Hubby's debt
Hubby's debt

Jen and Sam had been together since junior high school and neither had been with anyone else when they married right out of school. That had been twenty years ago.

From the very start of their relationship, they'd declared they didn't want kids and Sam had even used condoms even though Jen was on the pill. A few years into the marriage, Sam had a vasectomy.

Sam liked a gamble and Jen didn't mind at first because he only bet on the occasional sports game and it wasn't really that much money. But, gradually, the habit grew and she didn't know he was betting all the time.

They'd always enjoyed a very active sex life — right until Sam had to tell Jen he'd got in deep with loan sharks to cover his gambling losses. Fat and fire! They were deep in debt and Sam started sleeping in the guest room. Jen thought he was either too ashamed to face her or maybe he was so depressed that he couldn't get it up to satisfy her. She really didn't know or care at that moment— she just wished he would get his act together and clear up his mess. Meanwhile, she turned to her toys but they weren't satisfying enough, not a long term solution or compensation for real flesh and blood.

When they'd first dated, Sam had loved bondage: tying and gagging Jen, occasionally a little bit of pain. Jen loved it, too, and she trusted Sam implicitly. Now, tossing aside her dildo in her lonely bed, she longed to be taken by Sam, tied up and fucked again.


It was about five when Jen got home from work and was surprised to see a note from Sam on the kitchen table. It told her to get her STUFF and that he'd be home in a few hours. Jen trembled with excitement, hardly able to believe her eyes. Sam used to leave notes like it all the time and she knew what it meant.

It had been so long since they'd done anything — let alone anything like this — that Jen was almost overwhelmed with anticipation. For once, she didn't give a second's thoughts to their lingering financial problem as she ran a hot bubble bath and took a long hot soak, relaxing and making sure she was spotlessly clean. Sam liked to fuck her in all three holes when she was bound and gagged.

After she towel-dried, Jen got her box of STUFF from the bedroom closet. She took out the handcuffs, ballgag, and blindfold, placing them on the bed ready for when Sam texted that he was on his way home. Then she would put everything on.

Waiting for the text seemed like an eternity. When a text arrived on her cellphone, she quickly picked it up to check that it was from Sam. Yes! Her hands were trembling so much Jen didn't think she'd be able to put the stuff on. But, first, she had to go into the front room. When he opened the front door, Sam liked her to be the first thing he saw — naked on her knees, facing him.

Jen placed the ball in her mouth and secured the straps tightly behind her head. Sam liked it to be tight — the tighter it was, the farther the ball would go into her mouth and the less noise would escape while he fucked her hard.

Next, she put on the blindfold, ensuring she couldn't see anything at all, not even a glimmer of light. Finally, she cuffed her hands behind her back. They could only be unlocked with the key that Sam kept on his house and car keys chain.

On her knees, bound, gagged, and blindfolded, it thankfully didn't seem very long before she heard the front door open and close. Every time she'd waited for Sam like this, he'd always patted the top of her head and called her a good girl. This time he didn't speak at all.

Instead, he walked behind her, helped her to her feet, and roughly ushered toward the bedroom. Jen loved this different treatment and, in the bedroom, she went happily to her knees when he pressed down on her shoulders. There, Jen waited, listening to movement in the room. She assumed Sam was undressing and it was only moments before she felt him near her again. He ran fingers through her hair then undid the straps and removed the ball gag from her mouth. Jen knew better than to speak.

Next, she felt Sam's hand on the back of her head and the tip of his cock touched her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth, wanting him. Slowly, he slid his cock between her lips into her mouth... and down her throat. Jen blinked behind the blindfold. His cock seemed longer and thicker — maybe it's because of all the abstinence, she thought —but, hey, she wasn't about to complain.

As he continued sliding it down her throat, Jen knew it was longer because she began choking and gagging. She'd never choked on Sam's cock before, not even the first time she gave him a deep blowjob.

Sam started to fuck her mouth and throat, slowly pulling his cock all the way out until just the tip was in her mouth then sliding fully back in until Jen's nose touched his pubic hairs. She gagged with each long stroke. God, she loved it. Sam hadn't treated her like this in a long time.

Suddenly, a thought struck her: maybe he'd paid off his gambling debts and got his self-esteem back. Great — but, really, while he was treating her like this she didn't care one way or another!

Sam started to speed up. He still shoved all the way down her throat but he went incredibly faster and she barely had time to stop choking and gagging before he pulled out and gave her a facial. Another first! He'd never done it before but Jen loved the feel of his warm cum splattering and running on her face.

Jen decided she'd tell him how much she liked the new Sam but, before she could speak, the ball gag was back in her mouth and the straps secured tightly behind her head. Sam roughly turned her around, put a hand on the back of her head and shoved her upper body onto the bed, knees remaining on the floor. Sam spanked Jen's big bare ass with his hand so hard tears welled in her eyes. After a couple of minutes of this, she felt him slap her hot, tender ass with his rigid cock.

Then her ass cheeks were parted and his tongue was in her hole. Yet another wonderful novelty. Sam had never licked her asshole before but it felt so good Jen thought she would cum quickly. Yet, when she thought she couldn't hold back anymore, Sam stopped and guided the broad head of his cock to her asshole.

Grasping Jen's hips, Sam held her steady. But he struggled to get even the head into her ass and Jen squirmed from the mounting pain, unable to understand what was happening. Apart from when he'd taken her anal virginity, it had never hurt before. Now, Sam got a firm grip on her hips and, with one mighty thrust, forced the head into her puckered hole.

The pain was excruciating and Jen instinctively tried to turn around, get off the bed but, after another hard slap on her big ass, she calmed down. Sam pushed his cock deeper into Jen's ass and the pain was awful. She tried to kick out but Sam leaned into her and put a stop to that. She tried to scream but the ball gag prevented anything more than a spitting mumble escaping from her saliva-dripping lips.

Sam kept working his cock into Jen's ass until she felt his balls slap against her trembling buttocks. She was shaking her head, still trying to scream, but he leaned down and caressed her face with his fingertips. "Shush, shush," he whispered before easing back to leave only the head inside. After a few moments pause, he drove his cock back in, faster and harder. Again Jen tried to scream and kick out but it was useless.

Sam fucked her ass faster until she loosened and then he got into a good rhythm. It was then that Jen actually started to enjoy it. She even pushed back to meet his plunging erection and, when she approached orgasm, he slowed to deny her. Again, he'd bring her to the brink — and stop. God, this is so fucking frustrating, she thought, but she also liked it. When she was eventually allowed to have an orgasm, she expected it would be fantastic. And she was right.

Sam took her to the edge another three times before he finally let her orgasm. Her whole body shook like she was going into convulsions and the waves of pleasure that flowed through her were like nothing she'd ever felt and she didn't think she could possibly stop cumming.

Sam also unloaded and when they'd both stopped, he turned her onto her back. He pushed her legs up until her knees almost touched her chin and he slid his cock into her pussy. She was sopping wet and he easily entered up to his big balls.

Jen couldn't remember the last time Sam had filled all her holes in one night. Certainly not in the last ten years, she thought, as he wasted no time settling into a steady rhythm. With the ball gag inserted so far into her mouth, Jen was breathing heavily through her nose while he powerfully plunged in and out of her stretched pussy. Her heartbeat was so rapid she thought for sure it would explode.

It wasn't long before Jen came again and Sam's cum filled her cunt to overflowing. My God, she thought, I don't know what's got into Sam — but I hope he keeps it up.

Within a few seconds, Sam withdrew his long cock and left her alone on the bed, panting to steady her breathing. She heard movement but couldn't believe it — was Sam getting dressed? No, he never got dressed before taking off her cuffs and other stuff.

After a couple of minutes, the bed rocked and a kiss landed on a cheek. An unfamiliar voice said, "Anytime Sam needs a week's extension on his loan, tell him to let me know and I'll come round for another visit."

Jen gasped. She couldn't believe she'd been fucked in all her holes by a stranger. She heard the bedroom door shut and, in the silence, she lay thinking about what had just happened. Then, despite the damn gag rammed in her mouth, she smiled, feeling cum seeping out of her well-drilled pussy and ass.

‘I think my big cock visitor will be making quite a lot of visits,' she thought, squeezing her thighs together. ‘It's been such a long time since Sam won a bet. He can't find a winner to save his life.'

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