Ahhh soooo very sweet HotRod
You, my friend are not a dawg!
I think of you more like a Greek God.

The words you spin are more than hot,
They really make our hearts go pop.

With your words we can always bet
You make our lips smile, and wet.

Here in the land of Velvet nine
You treat us to your words most fine,
Not now and then, oh no, all the time.

The women love your thoughts and words, and they should,
And amazingly, even men think you are so good.

I can't think what this world would be like without you,
To grace our lives with your images, no words about you
Can dispel the thought that it would soon
Be a world without sunshine, stars or moon.

When you start typing your magic words, your music and verse.
It is like we are hopping on a ride at the circus.

We never know where you will take us each time,
Only knowing it will always be the ride of a lifetime.

With you around it is never very long
Before you remind of special sounds, and songs.

Thank You for always making our days and lives a little better!

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