How I deal with bullys
Kelly is just your normal high school girl. Well not really, she has magical powers that she keeps hidden. Kelly only uses her magic for fun, and not to gain any advantage in life at all. However, lately there have been sometimes where her magic would give her something she has been wanting....revenge.

It is just a normal day after school, and Kelly is at her locker getting her books ready to go home. She is about done when three girls come up and knock her down to the ground. Kelly looks up and its the usual three bullys.

First there is Becca, a short red head who believes she is entitled to everything she wants. Next to her is Jessica, a dirty blonde who likes to display her cleavage to get what she wants. Then finally, there is Annie, a skinny black haired girl who just siliently follows the other two around and helps them out.

"What happened Kelly....fall down?" Becca asks as Kelly goes to get back up.

"Hey did we say you could stand?" Annie says pushing Kelly down slightly ripping Kelly's red t-shirt.

"Come on, lets leave this little harlet alone, she is nothing more than garbage to anyone." Jessica says.

The girls turn around to walk away and Jessica kicks backwards and hits Kelly in the stomach. Kelly falls over holding her stomach. She growls looking back up her eyes glow red a bit. She gathers herself and heads home. When Kelly gets home, where her parents are barely at because of corprate outings and what not, she turns invisible and leaves her clothes behind as she heads for Becca's house. At Becca's house, all three of the girls are there.

"How stupid can you be to put your guard down like that." Annie laughs.

"I know, Kelly is such an idiot, no wonder she has no friends." Becca laughs.

Kelly's eyes glow bright red for a short bit as she grows angerier. Kelly floats through the wall and sits around in Becca's room with the girls and listens to them as they talk. Its getting late and the girls all gather back in Becca's room and strip down to their bra and panties and go to sleep.

"Perfect" Kelly says softly with a slight giggle.

Kelly simply walked up to each girl and lightly touched their pussy covered pussys. She stepped back and waited. Kelly smirks as she sees small bulges start to form under her bullies' panties. Kelly closes her eyes to get some sleep herself.

Kelly is woken up by three loud shrieks. When Kelly wakes ups she sees the three girls all in a panic. The reason for the panic is simple; the three girls have long thick cocks jutting out of their panties. Kelly smiles as she watches. She knows Becca's parents are gone for the day so the loud noise didn't alert anyone.

"Oh my god, what the hell is going on?" Becca says crying some touching her cock.

"It won't come off, I think its attached." Jessica says trying to pull her cock off.

"Yep they are attached, this is horrible." Annie cries.

Kelly stands up and examines the girls. A big devilish smirk comes across her face.

"So you want them gone?" Kelly says masking her voice some.

The girls all look around in a panic trying to figure out where the voice is coming from.

"I can remove them, but you have to follow my instructions, all of them."

The girls just nod. The three of them look really scared.

"Perfect, first, Annie, use your cock and fuck Becca with it."

"What!?" Both Annie and Becca say at the same time.

A snap of a finger is heard and the girls' cocks start to grow in length and width a bit. The girls all start to yell and panic.

"Okay, okay I'll do it!" Annie says walking up to Becca, "Sorry"

Becca just nods and lays on her back. She spreads her legs and lifts her big cock and giant balls up showing her pussy. Annie slowly slides the thick head of her cock into Becca's pussy then sliding some more of her cock in. Becca lets out a loud moan as does Annie.

"Ohhh ohhh its so big." Becca moans.

Annie starts to rotate her hips and starts to fuck her friend. She moans as she feels her long, thick cock sink in further and further.

"Jessica, I want you to suck Becca's cock." Kelly's masked voice says.

Jessica slowly walks over to the bed and watches for a minute. She then takes Becca's thick cock into her mouth only getting the head of the cock in. A force though (Kelly), pushes her more down on it. Jessica starts to moan as this unseen force starts to rub Jessica's cock.

"Oh ohhh, your so tight Becca!" Annie moans

Annie keeps going, and soon she starts to cum in Becca's pussy. She tries to pull out to avoid doing so but still gets in her, and all over Becca. Becca starts to cum in Jessica's mouth and down her throat filling her stomach up a lot. Jessica starts to cum all over Annie and Becca both. All three sets of large balls drain out. Jessica falls over because of the weight of the heavy thick cum that filled her stomach up. Annie falls backwards from the intense orgasm.

"Oh my god, I really hope that makes these go away." Becca pants laying there on her bed.

"Oh no, my dear, far from it" Kelly says with a laugh.

"But but but, you said...." Jessica stammers holding her swollen cum filled stomach.

"I never said after you were done with this I would." Kelly says laughing again, "Now I want Becca fucking Annie, and Annie fucking Jessica. On the bed"

Annie and Jessica slowly get up on the bed. Becca sits up and slowly slides her cock which rehardened into Annie's pussy. Annie slides her rock hard cock into Jessica's pussy. As the girls start to fuck, they feel their cocks grow in size, as have their balls. Jessica starts stroking her big cock with both hands.

"Oh, ohhhhh ohhhhh fuck fuck" Jessica moans loudly.

"Ohhh, Annie, Annie, oh fuck I feel like I am going to burst again!" Becca moans loudly.

Becca and Annie both cum. Jessica though is not een close to cumming. Becca and Annie lay Jessica down on her back and help her stroke her cock. They start rubbing their friends big cock hard and fast.

"Oh, oh come, come on!" Jessica moans loudly.

"Cum already Jessica!" Annie yells.

"Becca ride her." Kelly commands,"and Annie, suck Becca's cock."

Becca slowly gets up and lowers herself down on the big cock. Becca bites her lip as it enters. Jessica grabs Becca's hips and starts to make her ride up and down hard and fast. Annie wraps her mouth around Becca's cock gagging on it as it hits the back of her throat.

"Ohhh fuck, I feel myself getting closer!" Jessica moans.

Annie groans as she sucks Becca's cock and feels her cock being stroked by "the unseen force". Soon Jessica unleashes a large load of cum up into Becca. Becca fills Annie's belly with hot, thick, heavy cum, and Annie covers both of them with a large load as well. Annie and Becca fall over on the bed and all three pass out.

"Good girls, rest up more fun is on the way." Kelly giggles.

Kelly turns visiable, and sits on the bed next to the girls. Kelly reaches oer and rubs Jessica's stomach and presses down on it a bit. She lets out a soft giggle as her hand glows a bit. She reaches over and does the same to Becca and Annie's stomachs. Kelly then levitates over them a bit and whispers to them.

"From now on girls, you will treat Kelly with respect and when she commands you will lick her pussy. If you girls are mean to anyone else, your cocks will return, and you'll have to get someone pregnant in order to get them to go away."

Kelly smiles and gives each one a kiss on the cheek and their cocks and balls vanish. Kelly turns invisible again and returns home, and puts her clothes back on just in time for her parents to get home. Kelly reappers in her room doing her homework.

The next day at school, Kelly is at her locker and sees the three girls walk by her. They just walk on by without saying a word. Kelly watches as they go into the bathroom. Kelly soon follows in. She sees the three rubbing their bellys.

"Something wrong?" Kelly asks curiously.

"Oh just feeling my baby kick." Jessica says.

"Yea me too." Annie says also running her hand along her stomach slowly.

"Well my twins are always kicking hard, keeping me up." Becca says with a tired look on her eyes.

Kelly holds back laughing as she walks up behind them.

"So you girls are what a few months along?"

"Yea 4 months." Becca replies.

Kelly runs her hand along Annie's shoulder looking at her. Kelly's magic worked. They believe they have been pregnant for 4 months. Of course everyone else will know. Kelly, leaves the bathroom. Months later the girls have their babies, and never belittle another person again. Although Kelly still visits the girls and gives them cocks to make themselves pregnant over and over again.
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