parting her soft folds, I slid my finger inside her pussy, mmm so tight, so soft. feeling her moistness.

Her body tensed up, she was awake now
She struggled against her restraints, arching her back trying to get away from my exploring touch. She cried against the gag in her mouth

Shhh, its ok baby.
I seen her eyes dart over my body
I climb onto her bed in between her legs.
I grabbed her hips and held her down, I kissed her pussy, running my tongue inside her tight opening.
Mmm, so sweet as I taste her once more.
Her muffled pleas music to my ears.
I looked into her eyes, tears running down her cheeks.
I slid up onto her body, licking her breast, her neck.
My rock hard cock poised up against her tight wet pussy.
Her body trembled under mine, I whispered in her ear,
Relax baby, I'm not going to hurt you.
She struggled again, trying to free herself.
Honey, your going to hurt yourself, Relax sweetie,
All I want is you.
Gentle I pushed the head of my thick cock against her tightness.
Her eyes widened,
MMM, baby, your pussy feels so fucking good, nice and tight.
More of my length enters her body, she cried against the gag.

I slowly pulled back sliding what length inside her slowly out
Her tightness so delicious
Your going to like this baby, she shakes her head side to side
Again her muffled pleas make me smile
Oh yes you will little one.

I lunged into her hard, driving the entire thick length of my cock deep inside her pussy.
Against her gag, she screamed out, her head tossing side to side, franticly trying to break free form her bonds.
My cock buried deep inside the tight confines of her pussy.
Savoring the feeling of her tightness, but needing more I began fucking my cock into her.
Hard full thrust into her.
Driving the entire length of my cock inside her body
Feeling her cervix resisting the head of my engorged cock
I pull out and drive hard into her again, the head of my cock pounding against her cervix.
Her screams against the gag spur my cravings

My brutal thrusts into her wet now stretched open pussy growing faster.
I got to cum in you baby, mmm yeah, your pussy is just to good not to
I could feel her wetness, yes, she's enjoying the hard fucking I'm giving her pussy,

Fast and harder slamming my entire thick length deep inside her body.
I could feel that tingling feeling inside my balls, my cock swelling inside her.
I drive deep into her pussy once more.
My cock erupts
Blast after warm thick blast I flood her pussy with my seed
MMM baby, feel that I asked
She's cried against her gag.
I'm cumming inside your beautiful little pussy
Oh baby, did you cum with me
Oh its alright baby, your pussy wanted it, you wanted my cum inside you.
Her eyes are closing, I can feel her breath labor.
Her body shaking.

Her body laid limp under mine.
My cock still throbbing deep inside her pussy, the last of my seed spilling deep inside her body.
Her eyes glassed over

I want more, I want something much more.
I want her ass, I want to fuck that fine ass.
I want to hear her cry, I want to feel her extreme tightness wrapped around my cock.
I cant get what I want with her in this position.
I want full access to her delicious ass, I want to get all of her.

I loosened her legs,
She tried to kick at me, I laughed, baby there's no cause for that.
your going to be a good little girl aren't you
She tried once more, I tightened my grip, she tried to free herself from my grip.
My fingers tighten, she cried out against her gag.

Her eyes widened, trying to break loose, she cant break my hold
tears form and begin to run.

I untied her legs bringing them up over my shoulders
I reach down feeling our juice's rubbing it in between the fleshy folds of her ass, working it in to her tight opening.
My cock is as hard as a rock, I stroke it, smearing our juice over my thick length.

Trying to pry her tightness with my cock it was no use, she was to fucking tight.
Oh fuck her ass was going to feel so good around my cock.

I took the restraints and rolled over onto her stomach, she tried once more to get away, I slammed her back down onto the bed, tying her hands behind her back.

Baby oil, sitting on her nightstand, what luck I was having
I poured some oil on her ass and began smearing it down into the soft fleshy folds of her ass, fingering her tightness, making sure to get her tight opening nice and lubed for my cock.
Her cries, her screams, pleading with me not to do this unthinkable act of violation.

I laid down on her sliding my rock hard cock in between the soft folds of her ass, slowly sliding my cock up and down between her oiled soft folds.

Mmm, it feels so good
I massage the back of her neck rubbing her shoulders.
Her body so tense to my touch

I push into her tightness.
Instinctively her muscles tightened, but with the oil it was to no avail.
My cock slid easily inside her gripping ass.
Her muffled screams told me she was loving the feeling of my thick cock stretching her tight ass open.
Slowly I pushed deeper inside her body, her tight oiled ass swallowing my long thick length.
My balls resting up against her as the gag muffles her screams of pleasure.

Oh yeah baby, you're a good little girl letting me fuck your hot little ass.
I slid out slightly only to thrust back inside her.
Her ass taking my cock with ease.
Oh you've done this before haven't you, you naughty little girl.

Well since your enjoying it so much,
I'm going to give you what you want.
I'm going to give your ass a good hard fucking.
I pulled out and slammed the entire length of my cock back into her.
She screamed out, I began fucking her ass with long hard thrust.
Driving my cock deep inside the tight oiled confines of her ass.

Oh you feel so good, your ass is so tight.
I fucked harder pounding her ass with my cock, each thrust I buried my entire long thick length deep inside her body.

Oh such a delicious ass you have for fucking.
She cried out against her gag.
She was loving it, she wanted it harder and faster.
She was begging me to fuck her ass harder.

I could feel my balls churning, I was going to cum again.
Baby, I got more for you I cried out as I fucked my cock into her now stretched open ass.
Pounding my cock into her, I�M CUMMING.
Oh baby I'm going to cum in your ass.
I drove deep into her, grinding my cock into her, trying to get deeper inside her body.

I pulled the gag from her mouth.
She screamed out, taking a deep breath she screamed again
I pulled out and slam my cock back into her hard fucked ass.
Her body shook under me, my cock exploding deep inside the confines of her body.

I kiss her, her tongue drives into my mouth searching for my tongue.
Her mouth pressed tightly against mine.
I thrust into her again, causing her to gasp into my mouth.

My cock throbbing inside her abused ass, her muscles milking my cock, draining it for all its seed.

Slowly I pulled my cock from her lovely ass.
My cum began to leak from inside her, running down mixing with our juices from her open pussy.
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