How I Became A Phone Sex Operator - Part 3 - My True Story
Notes: Please read parts 1 and 2 first. Keep in mind that given it's my TRUE STORY, there are details about my career history and I couldn't make up any sex scenes that never happened.


John and I had many romantic times together over the course of our 7-year relationship. We took a weekend trip to Quebec City one summer. He drove, holding my warm left hand almost the whole time. We got in at night and stayed in the first motel we could find. Not exactly 5 star accommodations but when you're young and in love, it doesn't matter.

The walls were paper thin and just like we could hear the talking from next door, I'm sure they heard us making love on that squeaky bed. My parents thought I was in Ottawa with my boyfriend and his parents but we required some alone time.

My career hit several roadblocks. My first full-time job turned into a disaster. I always had bad timing. I started in Dec at their busiest time of the year and that led to problems including tax issues. Their payroll dept clerk threatened me. He said they would ruin my career if I looked into my tax matter. I was young and naive and trusted everyone. I made an unwise decision listening to my boss, when he agreed with me pursuing it. I had turned to him for advice. It was the biggest mistake of my life. The company was taken over and thousands of people lost their jobs including me.

I looked for a new job and came very close to getting one on several occasions but didn't get them. I couldn't understand why I never got the positions I applied for. That is, until one guy did me a favor and told me that I was being shafted from my ex boss. He said my previous company was clearly afraid of a lawsuit so he never actually said anything bad but nothing good either. It was enough to make sure I wouldn't get a job. In essence, I was blacklisted or blackballed or whatever it's called, from working in computers. I decided to switch fields into accounting.

I went back to McGill University and ended up with a degree in accounting. While completing this phase of my education, I found an accounting clerk job that I knew I couldn't keep once the winter set in. Montreal winters are quite brutal and since there was no bus that went right to my work, I had to walk quite a bit. I didn't know how to drive and the low-paying job wouldn't have allowed me to afford a car anyhow. I ended up slipping quite hard on the ice on my way to work one day and quit.

Ironically, the computer programmer there worked for my previous employer. On the day I resigned, my boss tried to get me to stay but I couldn't. It was then that he told me something that shocked me. Turns out my previous employer committed fraud and due to the tax issue I had, they blamed me for getting fined millions of dollars. I had no knowledge of what they had done. It ended up being a regular spot check the government randomly does so they were mistaken to think I had anything to do with their being caught. Regardless, that was why they decided to blackball me. It was good I switched careers.

I looked for a job again but it became increasingly harder since Quebec required employees to be bilingual or have a French name. My French was fine but I wasn't bilingual by any stretch. I ended up finding work in an accounting firm as an auditor.

Again, timing is everything and I have never had good timing. The company ended up getting rid of all junior accountants who weren't bilingual. That was Quebec. Hindsight is 20/20 but what I should have done is take my money and move to Toronto but I wasn't confident enough. Most young Anglophones, as English Quebecers were called, moved out of Quebec. I stayed and the gap in my resume grew bigger and bigger.

I decided to earn a professional accounting designation and did so on the first try. I just needed to complete my 2-years working requirement. During this time, John earned his engineering degree and moved to Toronto and later Montreal to be near me. I visited him in Toronto on several occasions. He lived in the lower part of a house. Not beautiful but having him for the whole weekend was wonderful. We made love on his bed.

Saying goodbye on each trip almost killed me. I cried at the bus depot and was upset each time for days. I couldn't bare being apart from him. When he moved to Montreal, I was ecstatic. The problem we had was that John asked me to marry him several times. I told him that I would never be able to marry him, when we first started dating. He felt I would change my mind. I didn't have the strength to lose my parents in the process. They warned me that if I married him, they no longer would see me. By the time he was 31, he really felt he had to find someone else. I was heartbroken but understood.

I wish things were handled differently though. We had broken off several times over the marriage issue and during one of our off times, he called in sick at work. I went to his apartment to nurse him back to health but I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I heard him and a woman. I couldn't make out all that was happening but I knew it wasn't good. I knocked on his door and in a little while after knocking again, a slip of paper was passed to me from underneath it. It was the most hurtful thing that had ever happened to me. It was written from the woman he was with. It said, "Get lost bitch. We're busy fucking." The pain I felt was beyond description. I felt betrayed that not only was my boyfriend of 7 years with another woman but he let her write me such a nasty letter.

John and I spoke a day or two later. I asked him how he could have let her send me that letter. He admitted he shouldn't have. He said he had been seeing her in Ottawa for a couple of months, when he went there to visit his parents. He told me he was moving back there. I asked him why he would choose her and he said he wanted me but since he was never going to have me, he had to move on. I understood. It hurt like hell but I didn't want to hold him back from finding someone he could marry. I just didn't like that he would choose a woman with no compassion. I would never have done what she did, not even to my worst enemy.

My sister ended up getting a job in Toronto and her relocation was paid. It was my one chance to move to an English speaking place and I took it. We came to Toronto in August 1994. I tried to get a job and couldn't. My resume was far from impressive due to all the unemployment I had. They didn't care about the bilingual issues in Quebec that affected my resume.

My sister's job contract came to an end a year or so later and together we decided to open up a dating service. It was specialized for BBW (Big Beautiful Women). We made a decision to go the classy route. We didn't want to advertise in sleazy magazines or anything like that. Everything we did was professional, from the business cards all the way to the contracts drawn up. We attracted and signed up some terrific women, many of them highly educated with great jobs. They just hadn't found the right guys.

During this time my sister found out about another position. Despite agreeing to do the business together, she bailed out a few months into our endeavor. She decided she preferred working for someone and getting a regular salary. She still remained a partner with me but wasn't really willing to take risks by investing in our company. It takes money to make money in that line of work and there just wasn't enough without her investing with me. It was doomed for failure. We had a second issue that prevented us from succeeding. Married men called to join our service but we refused. We didn't want to set up affairs. Our goal was to have our members get married. One couple in fact, did. Several couples did date for years. Others I have no idea. We also opened up a social club. Many members joined both our dating service and social club. We arranged events at various venues in Toronto, restaurants and comedy shows and anywhere else we could think of where people could become friends/lovers.

Despite features about us in The Toronto Star and The Sun and other local papers, as well as a mention by Mordechai Richler, which was the ultimate compliment, we decided to close down. We didn't file bankruptcy since we were never in debt. We just didn't earn enough money. Besides the one couple that married and the others that dated, the one positive thing that did come from it for me was, completing my job requirement for my professional accounting designation. Not that I use it in any way. Phone sex operators don't require accounting designations.

So, here I was with no job so I started looking for one yet again. This was an odd experience. I kept getting controller level jobs interviews. I was really only a junior in accounting since owning the dating service involved doing everything like marketing and interviewing and admin and bookkeeping. Nothing that would make me qualified to be the head of accounting. I remember one company gave me a budgeting test and really liked me. I did great in the test, they told me at the interview. Unfortunately, my honesty lost me that job. They asked me how many years I did budgeting and I told them I hadn't done it at all at work. I should have told them 10 years. I would have been working as the head of their company.

I couldn't get a job. I was too educated but my working experience didn't match. I tried to convince companies I would be fine at a clerk position but was told repeatedly that I would never be satisfied there. I grew to dislike the word "overqualified" that I regularly was told. They didn't want to hire me and then have me leave on them. Nothing I said could talk them into it. I was pretty discouraged and I needed to earn a living.

Now this may be hard to believe but after John, I didn't really want another love interest. I always considered myself a one-man woman and John was that man. I didn't want to get hurt again either. There was a guy in Montreal, at my previous accounting clerk job. He kept staring at me. I actually didn't like it. Eventually he asked me out and I refused. Again, I wasn't interested in dating.

Years later, when I ran our dating service and social club from my home, I didn't really meet any men except when I interviewed them to become members. I wasn't about to mix business with pleasure anyhow. With all that was going on with my career, my focus was on everything but men. I didn't look for a man or think about one. I didn't even get horny except a few days a year. That is, while I was awake. When I slept, it was a different story. I had the wildest sex dreams imaginable. Denzel Washington was my favorite guest star in my sleep. I woke up many a night and had no doubt that I masturbated during my sleep. My fingers had the aroma from my pussy juices on them.

One day I was looking for a job on the computer. I received an e-mail that changed my life. It was a link to an erotic site and I saw a short sex clip. I watched it and my whole body reacted to what I saw. I was hot and bothered, after not having been with a man for 20 years. Time really does fly. My sexual side was reawakened to the millionth degree. I started searching the internet, on a mission to find more sex videos. I downloaded all I could find. This went on for days. My horniness grew rapidly and all I could think of was sex.

It was Dec 2002 that I discovered the joys of internet chatting. MSN Messenger, to be exact. I was obsessed with it. I was 44 years old and had only been with one guy my entire life. All I could think about was getting back on the computer. I slept only 2 - 4 hours a night and took very little time to eat food. I was instant messaging all the time, having cyber sex with men from all over the world. I was totally hooked.

I had never even said words like cunt prior to that and here I was saying things like " I am putting your cock in my mouth and taking it down really deep and..." I had become someone I didn't recognize, almost overnight. I even had a cyber gangbang. I was having cyber sex with a guy and another asked for an invite and then another and another. I can't recall how many men but I was the only woman taking care of all of them. I learned one thing. Gangbangs should be done in person. It's really hard to keep track of what each guy was doing to me and me to them. Shy Elaine was gone forever, at least online.

I found out about an adult website and joined that also. It was there that I met men so that I could have more sexual conversations. I was addicted to it by this point. I watched more erotic clips and I wanted to fuck but I wasn't ready to take that step. Cyber would have to do. I became online friends with quite a few guys on that site.

There was an older guy that I chatted with many times daily. When we met, after he convinced me that friendship would be fine, it was clear he was out for only one thing from me and it wasn't to be friends. When we sat at a table, he rubbed one of his legs all along mine. My pussy was throbbing for some attention. I still refused him when he asked to have sex. It was too soon but I was very tempted.

I continued chatting with men on MSN and guys from that adult site. At MSN I met a man, a much older man. He was the filthiest, most disgusting man that I had ever spoken to, in person or online. He said he cared about me and I desperately needed some loving attention. We had cyber sex all the time it seemed. We did it morning, midday and night on a daily basis. I used to sit at my computer desk, spread my legs and move my fingers in and out of my pussy. He was crude, very crude. He called me slut and whore and instead of being turned off, it made me want to talk to him more. "Suck my cock, slut," he'd say and I would tell him how I was doing it to him. I couldn't get enough of it.

Besides that dirty old man, there were many others. There was an Italian guy that really turned me on. He always ate my pussy out first. I chatted with 100s of men. I couldn't keep track.

To be continued...
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