Hot Summer Night
I'm walking home from work on a warm summer night. Out of nowhere I'm grabbed from behind and shoved face-first up against the wall of a nearby building. I feel hard, rough hands slide up under my shirt and grope my breasts. I feel a hard cock rammed up against my ass. I hear him whisper what he's about to do to me and then I hear him tell someone to help him take me into the building. In the process, part of my shirt is ripped off and tied around my eyes. I'm thrown to the ground of what must be some kind of garage or storage shed. The one with the rough hands is back at my breasts, I hear fabric tear as he rips my bra. He's kissing me, hard, while he pulls and pinches at my nipples. He's straddling me and I can feel his cock straining through his pants against my stomach. Meanwhile, I feel another set of hands sliding up my thighs under my skirt. He groans a little as he realizes I have no panties on and I'm wet as a schoolgirl. I hear a zipper and assume I'm about to feel a rock-hard cock slammed into my pussy. Instead, someone else pulls my hair back and thrusts his cock down my throat. Too surprised to do more than gag, I wonder how many of them there are. At almost the same time, I feel a mouth on my clit, a tongue in my pussy. The hands that were sliding up my thighs are now cupping my ass, feeding my pussy to this stranger. Rough Hands is now sucking on my breasts, biting on my nipples. I'm greedily sucking the cock that I can feel halfway down my throat. I hear a harsh voice say that he can't stand it anymore. That he needs to fuck me. Rough Hands tells him to wait just a second and everything stops for a moment. Everyone moves away. I hear a belt buckle and a zipper close by and then I'm dragged over and realize that I'm lying on someone. His cock is pushing against my ass and his hands are back on my breasts. He pushes some more and I realize he's going to fuck my ass. I rotate my hips just a bit to allow him easier entry. I'm so wet he just needs to rub his cock against my pussy for a little bit and then slide it in my ass. I feel someone straddling me again and once again have a cock shoved down my throat. He's holding the back of my head while pumping harder and harder, fucking my face. I hear yet another zipper and know that I'm about to have all three of my holes filled at the same time. Rough Hands' cock is sliding deeper and deeper, inch by inch, into my ass when I feel the third cock jam itself home in my pussy. I'm rocking back and forth with all three of these cocks and getting closer and closer to coming. So is Rough Hands, apparently, I feel him jerk and I feel the warmth spreading up my ass. It's enough to send me over the edge. One cock muffles my scream and the other is milked by the muscle spasms in my pussy. He groans again and pulls out to come all over my belly. Now I can focus all of my attention on the cock in my mouth. I grab his ass and pull him into me. I'm sucking his cock and moving my other hand around to cup his balls. I feel them tighten and know he's about to blow his load down my throat. I'm not disappointed. One by one, they move away from me and get dressed. I wait until they've all gone and remove the destroyed shirt from my eyes. Submitted by:

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