Hot Spring
It was getting late as I made my way up the trail to the little known hot spring. I told my wife i was going fishing however I had this planned for a week....meeting a guy at this clothing optional secluded spring in the middle of nowhere. He is married also but like me had been curious about some guy to guy activity. As I walked along the trail the anticipation of what was to come began to build and I was becoming semi hard. I had my swim shorts and a tank top on which was plenty for this hot August evening. I had my backpack with me...a towel and some water enclosed.

As I got close to the hot spring I didnt hear any sounds....perfect... no one would be around to ruin this. When I finally arrived there was no one there. I quickly took my back pack off and began to disrobe. I got in the water and relaxed...then I heard footsteps. "Hey made it" "Hi Jason" I said "Glad you came" we laughed.
Jason was about 5'11" and I already knew more intimate details....from our chats. 7" of cut cock and 170 # of fit married male...dark hair and brown eyes. As for me...about the same but green eyes and 5'10" 180 #. We are both in our 40's. "Hop in, the waters great" I said. Jason wasted no time. He removed his shorts and revealed his flacid cock. He had it completely shaved like me except for a small pubic patch triangle of hair above his shaft. "Nice to see you" I said as Jason got right in beside me. "Glad we are alone Steve, I am sort of nervous about know?" "Sure thing I do" I said. He was next to me so I put my hand over his cock and squeezed a gentle reassuring pressure. To my delight he sighed and spread his legs to allow me better access to his cock which was growing rapidly. "thats nice" he said. Yeah baby I said. His hand slid over my cock as we began to slowly stroke one another in the hot water. "Can I get you to sit on the edge? "I want to see that package of yours up close and personal" Jason hoisted his butt up and sat on the edge...his cock fully erect... his balls resting on the wooden platform....I moved over and grabbed his root and started to lick the underside of his dick flicking at his balls as I stroked upwards this cock I had been thinking about all day. Jason leaned back supporting himself with his muscular I reached the head of his cock I engulfed the head and started to suck his pole. "Ahh man thats it Steve....suck my dick man that is good" I went down on him till I had most of it in my throat. Jason was really enjoyin this bucking his hips up to slide as much cock in my throat as possible he was moaning something when I felt his cock twitch. I rubbed his balls and could feel them tensing up when his first load of cum erupted in my mouth...." cummin Ahhhh" I pulled away and held his dick directly at my open mouth letting him fire his semen at my open taget. Three more jets of cum hit me in my forehead and one just under my nose the last found my mouth as I slid him back in my mouth for what was his last few dribbles of jizz. "Oh Man....Ahhhh" that was terrific I said as I swallowed the cum that had gathered. "Fuck dude you suck my cock so damn good!" said Jason

I licked his slowly softening organ and than dunked my cum soaked face under the warm water to rinse the jizz off,

Hey Jason got anything to drink ?
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