Hong Kong Connection
Teaching has changed at our universities over the twenty years I have been doing it. Our kids are different in a number of ways, but the biggest change is that we have an increasing proportion of overseas students. This is a good thing in most ways - it makes for a more stimulating environment, and makes us all think in different ways. However, for some of the incomers the way we study and examine is a real culture shock, making the role of the teacher more challenging.

Last year in my post-grad class I had students from four continents. They were all good in their own way but Feng seemed like she was going to be the star. Feng came from Hong Kong, and her English was pretty good.

I have to admit that it didn't escape my attention that she was very pretty. She was quite petite, with a lovely figure, a nice ass and pert breasts. She had lovely long black hair, not surprisingly, though she mostly had it up, beautiful almond eyes and a nice smooth complexion. What was not to like? Well, the fact that she was my student and was nearly thirty years younger than me and in many ways on such a different level of maturity - sometimes even childlike. Though I blush to admit it, there were times when I fantasized about her, though I had no desire for it to go any further in real life.

The early part of the course required a lot of memorizing of the fundamental facts and I found that she scored superb marks in the first tests, but when we did our first applied work there just seemed to be something missing. She could learn it all but she didn't know how to make use of the information and scored very poorly.

After I gave he results out I offered the students the chance to come and talk to me about their performance. The only one who wanted to do so was Feng. She came to me in tears, bewildered and confused.

'I don't understand', she said, 'you didn't teach us these questions!'

I tried to calm her down and to talk her through the first one. She was too worked up to listen properly and just sat with her shoulders and breasts heaving as she tried to keep the tears back. Eventually I said, 'Look, I don't think that this is the right time. Come to me tomorrow after class and we will take another look at this.'

The next evening Feng came and we made a start. I had framed some very simple examples and showed her that she could work them out. She was so pleased, though she realized that there was still a gulf to be filled. I promised that I would continue to help for one evening a week until she had caught up with this side of the course.

Over the next few months we carried on this work and she started to improve. At first we met in my office, then we started to go to a quiet bar which we both liked. I was becoming very fond of her, and always delighted in the beautiful smile she gave me when we met, or when she understood how to answer a question.

Finally, we reached the end of the first semester and the exams which would go part way towards deciding her final result. Feng was really nervous. The exam was on a Tuesday morning, the day of the week on which we normally met up to study in the evening.

After the exam she came up to me looking very happy. Rather than meeting as normal, she invited me to her apartment for a Hong Kong style meal. I had time to have a quick look at her paper and though I hadn't fully marked it I could tell that she had done well, as her happy smile had led me to hope.

Later, I rang her buzzer as planned and went up to her place. The door was slightly open so I pushed it and went in. I walked into the living room - the lights were low. Through a door way I saw Feng walking towards me, dressed in a Chinese silk robe with her hair down and flowing like a liquid curtain behind her. She loosened the belt and let the robe slip to the ground, revealing her amazing naked body: she looked even better than I had imagined with her beautiful, young, pointed breasts, puffy, suckable nipples and neatly trimmed pubes.

I was momentarily transfixed, but I knew that this was wrong, both for me and for her.

'No, Feng,' I said. 'You are lovely and I am very fond of you but this would be a bad idea.'

'But I love you, I want to make you happy,' she said, coming closer and reaching out to me.'

I moved past her, picked up her robe and handed it to her. 'Please, put this on,' I said. She looked confused. She put it on and then burst into tears. I hugged her, sat her down, held her hands and waited until she had calmed down. We talked and I tried to make her understand that I cared for her a great deal but that this could never be. I wanted her to feel that she hadn't embarrassed self and that we could still be friends, though that wasn't easy. In the end, having done my best, I left, hoping that Feng would be okay.

I saw Feng a couple more times before she went home for a couple of weeks at the end of the semester and things were pretty awkward between us. However, when she came back she was all smiles and relaxed. I wasn't sure what had happened but I was glad that we were able to return to our old relationship.

Over the course of the second semester Feng did very well and I had every confidence that she would do well in the final exams. On the night of her last exam she went out with her classmates and the next night we went out for dinner. As usual I felt a mix of pride and sorrow that the year was over and I wouldn't be seeing her much again, if ever. I found out how wrong I was when the next day I got a terrible phone call. Feng had been involved in a traffic accident and was in a coma. I went to the hospital and found her looking very pale and bruised, but with no other outward injuries. The doctor told me that she was in no immediate danger and that the next 24 hours would be crucial. Devastated as I was I knew that as her form teacher it was my duty to contact her family to let them know the situation. I got the details from our office and made one of the most difficult calls of my life. Her parents were shocked and in tears, and to make it worse they were not in a position to come across. I promised to keep them up-to-date every day.

Two days later I was sitting by Feng's bed. The worst had passed and the doctors were optimistic that she would recover, though it was unclear how long it would talk. To my surprise a beautiful Chinese lady walked in. She introduced herself as Feng's Aunt Xue and asked me how her niece was. I told her the good news and got the doctor in to further reassure her. Xue burst into tears of relief and phoned Feng's parents, holding the phone in one hand and Feng's right hand in the other.

After passing on the joyful tidings Xue say down beside me and we began to talk, hitting it off immediately like old friends. Xue was in her early forties had looked quite a lot like Feng, only a little more curvy at the ass and breasts. I cursed myself for noticing when Feng should have been my only concern. Of course she remained anxious about her niece but as we sat at the bedside chatting, and as she began to see that Feng was in a stable condition she visibly relaxed.

At 9pm, which would have been the early hours of the morning her time, I suggested that we leave Feng for the night. I offered to take her to her hotel and she gratefully accepted.

'I am too awake to go to sleep now,' she said when we arrived. 'Will you have a drink with me in the bar?'

Deciding that I could take a taxi home I agreed and ordered for us both. Sitting at the table she smiled at me and said, 'do you know that Feng calls you uncle?'

'No,' I said, slightly flustered.

'It is because you are so good to her. Yes, I know what happened last year,' she said with a smile. 'You are an honorable man.'

'So we are aunt and uncle,' I smiled back, brushing my foot against her, to which she didn't object. 'Perhaps you would like to go back to your room?' I suggested. She nodded, 'but I am still too awake to sleep.'

Within two minutes we were in her room. Throwing her door shut, I put my arms round her and my tongue deep into her throat as she grabbed my ass and pulled me close. I brought one hand up her side, under her blouse and up to her breast. She pulled her top off and undid her bra, letting her magnificent oriental breasts hang free. I rubbed both nipples between thumb and index finger making them hard. She groaned with pleasure, reached round and started to undo my pants.

'I haven't washed since I left Hong Kong,' she said. 'Want to join me in the shower?' I nodded in agreement and we both stripped off.

She turned it on and went into the cubicle. She looked so fantastic with the water running down her long hair, flowing off her breasts, and down over the ass and pussy I knew was already wet. After admiring her for a second I came in and she reached for my very stiff cock, running a slippery hand gently over and round it. I reached between her legs and stroked round her pussy lips. 'Oh, don't tease!' she begged, so I let my finger walk across to her clit and began rubbing, at first gently and then more firmly, then slipping two fingers inside and fucking her fast until she came. Next I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs round me as I slipped my cock into her cunt, her back against the wall and the hot water pouring over us both. I was in no position to hold back and pounded into her as she held on tight. When I started to feel her muscles tightening it pushed me over the edge and I came inside her.

For some reason we laughed, then kissed, the untangled ourselves and rinsed each other off. Drying myself with a towel I went and sat on the bed. She walked past me to the fruit bowl and said, 'I hope you aren't finished uncle - because I'm not!' She reached over to the bowl beside and took out a banana. She rubbed the tip round her swollen clit then slowly started to fuck herself with it. Leaving it half inside her, she started to unpeel it. She took it out, removed the skin peeled, broke half of it off and sucked it like a cock, and stuck the other half back inside herself. 'You eat me out', she said.

I laughed, and not needing to be asked twice I went down between her legs and ate out the remaining banana, flavored by our juices. 'Now I suck you,' she said. I lay on the bed and we she climbed into a 69 position, taking my cock deep into her mouth. I cupped her gorgeous ass in my hands as I feasted on her and ran my finger round her ass hole. When she put her hand under my ass to same position I put my finger into her ass and she did the same. We carried on licking, and finger fucking as each felt the heat between us growing. She came first this time and as I lapped up her juices I came too.

We slept, then fucked, slept again til morning then fucked again. The next day Xue cancelled her room and moved in with me. Over the next few weeks we visited Feng every day and were delighted as we began to see signs of improvement, regaining consciousness after 15 days. The doctors say she should make a full recovery. After that, who knows what will happen?

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