Hospital Love
My name is Allie and I am a nurse in the adult ICU in the hospital where I work. I have been working here for 2 years and love what I do. I am a young nurse at just 25 but I find that my patients love and respect me more than they do the older nurses because I am sympathetic. Before I continue, let me tell you a bit about myself, I have short brown hair, brown eyes, about 5", 40C breasts and a nicely shaven pussy. All of the nurses I work with are a little jealous of me because the male patients I take care of think I'm pretty and because of my efficiency in getting my patients meds on time and getting them and their families whatever they need.

I get to work on Monday morning around 6:00am and hear that we have a new patient who had just come in from a 6 hour long surgery repairing damage from a car accident he was involved in and that I'm assigned to only him that day. I walk to his private room and see that he has no family with him which is odd because all of our patients have family members with them daily. I walk in and I see him resting comfortably.

I look in his chart and see that he is a 35-year-old male with no family around, which would explain my previous thought as to why no family was with him. I looked over his vitals and happy that he was stable, I sat in a chair next to his bed. I notice him start to stir and I stand up looking at him as he wakes up.

He looks at me and says "Hi, My name is Dave and you?" I look at him and I say "Hi Dave, my name is Allie and I'm your personal nurse until you get strong enough to be in the regular unit"

He smiles and closes his eyes to rest a little. I sit there keeping an eye on his vitals and breathing, writing them in his chart when he slowly wakes up again.

"Allie?" He says

"Yes Dave? I look at him and see what he needs.

"May I have a bath?" He asks. "I smell kind of bad" He smiles at me as he says that.

"You can have a sponge bath if you would like because of your broken leg" I tell him

He looks at me and nods. I get the things ready and walk over to him slowly removing his gown from his upper body and softly wash his chest. I wash his stomach and go a little lower to just above his private area. I hear him moan softly and smile.

"You okay Dave?" I ask

"Yes" He says as he opens his eyes and smiles at me. "You can go lower. I know I need to be cleaned"

With his permission, I softly wash his large dick and balls being careful not to make him hard. I hear him moan softly and continue to wash him. I move the blankets aside and wash his good thigh, leg, and foot. After I'm done washing and drying him, I put a fresh gown on him and cover him with fresh, warm blankets.

"Thank you Allie" He says looking at me.

I notice that his eyes are directed to my breasts. "Do you like what you see Dave?"

He looks at me and nods, blushing. I take his right hand and rest it on my right breast. He softly squeezes it and I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hand on my breast. I feel his hand going into my bra feeling my bare breast. He softly massages and I softly massage his dick over the blankets.

"That feels so good!" Dave says

"I'm glad you like it! I love your hand massaging my breasts" As I say this, his hand moves to my left breast and massages it.

I look behind me to make sure the door is closed and take my top off, giving Dave better access. He motions for me to take my bra off too so I unclasp it and let it fall to the ground along with my shirt. Dave massages my boobs and tummy as I sit on the bed facing him.

"Your breasts are lovely Allie!" He says and starts to pinch and twist my nipples

"Mmmmm! Your hands are even better on them!" I say as I reach back and stroke his dick. He closes his eyes and moans softly, continuing to massage my breasts. I feel his right hand going from my breasts to my stomach, softly rubbing it then going lower to get to my pussy.

I stand and take my skirt and panties off allowing him more access to my naked body. He puts his right hand on my mound and starts to finger me with two fingers.

"That feels so good Dave!" I say softly. He continues to finger me as I am stroking his big 7" dick. He's dick stands straight up and I straddle him ready to ride his dick hard. He looks at me as I straddle him and smiles as he sees me slowly lowering myself on his dick.

"Mmmm, feels so nice baby" I moan as I slowly ride him up and down.

He moans feeling his orgasm getting closer as I ride him faster and harder. His hands land back on my breasts massaging them roughly and trying to match my thrusts as I ride him faster. I feel my pussy tighten and his balls clench up and we both cum hard.

I lay next to him being careful with his broken leg and we rest for a bit before I get up to clean myself off and then give him a sponge bath, put a clean gown on him and watch him fall asleep peacefully with a smile on his face.
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