How Many Times
Baby, I want you to cum---and cum again.

It drives me wild to watch you, and listen to you, and feel your body tense up, or shudder and twitch, or whatever the fuck you do while you are cumming. God, I love it. I can fuck you forever and hold back my hot white shit just to watch you cum as many times as you can. Fuck!

Screwing your pussy fast and hard, then slow and deep, pressing your shoulders into the bed while my ass is raising high then plunging into you again and again.

I want to feel you squirming beneath me.
I want to listen to your breathing, hear you gasp.
I want to hear you moan or growl or cuss me out while I have you and force you to take my big cock.

When I suddenly pull it out your eyes will be glued to me as I spread your thighs wide and drop my head onto your swollen wet lips. Feel me eating you sloppy and wet, listen to all the noises we make when I eat you with such abandon.
Hear me breathing hard as I fill your fabulous pussy with my thick tongue. Fucking you with my tongue now in the same wet, warm opening that was full of my cock just seconds ago.

Tell me how to make you cum again....shit, it's the most amazingly hot experience for me too! Makes my cock swell more each time, till it's stretching my skin and making me feel like it's going to explode on you.

Whisper, "Oh god..." as I'm licking your clit---side to side, up and down, tonguing circles around it as fast and lightly as I can till I feel you tensing again.

Cum for me, Baby. Push me to the edge by cumming while I watch you and listen to you and feel your body moving.

And while you're still cumming I'll force your legs up and open.....shove my straining prick into you and fuck you faster still, fucking you while you're cumming--driving you crazy!--till I groan and yell, "SHIT," finally shoot my stuff deep into your warm pussy. Groaning so's so incredibly sensitive.....

With you're fingers on your clit, you're cumming again, goddam! Still spurting my cum I pull out again, this time grabbing my big cock all covered with your cum and stroking it hard and fast, splattering your belly and pussy and your gorgeous smooth thighs. Slinging the last of my cum on you. Panting, breathing so hard, ecstatic. Fuck! You are amazing!

Cum for me, Baby. Let's see how many times we can make it happen tonight.

God I want to taste the wet mess between your legs, the cum splattered on you, smeared all over your thighs. Taste you, and press our slick bodies together as we cover each other's mouth with wild wet kisses.
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