How I got introduced unto the other side
When I was 18, I was always wondered what another girls pussy tasted like. Ever since I learn to masturbate I would lick my fingers with my juices all over them. It just made me more obsessed with eating another girl's pussy. In the middle of my 17th summer it happened. It blew my mind who it was with. It was my mom best friend Helen.

We were always close she always was touching me. Sometimes she would see me and say "oh look at your boobies" and like feel me up. After she did that I would go to my bedroom and masturbate it would drive me wild. One Sat she called me to come over to her house. When I showed up she was like a little drunk.

She ask me if would like a beer I said sure. I couldn't believe what she was wearing. A really short skirt and a really tight top that her nipples looked like they would rip through. I was couldn't take my eyes off of them. She gave me another beer and I could feel it.

It was really hot that night and I ask hey do you think we could go swimming, she said good idea. I ask her if I could use one of her bathing suits, she said why it is just us girls here. She then took off all her clothes and she was naked before me. I almost stop breathing... She told me well honey, I said uh ok so I stripped, and she like came up to me and put her warm hands on my boobies I almost fainted. She was rubbing them so good. She kind of broke the ice by say do you want to feel mine.

I was still stunned and mumbled yes. Her boobies were perfect. Her nipples were huge and erect. I can't remember what happened after that but she started kissing me like crazy, I was returning her kissing to. She pulled me down onto the rug in the living room and she was all over me my whole body was shaking like crazy. She started putting her fingers up my pussy and she said Oh I see you have a few cocks I nodded yes. She ah more than a few, she told me. She could get almost 4 of her fingers in me.

Her pussy was really hairy my mouth was dry from breathing hard She made her way down to my pussy and started licking and tonguing me. She got on top of me and her hairy pussy was staring me in the face. I just dove into it. She was so juicy and huge. She was like rubbing her pussy on my like hard. All of a sudden I felt a feeling really deep in my body it was coming hard and fast I exploded and she like drank and licked it up, because when I cum I like pee to. It was always embarrassing with a guy I couldn't stop Cumming.

I think I passed out. She stopped and ask if I like it, again I just mumbled yes, she said good. She told me to lie on my back and then she straddles my face and started to rock back and forth on my tongue. She started say Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Keep doing what I was doing. My whole mouth was inside her pussy lips. She started moaning really loud and then she exploded and did she explode she drench my face my hair, I tries to swallow it all but couldn't. She filled my mouth with a white milky stuff.

After she rolled off me I said dam. I ask her how she knew that I would go along with her. She said honey you have been giving me signs for years. I ask why didn't she do something sooner and she honey I have thought about that a lot but you were too young. I stayed the rest of the weekend at her house. We never did get out of the bedroom. She taught me so much. She told me would I mind if she introduce me to her friends I said hell yes.
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