"How do you do this?" I said to myself not expecting an answer.
"You start at the beginning and work your way through to what turns you on". Came the reply from behind me.

I had not heard her enter the large lounge room from the other door.
" how do you know what I was thinking sweetie?"(i tended to call everyone 'sweetie 'when I couldn't think of their name)
"From the last time we talked I had a feeling everything wasn't right in 'that' department." She said without battering an eyelash.
"So how? You know my appetite and preferences in that area" I asked her knowing she had given it some thought then

She was my close friend of many years and the only thing that we hadn't done was actually have intercourse with one another.
She tells me things that turn me on when telling her that she tells me it turns her on as well. (this I found out by accident as well as a whole lot of little stuff she lets slip)
My little advantage.

"So how am I going to fix this problem I have about wanting another woman with us to get me full and totally aroused?"

After suffering a sport injury to the groin I had been having trouble with getting aroused and had gone through everything in the books to try and get back to normal.
It had been both mentally and physically frustrating and so it had come down to walking around talking to myself, with this angel of hope now on my side.

"Sweetie I am out of things to try," I told her sadly." The only thing that nearly gets me there is 'PUSSY'. I have become a master of pussy eating and through that have been able to please her."

A look came over sweetie that I hadn't noticed before. pure lust.

She said, I don't normally do this but you are my friend so that's as far as it goes ok?"
Sweetie Sat in her dining chair and began to remove her track pants and frilly panties that she had on.revealing a clean-shaven set of inner and outer lips that weren't quite symmetrical but who cared?
One time only, right."
"Right" I whispered.

This was an opportunity that I wasn't going to miss.
And thanked the lucky stars I had such a good friend.

She glistened, she waiting to see what I could do and what I needed.
To start she gently held my head and placed it where she wanted me to begin.

Without using my hands she slowly began to raise and lower my she did my tongue started to flick in and out like a snake. this seemed to excite her juices to flow and now I started to suck gently as to drink all of her goodness as she held my head against her opening

She was in complete control and I wasn't complaining. She let me drink, drink I did.
As the heat from her was starting to raise so was my hardness which I had not noticed until now.

As she let me at her she also was wanting me. "These things can't happen you know that?"
I nodded yes
My mind would remember these moments forever. even though we were married to other people and our lives intertwined at the wrong tome nothing would wreck the memories.

"Keep going, have my pussy while you can"
"Put your face right into me, use that talent you obviously have"
"Your wife is a lucky thing to have you because not many men would be so caring towards a woman's secret place"

This was turning me on so much I could see why men had fought over her. She was HOT.
Plus the new breasts that she had just gotten had given her Body that perfect little hourglass figure.

I can't touch it and my body is driving me crazy, being so close but not being able to act on my animal instict.
"FUCK," I thought she was hot and my penis was in so much pain being restrained behind my pants.

At lat, she had moved into the exact position where I could get it all in one go.
Her clit was as hard as a pebble, or was that rock?
It was easy to find and I knew exactly what to do.

Holding her button between her fingers she presented her innermost part towards my seeking tongue, making it very clear what I was to do with it.

Not needing any more prompts I started to lick and nibble on it, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Then slowly licking up and down teasing her.

The amount of moisture flowing from her gave away how turned on she was and the fact that she was rubbing her nibbles with such vigour.

Her back was starting to arch every now and then.she was horny 'very horny'

I could see the lust in her matter what I did now, she was ready.
She grabbed my head again and held it tightly against her mound.

She started again, or was it the first time? To go into orgasmic bliss.

My face was completely wet now and I didn't care.Her moisture was everywhere now and then she squirted her last drops at me.

My hardness gave away where my blood had gone.
We sat there for what seemed like eternity
"Thank you, thank you" was all I could manage to say, "thank you," I said again nearly in tears myself.

We kissed and I could feel the quiver in her lips as we did.
I kissed her one last time before the spell was broken.

She grabbed my engorged penis through my pants.
Then it was over.
"Just between us okay.." Was her final words.

The experience was over no matter that I wanted to do to her.
It was over.

We still have a special friendship to this day but every time I sneak a cheeky hello kiss I can still taste her love juices on my lips.

How am I meant to forget now

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