Honey Can I Tell You Something PT 2
There she was, after several months she finally returned, in my dream that is, or was it? She was lying there as I entered the room. It was my husbands birthday and we had invited a few friends over for drinks. It was getting late when I went upstairs to my room to get a coat for a guest that was leaving. I open the door to my bedroom and there she was, the girl of my dreams. Lying there across my bed, a silky see thru negligee, a black thong to match, her irresistible lips and flawless breast just tempting me to do something I had only done once before, in my dream of course.

I have been waiting for you all night you know, where on earth have you been? I stuttered as I began to reply, I have guest, what are you doing here? how did you get in? you have to get out of here, now. Oh Samantha she replied you know I'm not real, what is wrong with you, no one can see me but you.

This can't be happening to me I blurted out loudly as I walked toward the door with the coat in my arms. Hey Samsntha she called, an irratation in her voice as she got up from the bed. Removing the coat from my arms she gently grasped my face. Throwing the coat to the floor she quickly cover my mouth with hers and found my warm tongue, so soft, gentle, her tongue danced in my mouth putting me into a trance. I tried to fight it but my body seemed paralyzed to her advances. Her hands began to unbutton my blouse slowly but with conviction.

She finished unbuttoning my blouse and opened it wide exposing my hot pink bra. My god you are beautiful. Slightly embarrassed I tried to cover my breast with my arms as she stepped back to gain a wider view of my half naked body. I watched as she dropped the negligee to the floor. Her perfect breast and nipples exposed in the dim light. Gently she cupped them with her hands as an invitation for me. I couldn't resist.

As I leaned forward the smell of that sweet yet subtle perfume took over my senses.
I cupped her breast gently and licked slowly around her small pink nipple, at times covering it completely with my mouth and gently sucking. First one, then the other, tracing a path with my tongue across her chest. Her head titled back with affirmation that I was doing a great job of pleasuring her.

With a quick glance into my eyes she grabbed my arms and spun me around onto the bed. Without missing a beat she had my pants unbuttoned and slid down over my hips. Lifting my legs in an effort to help she slid them from my body an gazed at the matching pink thong I had on. Lowering her head as she grasped my thong with one hand and sliding it to one side as her tongue dove through my soaked vaginal lips. She wasted no time in her efforts to bring me to a mind altering orgasm.

My small swollen clit throbbed between her lips as I grabbed on to her head screaming, begging her not to stop. Every muscle in my body twitched for what seemed like hours.
When I finally released my grip on her head she looked up smiling at me.

Rolling on to her back she informed me that she was mine for what ever I wanted to do. It took me a second to deiced exactly what I was going to do. Getting up from the bed I headed to the toy box in the closet and grabbed a 10 inch thick dildo and the harness to strap it on. The smile on her face was all the approval I needed. Up on your knees I demanded. Quickly she obeyed. Her perfect tits swinging so fluently from her body. I strapped on the massive cock and began my assault.

A small amount of lubricating warming oil, not that she needed any, her thighs were smeared with her own natural lubrication. First I inserted the head just slightly and teased, after a few minutes she began to beg, come on Sam put it in, don't tease me. Slowly I pushed about six inches into her, her hips began to help with the rest of it, she wanted all of it.
Her head crashed to the bed as her ass rose to meet the rhythmic motion I had developed.

I grabbed her hips and held on as she screamed. I'm cumming, I'm cumming oh please don't stop, Oh that's so good. I gave one last deep push before pulling out and watching her crash to the bed exhausted. Collapsing on top her I pressed my lips over hers with a real passionate thank you kiss. I got startled by a knock on the door, Hey Hun did you find Maryann's coat, Oh ya I have it right here.
I must have dozed off, a little too much to drink I guess.

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