mistress_of_leather: Good evening

hereiam: How are you tonight? Are ad

hereiam: Are you as horny as I am?

mistress_of_leather: Doing good

mistress_of_leather: How horny are u?

hereiam: Very

mistress_of_leather: What has you so hard

hereiam: I am not sure, but it comes pretty naturally

hereiam: So is that a yes?

mistress_of_leather: LOl

mistress_of_leather: I does that to me as well

mistress_of_leather: it

hereiam: How was your weekend? Dream of getting "raped?"

mistress_of_leather: Yes i DID

hereiam: Really?

mistress_of_leather: It was an amazing dream

hereiam: Tell me about it

mistress_of_leather: I was walking downtown

mistress_of_leather: small mini dress with lace boy shorts on

hereiam: I like it already

mistress_of_leather: I had a few drinks at a bar and wasnt paying much attention

mistress_of_leather: it was a few more blocks to the car, dark with very few street lights

hereiam: Perfect setup

mistress_of_leather: I hadnt noticed the huge guys standing next to the garage opening

hereiam: Guys, plural?

mistress_of_leather: Yes

mistress_of_leather: Large, one white with low cut hair and tattoos on both arms

mistress_of_leather: the other a bit bigger with hair braided back black with a very hard look

mistress_of_leather: I was walking and the black guy jumped in front of me blocking my way

mistress_of_leather: I still had on idea the other guy was behind me, till I had a hand reach from behind me and grab my throat

hereiam: Mmm a little rough

mistress_of_leather: I throw my purse at the guy in front of me

mistress_of_leather: thinking that they would take the money and go.

mistress_of_leather: I was wrong and the grin that came over the guys face told me I was in trouble

hereiam: I bet it did

mistress_of_leather: I felt a hand grab my pussy and push a finger in

mistress_of_leather: I wasnt wet and could feel the rough skin push my lips apart

mistress_of_leather: I screamed but the only sound that came out was the first bit of air

mistress_of_leather: as his hand closed in on my windpipe

mistress_of_leather: he picked me up with his finger still inside me

mistress_of_leather: took me in to some office in some part of the garage

mistress_of_leather: my dress was the first to be ripped off Im not even sure which did it but the white guy still had my throat

mistress_of_leather: the other hand was now pulling my nipple and he licked the side of my face

mistress_of_leather: the other guy was on his knees licking my clit through the lace

mistress_of_leather: I was scared and still getting wet

mistress_of_leather: I couldnt see him but he had to be enjoying it cause the moans were getting loud

mistress_of_leather: i could feel the erection of the guy behind me

mistress_of_leather: It was hard , long and pushing into my ass. but the head was on my lower back

mistress_of_leather: my heart was beating fast

mistress_of_leather: i wasnt sure if it was from fear or expectation of the dick being forced in me

mistress_of_leather: both i guess

mistress_of_leather: as soon as the thought was there his dick was forced in to my ass

mistress_of_leather: The pain of it was so much tears filled my eyes

mistress_of_leather: as he pulled out and pushed in again I couldnt see my vision blurry from the tears

mistress_of_leather: as i was trying to deal with the pain my pussy was filled by the other guy

mistress_of_leather: they pushed and pulled my ass my pussy till all i could feel was the pleasure.

mistress_of_leather: It seemed to go on forever

mistress_of_leather: me cumming to many times for me to remember

mistress_of_leather: the feel of my ass filled with cum made me moan

mistress_of_leather: which made the guy in my pussy do the came

mistress_of_leather: as the pulled out my legs wobbled and i fell to the floor

mistress_of_leather: I didnt see them leave but a few minutes later i looked around and it was just me in that dirty office on the floor

mistress_of_leather: That was one night I would never forget, thats when I woke up

mistress_of_leather: and I was very wet
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