How a Young Woman Became a Sex slut for Black Men & Women

When I was 18 my best friend , James and I would slip into a private lake and go swimming near where I lived in Amsterdam. James was more worldly than I and had been dating girls for several years or more. To hear him tell it he got into most all of their pants. I don't know if it was true or not.... I just liked to hear hear his stories of women and sex. He was already 18, stoutly built and had the gift when it came to flirting and talking with the fairer sex.

I on the other hand was skinny at barely 5' 6'' girl with an underdeveloped little set of titties , and was also shy when it came to one on one conversations with any of the other boys, but seemed to have no problem around James and his boastful manly conquests. That when he told me had aroused feeling I never knew existed! I had only kissed one other boy before and that was at a birthday party where they were playing a danish version spin the bottle a kind of innocent fun for innocent young kids, and I certainly was what one would call a naive young virgin. My name is Tess. Well actually that is my nickname, as my real name was Contessa .... Even my Teachers at school called me Tess and never used my full name, except on official papers!

The private lake was called Ankeveense Plassen and had been used as saw mill that was now and had been dormant for many years. The owner allowed local families to use the Lake during the summer and on week ends it was always had few a fishermen and many more picnickers and swimmers. But during the week it was rarely used.

James and I decided to go swimming on a Tuesday. Because on Wednesday his girl friends parents went to their office in Amsterdam. So for him he could spend the whole day with her. I usually wore jeans and a shirt and went swimming in just my panties and a "T" shirt as I never wore a bra. This summer my bottom was really starting to fill out making my panties tighter than ever! My boobs were not developed yet but my nipples had done so, much earlier and were starting to become hard to hide under the "T" shirts I wore, especially when it was wet! James had never mentioned them, but I had caught him looking at me much different than the summer before, and because he had a girlfriend had never said or tried to do anything as we were well, just friends?

We were laughing and jumping around and splashing when a movement caught our eye. Being afraid of getting caught when we weren't suppose to be here and yet being curious we quietly waded our way toward where we saw the movement. The shoreline curved to the right for about 20' then curved back to the left, then back to the right again. Straight across from there was a huge oak tree. Beside that old oak was an older black couple in their late 40s or early 50s The big black woman and her husband were setting in chairs fishing.
What got our attention was, ... she has sitting on an old folding chair, wearing an old dress that was pulled up. Her legs were spread wide and as we got closer could see her pussy, because she was not wearing any panties!.

The top part of her dress had the buttons undone and her gigantic black boobs were unencumbered as it would have taken one hell of a bra to cover those things, not like me! This had left her big titties almost totally exposed. She was what one would call a big old black Mammy! Not ugly mind you just big!
As she watched us come closer we looked on, and me with wide eyed curiosity, "What you white kids looking at she said?. James being quite bold and not bashful at all, answered, "A big black pussy."!"Don't you know you came out of one of those." Boy?...She said!
James was quick of wit and came back with a comment that would fit here. "Yes but that is the first one I ever saw big enough for me to crawl back into." She laughed at that, and did not seem to be offended at all.

"You,.. little white girl," she pointed at me... "You can close yore mouth, ain't you never seen one before?"You know you got one too girl!

I,.. I gulped being caught looking most intently, and said, with out thinking "No Ma'am." mine isn't anything like that,....She chuckled... "No Ma'am... now ain't you one polite little white girl" Ill bet you got a tight little white pussy that ain't never been touched! I was speechless, how could she this old black woman I had just met possibly know I had never been with a boy?
Then her and James bandied words back and forth, and me curious with feelings I had never had before, as all I wanted to do was get closer to her pussy so I could get a close look at the thing. She lookin at me said, " If 'n you want a better look climb on up here girl." I won't bite,..then said like hell I won't... as she joked in a friendly manner?

In less that two seconds flat James and I were standing beside her..and .swimming was forgotten. She had pulled in her line and laid her pole aside as her husband said nothing still with his pole in the water was just setting there with grinning. She asked our names and we told her. James and Tess. Then said that hers was Maude waving her hand towards her husband and saying this is Ben, but paying him no attention to him. James had satisfied his curiosity having already seen one before apparently his girlfriend, I guessed? Then the black woman said..."Well Tess if you want to see it better bend down here girl and take a closer look," as she spread her legs even wider, this most interesting place beckoned to me.

I bent over and looked, I was only inches away from a fully grown female pussy and a black one at that! I had seen other girls pussy at school and of course mine, but nothing like this one as it was shaven clean . It didn't smell as bad as I had expected actually I had not realized it was quite arousing and the thought was very new to me. She chuckled and put her hands firmly on the back of my head and with me squirming forced my face directly into it. I was helpless to resist with my hands on her thighs and it just seemed natural to stick my tongue out as it easily found its way into her wet slit? Then she pulled me up until my lips were against a firm meaty hard piece of flesh! I heard her gasp and drawn in her breath, with a noise I had never heard a woman make?... I latched on to that clump of flesh and sucked on it. She said yeah , you go girl an do me good!. At first I had no idea what she wanted or what it was that I was sucking on or doing, as I was so naive not realizing that I had one that was the every bit the same, only white and much smaller! She was moaning and holding my faces so tight against her I could hardly breathe!

I heard her tell James, " C'mon young Buck suck these titties." I felt James being pulled closer.
After a few minutes all spent on her female love button (James told me later it was her clit) I never entered her pussy all that deep with my tongue. (Didn't know what I was supposed to do.) It seemed to work alright and she clinched her strong muscular thighs around my head almost smothering me then she held me even tighter as she shuddered and bucked, then wet my face really good as she experienced a pleasurable orgasm, and as she got off had loosened her grip on my head and relaxed her thighs! Then with my face wet and me blinking I could finally raise up enough to see James sucking on one of her big pointy nipples. The other one was hanging out so I got up, much to her objections and pulled it over and began sucking on her other big nipple, but had to hold her gigantic boob with both hands in order to do so!

James seeing I was no longer jammed in her pussy reached down and slid his fingers into her slit and he worked it hard. With his other hand he was pulling his swim suit aside and out jumped his white dick that was a bit bigger than I had imagined, but never having seen one had nothing to compare it with. Then he moved between her legs and tried to stick it into her.

She exploded with the word dam, boy! And threw James back into the water...I was afraid to move as I sucked her tit. James surfaced and said, " What did you do that for."? You white weenie boy she said, :"I didn't tell you,.. you could do that? You need to ask boy, even if you wanna fuck an old black cunt like me! Then in a deep lustful voice and looking straight at me said Tess, you girl can come and see me anytime?

Then stood up folded her chair, picked up her pole and stomped off down the lake shore leaving her husband there with us, and him just laughing at all that had taken place. But after a few moments he was looking at me, and with more than just fatherly interest? I must have been more attractive than I thought as no one had ever looked at me like this? The feelings in my pubes that had already been awakened from sucking on this old black woman's tit and pussy, and now to have her older black husband look me over like a tasty succulent young thing, one that his interest was becoming obvious to me, and was quite unsettling, a feeling that left a naive young girl like me with mixed sexual emotions of arousal, especially for a girl like me in the height of puberty!

I had not realized that my young nipples were very pronounced under the wet white "T" shirt, and that my thin white panties also wet but even wetter from the arousal of my young tender pussy, had sinfully shown and outlined my little mound, blond fuzzy muff, and pink tight little slit as if I was wearing nothing at all! When I finally realized this, my white fair skin had turned a dark pink as I blushed in the embarrassment of being out doors in broad day light and wearing almost nothing, and to have this old black man look at me as much more than the young skinny girl I thought I was?

After this, swimming time was over and we made our way back to our clothes. Got dressed and went home. Neither of us ever said anything about this incident. But it was quite unsettling and one that left me with some rather strange feelings between my young legs?

Wednesday James was with his girlfriend so I decided to go swimming on my own and had stripped down again to just my panties an "T" shirt, but with a much different feeling now knowing that my swimming attire made me look older and more appealing especially to this black couple, much more than I had ever imagined, and hoping that this black couple that seemed to have more than just a passing interest in me would again be there fishing? These feelings I had were hesitant and I not at all sure what they might do if they were actually there, but I was drawn? I walked down to the Oak where James and I had seen the couple fishing, and was disappointed than no one seemed to be around?

So had resigned myself to just a good swim, kicking and splashing around as a back stroked along enjoying the warm sun and cool water as I closed my eyes and was consumed by naughty thoughts of these two having their way with me! But I was not sure how a young girl like me and this old black couple would satisfy these feelings, as being so naive I had no idea what they were? With me randy sexed up and wanting I had paddled into a secluded cove that had strip of sandy beach and laid down to rest. Because the placed seemed so deserted even with the sun out, and I was so white and fair skinned thought I would be even naughtier had decided to sun bathe naked and had removed my "T" shirt and panties then laid down on the sand next to me, and closing my eyes for what I thought was only a moment?

Apparently I had fallen asleep and was awaken by the sound of voices standing over me! It was Maude and her husband Ben both were totally naked and as I looked up Ben had a black dick that would put James little white weenie to shame! I set up and was looking for my"T" shirt and panties that seemed to have disappeared? As both kneeled her husband behind me and Maude at my feet, said relax girl as she grasped my hands and pushed me back towards her husband this had left me naked and on my back in the warm sand, with her saying you are gonna really like this girl? Her husband Ben had taken my hands as he smiled down at me and pulling them back helplessly above my head and on either side of his knees, this left my head in between them, and with his big black cock sticking out and wagging about directly above my face! He was holding my wrists against the sand that left me unable to move?

Maude on the other hand had grabbed my ankles forcefully and had spread my legs so wide it hurt and was also down on her knees? There I was on the sand, totally naked and having no idea what this older black couple was going to do ,... to me? OMG! I was scared to death, but also strangely resigned to what ever was going to happen? I kept saying no, please don't trying to twist loose in an effort to free myself? Maude had spread her knees wide and put them on my ankles. She was a big strong woman and easily over powered me with just her weight alone that held my legs helplessly apart!

My heart was almost pounding out of my chest, she leaned forward and had first started playing with my pussy and then stuck her fingers into me a little at a time? Then farther and farther as she watched my face for my reaction? They were in farther than anything had ever been, as started moving them slowly back an forth that quickly became faster and faster! Like James had done to her before, but her fingers were much more experienced and knew just where to go, and then it happened! OMG! I had my first real trembling grown up orgasm! But to my surprise she kept it up as I blubbered helplessly with sexual bliss and incredible release the likes of which I had never ever imagined, one that made me so wet I gushed!

Finally to my unbelievable surprise, she had pulled her wet fingers out, and first held them up to her nosed as if smelling my sinfully sweet female sex? Then with me helplessly looking on in disbelief licked the slimy stuff off each finger one at a time like it was some sort of tasty sex charged nectar! Apparently it was,... as she was making grunting moaning noises , ones I had never heard a woman make?....Her husband Ben had been holding my wrists but after my first orgasm I was totally helpless and they could do anything to me, and I would have let them making no effort at all to resist! With me looking up occasionally his precum would drip onto my face and splatter into my eyes causing me to blink, as his big black dick wagged around!

He had been doing his part to help in my pleasurable seduction, and had after letting go of my now helpless arms had tried to grab my breasts, unable to do so settled for my overdeveloped hard nipples, having a hard firm hold on both of them, he pulled me up arching my back had bent my head down toward him?
Then OMG! She ? I could feel her pulling on my thin blond pubic hair and blowing her warm breath on my bare stimulated pussy paying close attention to my pea shaped little clitoris, a part of my anatomy I barely realized I had? The sensation was maddening as she pulled harder using the pubic hair to open me up! Then said mostly to herself, Oh! Child you got one sweet little pussy here girl, and ole Maudie is going to do you good, as she slowly started to lick the inside of my pink little slit and labia lips,.. most voraciously !

OMFG? Again the sensation was incredible, but I was not at all prepared for what happened next? After licking me good her hands and fingers pulled free of my over sensitive blond pubic hair and had grabbed both of my full soft and very young ass cheeks! Then buried her face in my muff, with her lips firmly around my upper labia lips and had sucked my now not so little pea shaped clitoris,... all the way in! I gasped, squealed and wiggled around like a stuck pig being chased and poked by a nasty sadistic butcher!

With me arched up even higher holding myself up and my head hanging up side down, I was gasping in surprise from Maude's attention with my mouth wide open, her husband Ben seeing the perfect opportunity had pushed his hard black dick that had been sticking straight up, apparently with the thought of doing bad things to me? Down and before I realized it had easily inserted the big bulbous cock head in my mouth! I tried to push him away as my white arms flailed about and pushing against his strong black arms with little success! He held me firm by my nipples with his cock in my helpless mouth! And took his time knowing I was a virgin at this, as I felt it slowly go deeper and deeper?

OMG! I had never in my young life ever thought someone like me could do this! But I was wrong as I had little choice, and Maude with her shoulders forced in between my legs held them helplessly apart and holding me up, with her expert big lips that had been sucking on me had left my clit for the moment? Being so naive and not knowing I was so close, had left me me breathless as her lips went from my young blond pubic hair and was sucking biting and kissing their way up most lovingly from this most virgin place! Across the no mans land, that flat bare white skin of my tummy, you know the place between my little muff, and button! And after mind boggling tingling sensations had finally arrived at my naval? Her tongue was whirling around on the inside of this crater touching and sucking the most sensitive nerve endings that were connected to the very center of my young untapped female sexuality!

The incredible sensations it was giving me were again feelings I had never known existed, as her lips after, again descended across this most sensitive place of my tummy! Returning to my now swollen and a bit larger pea shaped clitoris! Once there, Maude had resumed her aggressive and pleasurable sucking stimulation of my most intimate place! Being up and almost there one minute and then having a place on your body touched like no another, only to have that feeling change back to clitoral pleasurable abuse brought about the second and most mind blowing sexual experience a young woman could ever have, as I now returned the favor by wetting her face even better! OMFG! I would have screamed out the most pleasurable sound I could have made, but with the big black cock deep in my virgin throat could only gag an groan with wonderful feelings of incredible sexual release!

I would have easily collapsed had it not been for Maude at one end with her mouth full of my pussy sucking it in an pulling it up, and her hands on my bare bottom holding me up pushing me into her, and her husband at the other with a firm hold on my nipples pulling them harshly and his hard unrelenting cock in my throat impaling me! My hands and feet were both touching the sand as I was bent into a helpless upside down "U" shape! But they were of little use as these two used and abused my virgin young body as both ends, places that had never experienced or been used like this ever before! Maude still unrelenting kept after me allowing me no respite what soever as she sucked and sucked !

The sexual pleasure was wonderful and indescribable, but I was becoming so sensitive and over stimulated I could hardly stand it is her husband Ben came in my mouth,.. gagging me with cum flooding out of my mouth and nose, and me choking and gasping for air! But I was unable? ..To plead for her to stop as the sexual pleasure had slowly changed from this over stimulating , to sadistic abuse! There is a fine line between incredible pleasure and horrible sadistic abuse, and Maude with knowing pleasure, and me so helplessly being used like this had crossed from pleasure into real painful abuse! OMG! As Ben finally pulled his still hard cock free and I so young and so naive not sure what to do swallowed most of his cum, spitting out the rest then with cum all over my face screamed at her to stop!.. Please, please, Maude OMG! Please stop, you are hurting me, goooood?... A picture of Maude
The feeling was again sadistically wonderful I loved, and hated it! As Ben with my head still between his firm kinky haired thighs and me helplessly looking up at his big hard black cock and hanging balls that was still ejaculating short spurts of cum and was dripping strings of the gooey stuff into my face and eyes! I was shuddering shaking and trying to pull away with sexual sensations of youthful first time orgasms, that never seemed to stop,... as I screamed and screamed for her to stop! But all my screams had accomplished were for her to go after my virgin little pussy and clitoris with a most gobbling harsh and aggressive intent and as hard she possibly could!..........

I was so spent and left with the incredible feeling of total sexual release a feeling a young woman like me had never in her life, never ever experienced before, and one I would remember for a lifetime? It would also be a feeling I would enjoy again and again as I got older! I did not think in my young inexperienced mind that this little session with Maude and her husband Ben could get any better, but I was so fucking mistaken?.....

Finally Maude ,with grudging hesitation, and not wanting to, pulled her big experienced black lips free of my pea shape clitoris! The wonderful sensation and stimulation had ended with a most nasty slobbering wet sucking pop! As my former tiny little pea shaped clit now swollen, and not nearly as small pulled free ! OMG! The thing was more perked up and sticking out farther that it ever had, as she carefully almost lovingly laid my naked bottom down on the sand? As I laid there in gasping heart pounding bliss the likes of which a young girl like me had never before experienced. She let me recover, as Ben had finally let go of my nipples moving out of the way, and as the blood rushed into them I was again rewarded with blood starved tingling sensations I had never experienced, but had left them harder than ever!..

Laying there in the sand entirely spent, totally helpless and thinking to myself wow! Was that ever something, and expecting no more? Was surprised to see Maude slowly crawl forward as she grabbed my hard nipples, with the buzzing tingling of renewed sexual feelings quickly returning! She had used them as perverted hand holds to pull herself forward, followed by grabbing my head as her knees now on my shoulders were pinning me, and with her bottom on my chest had spread her legs wide to where I could see her glistening wetter than ever meaty pussy folds! For me the arousal was almost instant, I had no idea I was bisexual or even understood it, at such a young immature age the lustful feelings, that the sight of her enormous clitoris, and brown skinned pussy lips now wide open and dripping had again awakened in me? She was a big woman at well over # 200 , but the sand was soft enough for my arms to sink in as she slipped her long black fingers under my head and pulled me up firmly into her very large mature cunt!

She was so randy and really sexed up, as this time the smell was of a woman who reeked of sex and wanted to be orally pleasured from a young now horny little white girl like me, and had every intention of getting it! With or without my willing consent! I had not realized how swollen her clit and full labia lips were, as when I had sucked on her before she was not quite as excited or up for it! But now after sucking me off numerous times this, had stimulated her far beyond anything, she or I could have imagined?

I was totally helpless and entirely under her power as she adjusted her hold and guided my almost eager young lips to her more than stimulated perked out clitoris! There was no way I could help or stop what was about to happen, as I laid there helplessly and sucked for all I was worth! I was trying as I might to bite and pull the thing past my almost virgin lips and fully into my mouth, like she had done to me! Having a mouthful of this woman's incredible swollen meaty pussy folds and enormous clit was an under statement, as this horny old black woman had a cunt on her that would, as they say "Stop a Proverbial Clock"! ............And was one I, was going to have little choice but to pleasure!..

The feeling of being totally helpless and used like this along with the taste and erotic smell of this mature black woman's intimate sex was more like being forced to inhale high proof liquor that left me feeling sexually intoxicated! She with all that had happened, was almost dripping and her old cunt was oozing an incredible amount of stringy yellow sexual secretions that easily flooded into my mouth and had made my face very wet! It was so sickeningly erotic and all I seemed to want was more of the nasty stuff! She was holding my now holding my wrists tight, as she sat on my face making sure I was totally helpless as she leaned forward and started rubbing her big wet pussy folds roughly into, and all over my face, I did my best to keep my lips and teeth tightly around her big clit, and in order to do that had bitten into her harder that I thought!

The results had been most interesting as the combination of her wet, fucking of my face, and me aggressively biting this incredible piece of female flesh had enlisted a reaction that neither of us were quite prepared for, as her with a most erotic squeal let me have it with a wall of stringy female cum that had smothered me to the point of almost drowning! At about the same time apparently her husband Ben had started to play with my pussy first pulling my pink little virgin pussy lips as wide as possible that was arousing, although uncomfortable, but only made me want more? Then with my little clit so perked and hard, that had left it sticking out like a wild female bitch of an animal in heat, then flicked very hard with his thumb and fore finger! Had I not been smothered with wet labia would have yelped out in surprise! Then, he leaned down and had bit into the tender almost blood red little thing quite harshly that, OMG! Really made me jerk and squeal?

With me, in between the incredible pleasuring of Maude and her husband Ben's clitoral abuse! I had never experienced the sound that could be heard from a tough old broad as I bit her as hard as I possibly could! This had made her lift up with and unexpected start just enough so I could gulp in some air and scream out for him to stop! With some relief I felt Ben grab my ankles and lift them up and hold the apart then with his shoulders between my naked young thighs has taken his hand and guided his still hard big bulbous black cock head into my open sweet pink pussy lips! Before I could say so or even knew what was happening the hard shaft was slowly being forced into me! I was young and tight and had never been intimate with a boy and had only Maude's black fingers probe me earlier! My vaginal opening , and my tight young pelvic bone was resisting but he was a big strong man with lust, and a very hard dick that was hell bent on taking my innocence having no concern what so ever, even if it would have ripped me apart!

Ben had raised up and used his entire weight, also well over 200 # pounds and drove his black, hard 12" rod into me until it stopped, and would go no farther! I screamed and screamed even with Maude's big meaty wet cunt lips flapping around that were still almost smothering me, I am sure my painful terrified screams although muffled a bit could still be heard some distance away? It was like a hot poker, one of searing pain in my privates! My face was wet but tears of incredible hurt were mixed into the wetness that was all over my face! Then he still with little concern for my feelings, but for my own good pulled back and thrusted into me even harder that allowed the thing in just a little farther!

Wasting no more time on my feelings, started pumping into me again and again, the results first deadened the horrid pain in my vaginal tunnel that was to my surprise now starting to dull, as pangs of occasionally pleasure now started to surface?... To the point that my body, my pussy without my consciousness was actually thrusting up to match each of his harsh deep black thrusts! Then Maude shuddered and orgasmed all over my face again, as her husband Ben kept up his rhythm of lustful sex ! With most of the searing pain gone, it had been replaced by a pleasurable fucking that was quickly stimulating another mind blowing orgasm as we both after heated sex, Ben and I exploded together! All the while Maude continued to forcefully face fuck me rubbing herself as she continued her pleasurable after glow at my expense!

This, now wonderful feeling had overtaken all three of us with more than a satisfied feeling of sinful sex! Maude was first to roll off of me that let her husband Ben enjoy me as he leaned forward and placed his head in between my underdeveloped breasts and over developed large nipples, relaxing as the glow of taking a virgins most precious treasure waned ! He never apologized at all, as he / they knew this was what I wanted from our first meeting? But I being so young and naive, had no idea that it really was what I wanted, but now knew that it was! They apparently had taken my "T" shirt and panties when I was half asleep, and made no effort to give them back to me? I was stark ass naked full of cum my sweet young pussy, red sore and bruised and my face was sticky! Then I realized I was was going be late for home and said, thank you! Quickly jumping into the water and swam to the other side wearing nothing Now halfway clean had put on my shirt and cut off jeans, it was almost dark and with me still excited and my heart pounding I finally made it home!

I am sure you can guess what happened after this devirgining of me, and with kinky sexual pleasure I did not know existed only several days ago. Was now most appealing to me as more and more of that summer was spent with me on this sandy beach pleasuring Maude and Ben and them doing the very same to me!When the summer was over they had invited me to spend some time with them in their modest home as Maude said that I needed to meet several other older black couples like them that would love to meet me But this is another story? OMG! Did I ever love them, and this was my start into satisfying world of pleasurable abuse, and how I became a sex slut for black men and women!
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