The very 1st time I went to my girlfriends house we went up to her bed room and played around. Well one thing led to another and we were both naked and eating each other. While we were in the bed with me pounding her young pussy...her other enters the room and say's in a loud vice...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY DAUGHTER??? It literally scared the shit out of me (I thought we were alone in the house) I pulled my dick out of her so fast I thought I was pulling her inside out. I looked at her mother trying to recover when my gf said...Oh mother...if you want some get over here and get naked...I had a huge lump in my throat...her mother started to smile and laugh and started to take her clothes off. She looked at me and said...don;t work your OK...I just had to do that.

While my mind was trying to make sense of what just happened her mother got naked and started to eat my gf's...her daughters pussy. after about 5 gf told me if I wanted to fuck her mother...I can fuck her doggie while she eates her daughter. I got behind her mother and started to fuck her. I was pounding her ass with my balls slapping against her pussy just like I was pounding my gf when her mother walked in. Well we all played sucked and fucked for a long time. After about 1-2 hrs we all went down stairs...NAKED. We were sitting around having cocktails when her oldest daughter came in. She immediately asked who I was and started to remove her clothes. OMG what a fucking body///blonde hair and long legs. OH I forgot to say that mom and older daughter did not believe in shaving their pussies. Mom had the hairiest pussy I have ever seen between a woman legs and her daughter has the 2nd hairiest. Anyway...the daughter made a beeline to me and sat next to me and aksed...I see you've met my mother then she began to play with my dick..stroking it slowly at first then a little faster the bigger it got util she got on her knees between my legs and started to suck me...let me tell you..the girl can pull vacuum. I thought she was got to suck my balls out through my little pee-hole.

While she was sucking me my gf got between her sisters Legs and started to eat her sister hairy pussy. The mother asked me...are you enjoying yourself. I was trying to say DUH!! but it wouldn't come out.

After a while after WA all had done each other we were sitting and having drinks whne the younger daughter came home form school. When she walked in I was dumbfounded...she was so fucking sexy looking. A white tight blouse with a short pleaded shirt. I could tell she had a nice pair of young titties. My gf told her to come over that she wanted to introduce me to her. She came over and said I see you've met the family. AND OMG she started to undress in front of me...1st the blouse...then the skirt. There is front of me was a (I didn;t know it at the time but she was 16) sexy young girl with a killer tight ass body. Her breast were perfect....she had no right having those kind of titties..(kidding). She removed her bra and there in frony of me were the firmest most gorgeous set of titties I think I had ever seen. She asked me if I was imbarassesd...I fumbled out a NOOO. Then she straddle me and put her right tit in my face and grabbed the back of my head and said...don't you want to suck it? Remeber all this time my gf. her mother and older sister were sitting there watching. So I decided I wanted to suck her tit...and did. I also sucked her left tit. Well eventually we wound up on the flood naked, Whe I removed her panties and saw her cute and sexy hairy patch I knew I had to eat it. I positioned myself between her legs and stated to eat and suck away. I worked my way up to her young lips and let me dick search for her young tight didn't take long. As I tried to enter her hole I found more difficult than ever before with other women. The I thought to she a virgin? So I got on y knees and stuck my dick in her pussy and slowly 'forced' it deep inside her....she was sooo tight my dick actually was burning. After I was in all the way I slowly started to go in and and out until she was so wet that is was easier but still tight. That's when I started to really pump her little pee-hole.

I'm thinking to myself I have literally died and gone to heaven. In a matter of 6-7 hrs I have just fucked my gf...her mother...her older and young sisters....HELL I WAS IN HEAVEN.
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