Honey I'm Home Part iii
The next few days went by without reference to the earlier happening and as I was busy at work it really did not gnaw at me much at all. At times my mind would go back over the events and how I had walked in on my wife with another man but she seemed to not want to talk about it so we didn't.

We got on with our lives and started to look at doing some more work on the house and in particular our ideas for creating more of a focal point in the yard for outdoor living. We both agreed that making a feature of the back yard would add value to the property and we shared some ideas. My wife was enthused about the idea of building a wall round and expanding the patio, an idea that I agreed made sense. I started to look at contractors to do the job but they were all either booked up or too expensive and that was when she suggested asking Greg. I immediately connected Greg with the affair with my wife but she insisted that she was only interested in getting the work done and what could we lose by asking him?

I reluctantly agreed and she said that she would call him to see about availability. Next day when I came home she said that she had spoken with him on a professional basis and he had agreed to come round at the weekend and look at designs and prices etc. It was Tuesday so that was in a few days and I was home at the weekend so agreed to him coming over. I knew it would not be easy meeting with him but if he was prepared to do the work at the right price well what the hell!

The week flew by and I was busy at work as usual and she was out during the day doing whatever she did all day as was normal. Saturday came and so arrived Greg a little self conscious at first but we got along OK and all looked at the designs. I really started to think the situation was going well and that we may get the job sorted out. After about an hour she said she would leave us to decide on the brick colors and would be right back with a drink.

We were in the family room discussing how high the walls should be when my wife returned with a tray of drinks. She had changed out of her jeans and was wearing a long robe. It was new as I had not seen this before and looked terrific. She said that she had spilled the drinks and had just thrown the robe on. I turned and looked at Greg and he was clearly admiring her and maybe remembering his previous advances.

It was then that I turned round just in time to see the robe slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She was totally naked and not only that but had the smoothest pussy I had ever seen. She must have had a full Brazilian. I looked at her and then at Greg both he and I were gazing mouths open in surprise and wonder. It was her that broke the silence.

"Well as we are all getting along so well" she said "I thought it may be good to get to know each other better". She walked over to me and unzipped my shorts and stared fondling my cock which was already erect. "How about that threesome then?" she said to me and looked at Greg. I really don't think he was expecting this or at least put on a great act of surprise. He nodded and mumbled that it was fine with him. I had little to no time to think before she had dropped my shorts and boxers went down on all fours and had taken my cock into her mouth.

I enjoyed the rhythmic movement as her head bobbed in and out taking me deep into her mouth and getting close to climaxing. Before I could, Greg now also naked had come behind my wife and parted her legs and inserted his long cock into my wife's pussy. She gasped in pleasure but kept sucking on my cock as Greg thrust into her at first slowly then harder lifting her almost of the ground. My cock went deeper than I have ever remembered into her mouth and into her throat.

I was ready to explode and pulled out as my seed sprayed over her face and lips but she was almost unaware as Greg continued to thrust harder and faster. Spent for the moments I just watched as her body started to convulse and spasm. I must have seen her climax a thousand times but never before like this. She started to moan softly at first but then louder climaxing with her head thrown back. Greg was ready too and delivered his load into her before withdrawing his cock.

It seemed to go on forever as he slowly pulled out. Nobody spoke as we all recovered but once again my wife was the first to break the silence. "well how was it for you? " she asked. Amazing I replied and Greg again just mumbled "fantastic". She went on " I hope you are not disappointed or hurt but I have never experienced anything like that - not even close!!" Sucking your cock while Greg was fucking me and then you watching me cum was just the best!!!!"

"And you know what it will not be the last!

She came over and kissed me walked out naked like a goddess.

To be continued......
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