Honey, Can I Tell You Something?
I've been having these dreams. Every night the same dream. I can't take it anymore.

I need to explore this, now, I wake up every morning with my thighs soaked from this same dream. There she is, she is tall, thin, long black hair, full round lips, luscious firm breast. I can picture her smiling at me as she orders me to remove my shirt. I do it so slowly, taunting her, I have no bra.

She tells me how much she loves my breast and begins to fondle them softly gently pinching the nipples between her fingers.

She tells me to remove her blouse, of course I do, her breast are incredible, soft, round, firm with small pink nipples. She stands there waiting for my reaction, don't you like them?
I love them I tell her. She tells me to feel them. I do. There soft but firm, warm, I squeeze them gently, her head bends back, moans from her mouth are soft and quiet.

I'm getting wet, very wet. Her nipples harden from my touch. Suddenly she grasps my face and her tongue is in my mouth, it is soft as she explores me. I respond with a little exploration of my own. we kiss for what seems like hours. I am so wet.

As we kiss she unbuttons my pants, gently she slides them over my hips, grasping my panties on the way down. I feel the heat between my legs, the wetness. Her hand presses against my pussy as my pants reach my ankles. She grasp my hair and tugs my head back as her fingers slide deep into my wetness. Oh fuck, I'm so wet her fingers glide right in.

She kisses my neck as her fingers keep probing my pussy, pressing and rubbing my clit at the same time. Cum for me she orders with a gentle tug on my hair. Cum for me now! faster and faster she rubs my clit, my pussy pulsates on her fingers as wave after wave of pleasure run through my body. I scream out load.

She drops her pants and orders me to return the favor. I have to taste her breast, I have to feel them in my mouth, I place my mouth gently over her nipple and begin to suck softly, she moans as my tonuge circles her nipples, her pleasure is intense. I can tell.

My fingers brush up her thigh, between her legs and without hesitation two fingers are buried deep inside of her, she is soaked. She screams and moans, she is out of control as I finger her. Within minutes I feel the pulsing. Her knees buckle as she cums on my fingers. Again she kisses me intensely.

She pulls her pants up and turns to walk away grabing her blouse from the floor.
I yell to her.
What is your name?
She is gone.
I wake up sweating and wet.

To be continued?
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