I Catch My Brother and Mother Fucking
I have an early college class today so I grab my backpack and run out the door to my car.

After I am on the road for about five minutes, I realize that I forgot my cell phone, so I turn around and drive back home. I park the car then enter the house through the back door.

When I get inside, I glance over towards the living room and see that Mom is sitting on the couch. She is unaware of my presence because she is facing away from me.

I grab my phone from the kitchen table then notice that she is softly moaning. I wonder why she is doing that, so I slowly approach the back of the couch to investigate.

When I get close enough, I can see why she is moaning. My mother and brother are both naked and he has his face buried between her legs!

I am shocked with disbelief but I don't panic or say anything.

I slowly back away and get to vantage point in the dining room behind a wall where I can see them perfectly.

I realize that I have my cell phone in my hand and it has a camera built into it, so I start taking pictures. My mother is moaning so loudly that she will never hear it click.

After a few minutes my brother stands up then Mom lays down on the couch and pushes a pillow under her head to make herself comfortable.

My brother then gets on his knees between her legs and she guides his hard cock to her pussy entrance. He slowly moves his hips forward and I take some great pictures of his cock slowly disappearing inside her. After his cock is all the way in, he leans forward over the top of her and supports himself on his elbows while he slowly fucks her.

I hear Mom tell him, "Honey, don't ejaculate inside me this time because I just took a shower. Let me know when you are ready and you can cum in my mouth."

My brother starts speeding up and Mom starts screaming, "Give it to mommy! Fuck your mommy good! Fuck her! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her! Fuck her good! Shove your cock in your mommy has hard as you can! Give her a good fucking! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck your mommy!"

My brother is really giving our Mom a good fucking and I can see her big firm breasts bouncing wildly around on her chest!

After three or four minutes my brother suddenly pulls his cock out of her then stands up in the middle of the living room and begins to feverishly masturbate.

Mom quickly scrambles off the couch and gets down on her knees in front of him. He immediately shoves his cock into her open mouth and ejaculates.

Mom swallows over and over several times then wraps her fingers around the base of his cock and pumps it towards her mouth a few times to get out the last few drops.

I take one last picture then slowly make my way through the kitchen and quietly open the back door.
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