I'm sorry, officer
I sped through the night.
Wind whipped through the windows, and my hair, along with it. I was giddy with the feeling of excitement.

It is five past midnight and I'm alone on the dark mountain road. Atleast, I thought I was.

Blue lights shown through my windows and a blast of siren made me jump. I looked down realizing I was ten past the speed limit.
I slowed and pulled to the shoulder.
I saw a figure approach, my identification ready.

The figure lowered over my window. "Pass it over." He said. I could barely hear him. He must of saw what I was holding. Well this is all good, but I can't see shit. He was a dark mass.

I handed him my license and registration with a quivering hand. His enormous hand was open palm up. I placed them carefully in his hand. "I am sorry officer. I just got great news and I was hurrying to tell my family."

He says nothing, just shines the light on my cards and walks back to his car for a few moments.

I jump when he returns. The dark and the quiet footsteps spooked me. He left his flashlight in the cruiser. "Step out of the vehicle, please."

I release the seatbelt and open door and swung my bare legs over and stood. My heels make a crunching noise on the gravel. Feeling uneasy, I slide my hand over my short skirt, trying to make it seem longer. The pulling and tugging did not go unnoticed.

"Stop fidgeting and place your hands on the roof of the car." He stood back a couple of feet, watching.

"Miss Jackson, did you know you have unpaid parking tickets?" He said softly. Somehow he sounded a little to satisfied at this information.

"Yes officer," I said over my shoulder, in a slow nervous whisper. I have had my license for three years now and this is actually the first encounter I have had with an officer.

I knew those parking tickets were going to catch up with me, but I have just been too busy to care.

"Please, just write me a ticket so I can just go home." I said in a pleading tone. I arched my back to pop my ass out. Hoping that this alluring affect would get his mind off my traffic violations. Why not, it worked for my room mate.

My head was jerked back suddenly and a deep angry growl erupted from my officer. "What are you trying to do princess?" His husky voice sent chills down my spine, and goose bumps spread over me.

I was scared but turned on. Ticket or not, I was glad I sped down this road tonight. I arched again and my skirt hiked up and the lower part of my panty clad ass brushed over the crotch of my new pet.

He ground into me and leaned down to take a nip of my shoulder. My arm came back and over my head to wrap around his. My hand dug into his soft curls. I had no clue what he looked like, but what I felt of him was damn nice.

He slid down and his thumbs clasped my underwear from beneath my skirt. The slow slide down my legs was followed by an eager tongue. I stepped out of them and kicked them off the tip of my shoe. My legs spread a little wider I tiptoed a little higher anxious to feel his tongue somewhere else.

I was rewarded with a slow spread of my thigh and an open invitation was spread before him. The tip of his tongue flicked my clit and I heard him smack his lips. "Mmmm..." I heard.

The torture of his teasing was getting to me. I could not back up cause he had a good hold on me. My juices were trickling down and dripping from me. I was so fucking wet.

He used his lips to clasp at me and drag me in with little suckles. I squealed and shuddered with each tug of his lips. I encouraged him with sexy whispers and suggestions. His nose teased me and he blew at me with his warm breath.

I had never felt this kind of pleasure. His attention and focus made it all the more erotic.

He stood and raised my left leg. His hand curled up under my knee, was warm, strong, and steady.

I finally saw his face, illuminated from the cruisers lights. His hair framed with brown curls and his face....Well his face was magnificent. His eyes were drawn down with a sleepy, sexy look. His smile was wide and I was rewarded with a beautiful set of white teeth. I melted from that smile.

His knuckles brushed me intentionally as he unbuckled his belt and lowered his zipper. His hand pulled at me to bring my moist cunt in contact with him.

He slipped into me, no pause. I was tight and wet and he was pleased with this. I strained to get closer. He slid in and out of me, struggling to control himself. He started quaking and growling with that sexy growl of his.

He rotated his hips against me, spreading my juices all around. The friction stimulated my clit and I arched up against him to feel more.

My ass slammed into the door of the car. I felt him deep and stimulating that sensitive spot up inside me. His cock is almost too big but he managed to bury himself deep then stopped. He was enjoying the feel of my pussy walls suckling him. My hips twisted and I knew this was what he wanted. No piston motions only a twisting, churning dance. He could not pull away. He whimpered and moaned, "Oh fuck, your pussy is so tight. I want to feel you fucking explode."

That crooked smile and a tilt of his hips ignited me into a frenzy. I bucked and screamed, "Fuck me!" I clawed at him, pulling on his tie and his shirt. "Oh god! Please fuck me baby. Cum with me." I flopped and twisted. Squeals and grunts erupting from within me. My hair flung around and his laughter was the music I danced to.

He lifted me and slammed me hard against the car, "Is this what you want, baby?" He grinned and his steady gaze stayed on my face, studying my reactions. His hips slammed hard against me, his cock buried deep and exploding a load so deep into me. "Oh fuck! I am cumming baby! You feel me? My cock is swimming in the juices." He groaned and whispered this into my ear, harshly. We were glued to the side of my car.

His hips twitched and he stayed deep in me, even after we came down from our high. He kept gliding in me and I felt myself build again.
The slow motions brought on another exciting dance, but I found myself astraddle him on the ground.

My hips grinding into him and screaming 'fuck me' and 'Got a ticket for this, bitch?'
I had him trapped beneath me, laughing and reaching for me. I slapped his hands away and tore his shirt open. I clawed at him and bit him.

I came hard and violent, twisting my hips and bouncing eagerly. He jerked up and came hard deep inside me. "Damn, you are nonstop baby." His strokes slowed and eased to nothing. He laughed weakly and pulled me down into his arms. "What are we gonna do now?" He whispered in my ear.

He stood and pulled me along with him. "Get dressed and move along. I will be contacting you about those tickets." He leaned in and licked at my lips, whispering. "I have your information." Then he turned to leave.
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