How They Truly Met
Ellie held the card in her hand, her eyes glued to it. Not to the black back ground, nor the cute ghosts floating on the face of the card. A few shrieking black cats, also a few bats, their red eyes, toothy grins, none of these held her attention. It was the four words in the middle of the card, the third word, it's spelling could have only one meaning. She couldn't help smiling as she looked to her best friend Sue.

"Want to explain this?"

Sue looked up, an old roll of breath mints, a long strand of fuzz sticking to the next mint. She tossed it to the pile of throw aways that accumulated on the kitchen table.

Ellie was waving the card, smiling, as Sue blushed, a nervous laugh as she took the card from her friend.

"I can't believe I still have this."

She ran a strand of hair behind her ear. Her mind blushing more then her read cheeks showed. It was two years ago, her hair was pitch black, her eyes, blood red, thanks to contact lenses, of course.

"Sit down, Sue, you have a story to tell."


The banner seemed to be breathing from a north wind that night, lifting it, then gently falling back into place.

There was no one not in costume, women or men. Candle sticks, their fake flames set in glass (for safety) flickered somehow, fighting a breeze that wasn't there.

Cauldron's, set on round tables, a thick liquid bubbled under its mist, Sue saw a hand reach out of one, it hovered, then its skeleton fingers sinking back in.

Witches on brooms hung from the ceiling, their green faces cackling as they rode the night. Ghosts, made of ruffled paper bobbed and weaved in the air.

She had a black cape on, red trim on the edge of the collar. She unfastened the hook and eye buttons in front. Her cape slid off her bare shoulders. A headless horseman walking by, its pumpkin head in his hand took her cape to be hung. His "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" was loud enough to be heard over the music. A Frankenstein passing by looked Sue up and down. She burst out laughing when his little bolts popped off his neck.

Sue was getting many admiring stares. Her sheer, faded white shroud, torn here and there by time and decay showed teasing hints of her body. Her breasts spilled almost out, plenty of cleavage to see. She is pale in face and what body can be seen, but her lips are blood red, with a touch of black above and below them. A fresh wound on the side of her neck, two perfect puncture marks, dried blood trails leading down to her shoulder.

Thirteen ghosts prowled the room. All of them wearing glasses over their sheets. It was so silly, it was funny. A good witch of the north loved Sue's fangs when she smiled.

"What's with all the ghosts?" She asked a little person dressed as a hobbit. "They are the judges."

Sue watched them move around the room, not walk, somehow, they floated. She hoped she would win best costume. A woman will win, also a male, each getting the fantasy they wrote down earlier.

Frankenstein asked Sue to dance, he gave up trying to keep his little bolts adhered to his neck. She also danced with a mummy, and a few zombies.

At midnight, the music stopped, excited chatter stopped too. The ghosts took the floor, they danced to a mournful dirge. It was a bit eerie, seeing them float as a fog covered the floor.


Applause and cheers as the ghosts converged on Sue. Her fangs bared as she smiled, her eyes seem to glow, many a guy had quite a stiff one. The hobbit noted his hard on was well over proportioned for his body, he felt like he had a sword of flesh in between his legs. In a few moments, the ghosts would be back for him.

Sue felt a bit dizzy as the ghosts led her from her table, spinning around her in a tight circle. She stood in front of a rickety door, its hinges creaked as a ghost, its hand, part bone, part rotting stripped flesh opened the door for her.

Her heels echoed as she stepped into total darkness. She jumped as a hand grasped her's.

It was a warm hand. Torches burst into life, showing misshapen stone cemented together, Sue realized she was in a crypt.

A single chair waited for Sue, she sat down, the warm hand leaving her's.

She jumped when a bright light came into life, showing her a guy dressed just like Bettlejuice. Black and white stripped jacket and pants, frizzy, dried, wind blown hair, black around his eyes, making them look sunken.

His hands and ankles were shackled to the electric chair he sat in. His very white face would make one think he was quite dead, but his cock, hard, full of life color, stood straight up.


He blinked, snickered, showing a devilish grin. His restraints fell to the floor with a clang. He gripped his cock with his right hand, as white as his face, and stroked it, leering at her breasts.

Sue stood, Bettlejuice watched as she let her tethered gown fall to the floor. She removed her push up bra. His tongue licked his lips like an animal. Her panties came down her legs. He howled like a wolf, stroking faster, squeezing his cock hard.

"See anything you like?"

"Do you?"

His response dripped the utmost confidence in his long, curved cock. Sue nodded and crossed to him. She bent, her tits a breath from his mouth, nipples hard from the cold and his stroking his cock. She forgot he was no longer shackled to the chair. She jumped again as he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Her hand joined his, stroking, squeezing his balls. He removed his, reaching out, running his hands up her thighs as he switched to her other nipple. "Faster!" He panted, his teeth grazing her hard nub.


Sue crouched, her hand a blur on his pulsating cock, feeling it grow harder in her palm.

Her other hand rubbed her pussy, they came away soaked, Beetlejuice sucked, devoured her fingers into his mouth.

As soon as her mouth closed on his crown, his cock slid in between her lips like a snake through the grass. His hands forced her head down, his balls smacked her chin. His cock swelled like a hot pipe in her mouth.

Cum flooded her mouth! Beetlejuice groaned a wet throaty, noxious burp growl as he spurt deep into her mouth. She loved it!

Ellie asked if Sue ever saw the guy again? As if on cue, her boyfriend entered the kitchen, groggy from a nap, his hair the same wind blown style of Beetlejuice. He looked at them as they burst into girly giggles. Sue pocketing the card that read WHERE FANTASIES CUM TRUE" Streaks of cum ink running down from the word cum.

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