Chase is a dirty little slut who loves fucking! Let get that established right from the start. My life is not even just a little bit glamorous; just a woman scratching out a living and having a lot of fun along the way. I am Chase, the dirty little slut, and I did not know he was married the first time I fucked him.

I was waitressing in a bar and he was out with friends, drinking. It wasn't that late; early evening, in fact. He was so handsome, tall and chiseled, broad shoulders and smoldering eyes. He struck up conversation while I was serving them drinks. He was the whole package and was charming too. He told me his name was Logan and that if he had his way he would have my number before he left that night. He did not know it but he already had my number.

Some men just have a way to fluster a girl. He was one of those men. When he left, he came right up close to me, so I could feel my breasts brushing against him, and he whispered in my ear. "Thanks for servicing us," he said with his words dripping with sexual innuendo.

He then presumptuously bent down and kissed my earlobe. He had to bend down, as I am far shorter than he is.
When I shivered, and placed my hand on his chest and whispered into his neck, "My pleasure sir," I replied matching his naughty words with mine as we played with words. It was an intense moment, the world around us seemed to have vanished, I held my breath for a second or two as our individual spaces were one for a brief moment. He whispered again, "When is your break?"
I whispered back, "In 10 minutes." I could feel his lips smile against my cheek. "I'll wait out back for you then," was all he had to say to have me hooked.

I've always fancied myself a dirty little slut. Chance sexual encounters turn me on. The random act of sex in a public place, the infamous one night stand and the occasional hook-up were how I got my kicks. I obviously exuded these signals most of the time, as I often find myself available to just these situations all too frequently, but tonight I was amenable, very amenable to his insinuation.

When I walked out the back door, he was leaning against slick silver Camaro, casually looking me up and down with a devilish smile on his face. I walked up to him and took his face in my hands and gazing into his eyes. He had the sexiest smile. He grabbed me by the ass and pulled me in for the first kiss. A
hard, passionate, tongue-probing kiss; dirty, just the way I like it. I remember grinding my mound against his crotch hard. I couldn't waste time, I was on a short break and I wanted to fuck, I needed to fuck.

He sensed my urgency. He picked me up and held me against the cool metal of the car. Pulling my thong to one side he inserted his fingers into my cunt. I was already wet and sticky. He rubbed my clit with his thumb, and smirking as I squirmed and moaned my satisfaction. But this was wasting my precious break time.

"Fuck me" I told him.

To which he obliged. His cock was enormous. Not big, not huge, but enormous! Thick and long, it was the biggest I've ever had from a bar hook-up. It was a bit of a shock at first but that didn't stop him from pounding hard into my tight pussy. I was gushing in mere seconds. He had to hold me up so I didn't fall to the
ground in the alley. It didn't take him long either. I felt his hot load fill me up, and his cock pulsate as it released the
hot sticky cum deep inside me. Leaning against me, leaning against the car, we both heaved for breath for a few minutes.

Then he said "What was your name again? Chase? How about that number now, I would like you to meet my wife."

What the fuck? I had never had that happen to me before. It knocked the wind out of my sails a bit but nevertheless I did give him my number; I wanted to feel that enormous cock again and I just hoped he was joking about the wife part. The fact that a man is married never bothered me and suited me just fine. In fact the majority of my hook-ups are married. I just do not care to hear about their marriage drama, I just want to fuck. In fact a married man carried an insurance policy that the hook-up was just that, it meant no commitment expectations.

I like fucking too much and a variety of fucks, at that. I have never been a one-man type of gal. I never sat at home waiting for the proverbial phone call or anything like that. As, I said, my sexual needs are always met, when I want sex, I find sex. I am open to having sex and always seem to be satisfied with what I get. Nevertheless, this man was different. He did call and when he called, I was glad, excited even. It's always dirtier when the man you're fucking is cheating on his wife. I eagerly agreed to meet him again and again, at a hotel room, in his car and a few more times in the back alley after drinks with his friends. He was a good source of hard dick.

"You are a promiscuous little slut. I find you to be a delectable fuck, but I wonder just how adventurous you're willing to get?" Logan said to me one evening while we were talking in the back alley after another mind-blowing fuck session.

"You never know, baby, I might just surprise you," I cheekily replied.

"My sweetheart, I think you might just surprise yourself," he said and left it at that.

He was interesting, this one. I couldn't help but wonder where this was all going. That is, until I got a call from his wife.

"Hello is this Chase?" she asked.

"Yes, that's me," I replied.

"Hi, Chase. This is Tam. I am Logan's wife. I got your number off his phone."

I was quiet for a second and then quickly replied, "Logan? Who's Logan?"

She laughed on the other end of the phone call, "Don't worry, sweetie, I'm not phoning because I am busting you. I know Logan fucks other women and he has for a long time now. I believe you are his flavor of the month and when he tires of you, he will find another slut to fuck. I just like to meet his girls."

She really didn't sound angry at all. Again, what the fuck? This was becoming a very weird relationship very quickly. She told me how they have always been open. She fucks other people, too. Their only rule is that they are honest with each other about their fucking. He had told her about all our meetings in great detail, she told me, but does not give me all the dirty little details that I love to hear. Now I am not one who is shaken easily, but this call shook me to the core, as I never had a hook-up's wife call me before.

Tam invited me to come and have a drink with her. I told her I was very busy, and tried to wriggle my way out of this weird, sticky situation. She was very insistent. Therefore, Logan's wife not only did not mind that we were fucking, but she wanted a turn too was my first reaction.

Eventually I agreed, thinking I could just not find a good reason not to accept her invite. She gave me the address of her and Logan's house! And we agreed to meet the next day for sundowners.
It was a trap, I was sure of it. Pretend to be all cool and open on the phone, and then spike my drink, or push me down some stairs, or just plain old shoot me, when I get there. I was not going! There was no fucking way I was putting myself in that situation. Hastily I sent Logan a message saying ‘Tam called me and she knows your screwing me. With that, I felt that I did my part to give my duplicitous lover a warning and then I carried on with my day. I had nothing more to worry about to be honest about the matter. I was not the one whose is cheating on my wife, that was his problem, and I was not going to go and meet her, so I did not have any reason to be worried.

Logan showed up at the bar that night and I saw him watching me, sitting in the corner, his friends absent and I figured he had a boner. I could not help but flip my hair, and push my boobs out so that my cleavage was put to full use. I smiled. I liked this guy, he knew the risks, and still he came back for more. It was slow and I told the other bartender that I was going to take a break, and knowingly I gave Logan a look, while moving towards the back door. We were not bothered about being subtle, and he was hot on my heels.

Outside I was leaning against the wall when he came out. He immediately pinned me against the wall with his body, while his lips kissed my neck, and his hands grabbed my tits. He pushed his
enormous hard cock against me, and my pussy instantly got wet from the memory of having him ramming it inside me.

"Hello gorgeous," he breathed against my skin. "Miss me?"

"No," I nonchalantly replied and it was not a lie, I just did not get attached, however, "I did miss your cock though," now that
was the truth!

This made Logan laugh, and he stopped his rubbing and squeezing to lean over and look at me. He really did tower over me. I was a tiny little thing next to this big hunk of man.

"So you had a surprise today huh?"

"Yeah, what the fuck dude?

You need to be more careful. Now your wife knows about us. It's going to be harder to see each other."

"Chase, I know Tam explained this all to you. She has known about you ever since the first time we fucked. Damn Chase, she sucked my dick that night don't you think she could smell you on my cock?"

He pushed away from me and it was as if he was giving me time to process his blatant statement and so I could see his face, and that he was being genuine. He confirmed everything that Tam had told me on the phone. They had an open relationship. They fucked other people. Their only rule was honesty.

"I've been sharing all of our sexual escapades with Tam. She fucking loves you as much as I do, and I don't mean romantically at all you little slut."

Logan, moving close to me, stuck his tongue deep into my mouth, and grabbed me between my legs squeezing my pussy lips. I returned the favor, slipping my hand into his pants to grab his gorgeous cock and stroke it. Logan encouraged me to keep my date with Tam. He assured me I would live to see another day. He
found my suspicions very funny. So that was that. I had a date with a woman, a hot redhead. Logan told me I could expect a warm reception, and if I were as adventurous as he thought I was, I would not want to miss a night I would never forget. I was sold. I was so fucking hot for this woman now it was ridiculous. For as long as I could remember I had fantasized about having sex with a woman, but had the opportunity had never presented itself before. I was so excited I could barely contain myself the next day.

I arrived at their house, and a redheaded goddess opened the door, I did not know what to say. She was so beautiful, more so than I had imagined, tall, slim, and exuding sex from every pore in her body. Devouring me with her eyes and I am reciprocating Tam's efforts.

"Hello my sweet Chase," she is almost purring. She stepped
forward and kissing me full on the lips. Tasting like cherries, and the scent of wildflowers, she took my hand.

"Come inside my love," she said as she pulled me in. She was almost skipping as she led me into their great room.
I settled on their comfy sofa, and she put a long stemmed glass of red wine in my hand, and then snuggled up next to me. Slowly, as I sipped the wine, I started to relax. I did feel a little bit out of my depth with her. With men I feel powerful, in control. This was all new to me, and I was still finding my way. Tam was so easy to like, and after a few minutes of casual chat I was the first one to steer the conversation to flirtation.

"You are beautiful Tam, good enough to eat," I coyly smiled at her.

"Oh baby, I can't wait to nibble on you either," she smiled back.

She was intense, just like Logan was. With nothing more than a look, she made me weak at the knees. I could feel my pussy lips start to swell up, and my clit start throbbing with excitement.
I did not try to hide my desire, and before you knew it, Tam leaned forward to kiss me. Her lips were
soft, her tongue flicking at mine sending ripples of excitement through my whole body. Then Tam stood up and with little effort, she slipped out of her clothes and stood before me naked, perfect, beautiful.

She pulled me up and undressed me so that we were standing in front of each other, both naked and vulnerable. Tam not a bit bashful took the lead. Pulling me in close, our naked bodies pressing against each other, my boobs against hers, it felt amazing. Her skin was so soft, so warm. Tam kissing my neck, and then moving her mouth slowly down to my chest, and then my tits. Her hands were cupping beneath my breasts, and her soft mouth gently kissing my nipples. Usually I like sex rough, hard, and fast, but this softness is something I had never experienced with a man before, and it was exquisite.
I started moaning with pleasure as she expertly squeezed and kissed my tits. Tam pushing me down onto the couch again, now lying down, and continued to caress and kiss my skin, my boobs, my stomach, my neck, and my lips. Then she moved to my inner thighs and the ecstasy of having this gentle goddess so close to my pussy nearly drove me over the edge. Tam was between my
quaking thighs, and continued her gentle caresses and kisses, until she reached my cunt. I could feel her breath against my clit, and my pussy pulsating in anticipation of what was to come.
Tam's fingers slowly starting to fondle and explore my pussy. Writhing and moaning in a cloud of euphoric pleasure now. This woman was fucking amazing! I wanted more, and wanted her tongue on my clit, but she continuing to tease me without mercy.

A woman was so different from a man and I liked this sensation as it made me so sexy, and so fucking horny. However, please I still needed to fuck! Then Tam placing her flat tongue against my clit and I could take no more, it was explosive and earth moving! She did not stop, with slow intense movements, lapping repeatedly; her tongue started rolling over my pussy, probing, and licking, devouring all of my fresh cum. Her lips kissed my lips. I was lost in orgasm. I could no longer think straight or control myself, I had surrendered to her, and I was lost in the world of Tam's tongue. It was fucking beautiful.

Next, Tam inserting a finger deep into my pussy, and wriggling it around and being a woman she had intimate knowledge of how to pleasure a woman and she was doing a damn good job. Her mouth still on my clit, she inserted another finger, and then another. With three fingers inside me, she started to finger fuck me. Slowly at first, but then she started pounding me harder and faster, while I screamed and squirmed under her hands and her tongue. I came, orgasm after orgasm and Tam had thoroughly fucked me! Tam climbing up my body until she was lying naked on top of me her leg slipping in between mine, just to keep the pressure on my pulsating, wet, abused pussy. I could feel her dripping, wet pussy against my leg. Pushing my hair from my face, she gently kissed me on the cheeks and gave me butterfly kisses and then her tongue was I my mouth. We kissed deeply, our tongues tangling; slow intense and so frigging hot.

I fucking loved women, I had decided.

The next few weeks are the closest I have ever had to what could be called a relationship. It was not because exclusivity because none had been given. Between work, fucking Logan, Tam, and sleep, I had no had no time for anyone else, but there was thing I did want.

Logan and Tam led very independent lives and so they each had plenty of time to fuck me separately, however, I wanted both of them at the same time, my delicious lady love, and the hard pounding cock of Logan doing me simultaneously. I was obsessed with these two.

One lazy afternoon, while Tam and I lay in the sun by the pool, naked, she said to me, "Logan and I have a surprise for you."

"Really," I asked excitedly. I do love surprises. "What is it?"
" I can't tell you, it's a surprise" she coyly replied, "but I think you're going to like it. Can you come for
dinner tomorrow night? You're not working, I already know that."

"I was hoping one of you was going to invite me for a fuck," I smiled. "Both are even better."

"Damn," she said, "you guessed the surprise." She pretended to grump, but the lusty smile beat a sulky lip.

Holy shit! One of my greatest fantasies was going to be realized and I could not wait.

What would I wear? What do you wear to your first threesome?

My answer came with the ring of my doorbell when I woke up the next day. Logan had sent me flowers, and some very sexy black lace panties, with a matching bra. Tam had sent me a very expensive bottle of perfume, and a soft flowing evening dress, dark blue, and cropped short above the knee, with no sleeves, and a deep cleavage. I had never felt so spoilt, but also now, I was a kept slut. This was unusual for me. I was being wooed.

I had to try everything on I dressed in all my gifts, and took special care to make myself look beautiful tonight. I wanted to be as irresistible to them, as they were to me. Tonight was going to be perfect for my first threesome.
I rang their doorbell, with two bottles of red wine in a gift bag. I was going to need wine to stay calm tonight, and thought I had better not take a chance, so I brought my own. Tam answered the door, looking breathtaking as usual. She wore a similar dress to mine, only longer, and a deep purple color. She gasped, and brought her hand to her mouth.
"Oh Chase you look exquisite."
Tam pulled me into the house before kissing me on the lips, and squeezing me against her body. I nearly dropped the wine,
but held on tight.
"Come on" she said. "Logan's out on the deck with some Sundowners for us."

It was a beautiful evening, and they had set a table outside for the three of us. Dinner was lovely, but unimportant to me. The sexual tension between us was hot and intense. Logan and Tam sat next to each other, and were very obviously in love. They touched each other constantly, and stole kisses often. It was interesting for me to see them together, in action. Tam made more of the obvious physical gesture towards me, but Logan looked at me as if I was his little sex kitten and he could not wait to stroke his pussy.

After dinner, Tam said "Time for dessert."

She stood up and came around to my side of the table and taking my hand she pulled me out of my chair, and began to kiss me full on the mouth. Her tongue licking and teasing mine sent my mind into a whirl of excitement. I did not notice Logan stand up and come towards us, until he was right behind me. He put his hands on my hips, and pushing his hard cock against me, and kissed the back of my neck. I started moaning, as this was epic for me. Tam releasing my mouth, then she and Logan looked at each other and smiled, and then briefly kissing each other with me sandwiched between them.

"Come my ladies, let's find somewhere a little more comfortable," said Logan, as he took my hand, and led us through to a candle lit room that must be a sunroom during the day. There was a king size sun bed, and the room was filled with plants. Soft lights dancing and reflecting off the glass windows set the mood for what was to be a sultry night of sex.

Tam removing my dress, as Logan is removing Tam's and then Tam and I were removing Logan's clothes. Three very naked, very horny people now stood in front of each other. I started to feel a bit nervous. They knew me well enough by now to know this, so they immediately took charge.

They laid me down on the sun bed and the two of them crawling over to me and began caressing me.

"I'm so glad you found sweet Chase for us my love. She is just delicious," purred Tam as she softly licked and squeezed my nipple.

"Isn't she just my love? I knew I you would bring her home to share," growled Logan, as he kissed my neck, and holding my breast with his strong hand.
I was one big goose bump. Slowly they both started to explore my body with their hands. Logan more deliberate, and strong with his touch, Tam softer, gentler with hers and the contrast was quite noticeable, I was in my element, the best of both worlds at the same time.

Logan, the first to reach down to find my aching pussy with his fingers grabbing my clit, and then rubbing it hard before forcing two long fingers deep into my cunt. Screaming with pleasure and Tam's mouth covered mine. Her hands were squeezing my tits, as her tongue probed my mouth, and the lust between us intensified. I needed to touch them, so grasping Logan's cock, he grew harder at the touch of my hand. His finger fucking became harder, maintaining a steady rhythm as he is plunging deep into my snatch.

My other hand found Tam's hip, I squeezed it, and dug my nails into her skin a little bit, just to let her know how much I craved her flesh.

"Tam, I want to watch Chase eating your pussy," said Logan. Why don't you sit on her face?"

Although the question was more of a demand than a question, no one had a problem with the demand.

"Oh yes, Tam I want to taste your pussy," I panted, barely coherent.
Tam on her knees, and leaning over me so that I could squeeze her tits for a bit, she kissed Logan hungrily.

"Whatever you say husband," she smiled as she is positioning her
wet pussy right over my mouth. Tam's scent was intoxicating, her sex wet and I wanted to devour her.

Looking down at me she said "There we go Honey, eat that fucking pussy."

Holding on to her thighs, I stuck my tongue deep into her wet cave. Her juices were already all over my face. She gasped with pleasure, and then so did I as Logan started eating my pussy too. He and I began muff diving in unison, everything he did to me, I replicated with Tam. Logan is lapping at my slit, methodically, slowly up and down and up and down driving me mad with lust. Then pulling my swollen lips wide apart, he kissed my clit, softly, then harder. Slipping my clit into his mouth, sucking on it and biting my bud Logan is frolicking in my juicy cunt it, playing with it with his tongue. Then he licked and probed again. All the while, I was doing the same to Tam. Her hips were moving round, as she is grinding her pussy on my tongue and face. I was watching her the whole time, as she writhed with pleasure, her beautiful body mounted on top of me.

Then Logan started to finger fuck me again, and I continued to lick and probe Tam, in between my moans. While still fingering me, Logan came up to get a closer look as my tongue is licking his wife's clit.
"Tastes good doesn't it Chase... ooh yes, I love licking that pussy," he whispered in my ear. His dirty talk sent me right over the edge, and I cumming on his hand, my body was wriggling beneath them both, but they did not let me go. Tam put her fingers through my hair, and Logan pushing down on my mound, holding
me in place. In between screams, I wasted no time getting back to eating Tam out.

"That's my little slut," whispered Logan, "you keep eating that pussy my little slut."

Tam was now starting to react to my screams into her cunt, and to Logan's dirty talk. Logan turning his attention to Tam now on his knees, next to her, he grabbed her throat gently, and started kissing her and then moved his hands down to her breasts. I could tell he was sticking his tongue deep into her mouth, and I could tell that Tam was peaking. Logan pulled her body up, so that she could not fall onto my face, and so that I had to strain to reach up to lick her desperate little clit. I found it, licking it as Tam exploded loudly, and came all over my face.

It was then that I noticed Logan's hard erect cock right next to my cheek. He was so busy kissing Tam, that he gasped with surprised when I took his head into my mouth. Tam smiled down at me, realizing what I wanted to do, and began climbing off me.

"What a good idea my sweet," Tam remarked.

Tam is working her way to the other side of Logan and then pushing him onto the bed, we propped ourselves on either side of
his pulsating erection. Smiling at each other, then leaning in for a luscious kiss, before the both of us started licking and kissing his erect penis together. Logan threw his head back in pleasure, and grabbing each of us behind our heads. Tam holding his erection straight up, and let me know that I was to suck it as deep as I could go. She obviously liked watching me give him head, as she stayed right there next to me saying dirty things.

"Eat that dick baby. Suck that big hard cock. Time to ride that cock now baby," Tam said to me.
No one needed to ask me twice, I could not wait to
have Logan's cock inside me again. Tam guiding me to straddle him, and then came up behind me, so that I could feel her naked breasts against my back. She wrapped her arms around me, so that she had both my tits in her hands. Logan watching us, as we positioned ourselves over his throbbing cock.

Holding me tight, Tam reaching down between my legs, and pulling Logan's cock up and making sure my cunt opening was resting on the head of Logan's prick and then ramming me down onto Logan's dick as Tam is holding my clit with her
fingers. Tam then controlled the rhythm of the fuck. With her body tightly pressed against mine, lifting me up
and down onto Logan's manhood, she rode with me. Logan started moaning and groaning, and thrusting
his dick harder into me.
Tam was whispering in my ear "You like that dick in you baby, fuck that dick baby," as she rubbed my clit, and sucking on my earlobe.

I had completely surrendered to them, and I was having a glorious fuck. My orgasms rocking my world and unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. I lost all sense of myself.
Screaming louder than any porn star would dare to scream, I am completely weak, and have no control over my body, and yet I continued to ride Logan's cock, as Tam lifts and slams me onto Logan's rigid shaft. Logan gripping my thighs in his hands, and I was fucking faster and faster, until he screamed in orgasmic lust
Unexpectedly at the same time I heard Tam scream out as well. She had been pushing her cunt against me, and the friction combined with the visual of Logan cumming in me, and having this sex toy in her arms, culminated in her cumming again too.
We all collapsed in a heap of mingled cum coated flesh. Sweating and panting and utterly spent, gasping for breath. I must have fallen asleep then. When I woke up limbs intertwined, but Tam and Logan were kissing each other, softly and intimately. They did not notice I was awake at first, and I am watching them touch and kiss, all the while staring each other dead in the eye. They truly were in love with each other, knew each other, and had no secrets.
I was in awe these were my new heroes. I must have stirred then, as they both looked at me at the same time. They smiled at me, and pulled me in closer so that once again I am the meat in their sandwich as I was lying in between them.

"Hello sweet Chase," said Tam, as she softly kissed me on the lips.

"Did you like your surprise?" asked Logan, as he nibbled on my earlobe, sending shivers down my body.

"Was that my surprise?" I coyly inquired, "I was expecting so much more," I sarcastically added.

"You little slut you," Logan laughed and I felt his dick harden against my leg.

"Well, we'd better try and surprise you some more," said Tam, as she slipped her fingers in between my pussy lips. I sighed with sultry in surrender, and reached for both of them, wanting to touch both of them, and thank them for choosing me.

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