Honey I'm Home part II
"Hello Honey, I'm Home!"
The words seemed to echo around the bedroom and both my wife and her lover froze for a good 5 seconds. "What the hell is going on" i shouted, but it was pretty obvious was was going on!.
He was the first to recover, jumping off the bed and dashing past me to get his clothes. My wife looked stunned but she pulled up the covers and I could hear her starting to sob beneath the covers.
What the hell should I do now I thought. After about a minute, just standing there transfixed I decided that I needed a beer so went back to the kitchen and pulled out a cold beer and sat at the island thinking about how the world can change so much in such a short time. I heard the door closing and an engine starting in the distance but did not move for a few minutes.

Eventually my wife came into the kitchen wearing the discarded robe and started to say how sorry she was but I was not ready for excuses so I just shook my head and stared outside. After a few more minutes and a few more "I am so sorrys" I was ready to talk and to listen. She had some explaining to do!
"So how long has this been going on" I asked and "how did this start?" She was ready to talk too and started to tell her story.

It had started in the summera few months back when I was also away and she had just come back from the local pool, hot and in need of a shower. She had forgotten that the landscape guy, whose name was Greg I now remembered, was due to come round to discuss a new patio extension. My wife was in the shower cooling off when the phone rang. She dived out of the shower dripping wet pulling on her light pool wrap. She answered the phone in the family room and talked for a few minutes with a friend but as she closed the call, she turned round to see Greg looking in at her through the patio doors. She realised that what ever coverage the wrap may have given was reduced by the way the wet cloth clung to her body and was essentially transparent. He was transfixed but just stood there watching. My wife ran to the bedroom threw on some clothes and came back out to meet him on the patio. " I'm so sorry I forgot you were coming" she said but he just smiled and said that was just fine he was just viewing the scenery and trying to work on a game plan for the new patio. She said that she had blushed but I knew that she had already had a soft spot for this guy from what she had previously told me of their conversations. Anyway they talked for a while and eventually he said he would e mail some computer images of the patio designs for her to look at first thing in the morning.
He left but she wondered just what he could have seen. The next day the e mail came and she looked through three of the designs which were OK then opened the fourth file. It showed the patio but on it was photoshopped an image of a woman, small and brunette with a likeness similar to my wife on a sun lounger aparently naked apart from a small towel. His e mail asked her to let him know which of the designs worked best for her.
She was a liitle stunned by the fourth design but then had an idea. She would play him at his own game and sent him a reply saying to come around later that afternoon at 3pm to discuss the plans.

Nervous but excited she went about her day and when it got to about 2.45 she stripped off and walked out to the patio wearing just a towel plus a bottle of sun tan lotion. She lay down with the small towel just covering her but clearly naked underneath. She lay with her eyes closed waiting for him to arrive. No time for cold feet now she thought as she heard the car door closing. She held her breath and wondered what he would say or do.
She heard foot steps then they stopped. She was desperate to open her eyes but just lay still as if asleep. She could hear that he was near the lounger but still no response or any words from him. Then she felt cool drops falling onto her arms and legs and at first though it was rain but then she worked out it was sun tan lotion. She felt his hands massaging the lotion very slowly into her arms before moving to her legs. The towel was still covering her but then she felt it being slowly pulled down and she knew she was lying fully naked for him to enjoy. She kept her eyes closed as his hands adding more lotion to her stomach and then with a slight gasp to her breasts. She was going crazy with desire and wanted to reach out but resisted the urge. More drops of lotion fell on her thighs and very gently his hands were working up her thighs and towards her pussy. She had shaved in preparation leaving just a small triangle of short brown pubic hair. His hands moved towards her mound and then as if an electric shock went though her, his hands were caressing her pussy and then entered into her wet lips rubbing her swollen clitoris. He worked on her for a few moments more before she felt his lips kissing her breasts, stomach and then her pussy. Still with her eyes closed she opened her legs slightly and felt his tongue flicking her clitoris and vulva. Almost ready to burst she felt his hands lift her and carry her inside into the kitchen. He placed on the kitchen island and only then did she open her eyes just in time to see him slide out of his jeans and boxers and reveal and well muscled body and an already erect sizeable cock. He smiled and she smiled back but not a word was spoken. He lifted her gently and with her back on the island legs apart entered her welcoming pussy. She gasped and made a moan as he expertly thrust into her. She was ready to come and her body seemed to explode as he kept thrusting eventually reaching his orgasm too.

All this time I just listened as she told her story with obvious animation despite her previous requests for forgiveness. "So what happened after?" I asked.
She said that they showered and he fucked her again in the shower before collapsing on the bed. He said that he had always fancied her but only plucked up courage when he saw her dripping wet and close to naked. He eventually left but for the next few weeks they started to exchange e mails including photos of each other naked. When my next business trip came up eagerly informed him of the news and invited him around in the afternoon. They had more sessions experimenting with positions that I had only ever fantasized about trying with her. As she told me I was partly enraged with jealousy and angry at her breach of my trust but also a little aroused by the thought of someone giving her such obvious intense pleasure.
She finished her story and told me that she would not see him again and that she loved me.
I shrugged and started to walk away to think about what to do. "Was it really just the sex or anything else?"
I do still love her so I said "OK just as long as it is really over."
She looked at me and said "yes it is you I want" and started to walk into the kitchen to get a drink but stopped and turned "but...". I said "BUT what?" "Oh nothing" she said The she turned to me and said "You know you always said you wanted me to be with another guy, did you mean it? I mean now that it has happened?" I looked at her and said that I didn't know what to think.
"I was just thinking" she said "that maybe if Greg was game we could have a threesome- you always fantasized about it".
I couldn't believe what I was hearing but looked at her and said " you can't be serious!".
"Oh I am!" she said and walked out
to be continued

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