I Catch My Mom and Brother Having Sex Fantasy
My alarm clock just woke me up, so I reach over and turn it off. I have an early class at the college and need to take a quick shower and get ready. I pull the blankets away from my naked body and stand up in front of the mirror to check if my brother made another hickey on my neck. He did that last month and it lasted for entire week. I like being a slut, but I prefer not to advertise my lifestyle.

Anyway, I look closely in the mirror and see one faint mark. Damn my brother! It is hardly noticeable, but I am going to tell him that he can't have sex with me for a whole week to punish him. I turn around and jump on my bed then playfully tap him on the side of his face to wake him up. He turns over on his back and opens his eyes then I tell him, "Look at my neck! You put another damn hickey on me! I told you before to never do that again, so I am cutting you off for an entire week! Now, get out of my bedroom and go to yours!"

Instead of getting out of my bed, he pulls me on top of him and tries to kiss me! He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes! I forcefully push his arms away from me then get off the bed and tell him, "I am going to take a shower and I want you out of my room when I get back!"

I leave my room and start walking naked down the hallway. Mom's bedroom door is open, so I stop and look in. She is just getting out of bed, so I say to her, "Good morning Mom! I am going to take a shower. Do want to come with me?"

She replies, "I will be there in a minute."

The shower in the bathroom is huge and easily accommodates two people. In fact, it is so large that it does not even require a shower curtain. Before my brother and I began having a sexual relationship I would have preferred having a curtain because he would walk in on me once in a while. If our parents were home, all I had to do is scream at him to get out and he would leave. If we were home alone, I could scream all that I wanted, but he would just stand there watching me, so I just had to put up with his perverted behavior.

Anyway, I turn on both the shower heads then step in and enjoy the warm water cascading down on my beautiful naked body. Moments later Mom joins me. We make our bodies all soapy then we do each others backs. After shampooing our hair, we embrace and begin french kissing each other.

For being thirty eight years old my mother is exceptionally beautiful for her age. In fact, we are often mistaken as sisters when we go out shopping. We even wear the same dress size and borrow each others clothes on occasion.

We continue kissing while we run our hands all over others naked bodies for little while, then Mom gently pushes me up against the tile wall. She begins planting loving kisses on my neck then works her way down to my breasts and begins softly biting my erect nipples. After a few moments she gets down on her knees and buries her face in my pussy. After years of practice she really knows how to please me and can bring me to an orgasm in just a few minutes.

I put my hands on the back of her head and thrust my pelvis harder into her face as she flicks her long tongue in and out of me. I softly say to her, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God that feels good Mom! I am almost there! Don't stop! Oh yes! Oh yes! Please don't stop!"

Suddenly, I have a tremendous orgasm that races through me and makes my whole body tremble!

I continue leaning against the wall and running my hands all over my tingling naked body while Mom stands up then steps out of the shower. She grabs a towel to dry herself off, so I look at her and say, "Mom, don't you want me to do you?"

She replies, "We better stop now because you will be late for school. Hurry and get dressed. I will make you a slice of toast with strawberry jam on it to eat before you leave."

A few minutes later I meet Mom in the kitchen just as she is spreading the warm toast with jam. While I am eating, I notice that she is still naked, but I don't say anything. She often walks around the house naked while my brother and father are still in bed, but today she has on high heel shoes. That is kind of odd, but I don't have time to have conversation with her.

I finish my toast then grab my backpack and run out the door to my car. After I am on the road for about ten minutes I realize that I forgot my cell phone, so I turn around and drive back home. I park the car then enter the house through the back door. When I get inside, I glance over towards the living room and see that Mom is sitting on the couch. She is unaware of my presence because she is facing away from me. I grab my phone from the kitchen table then notice that she is softly moaning. I wonder why she is doing that, so I slowly approach the back of the couch to investigate.

When I get close enough, I can see why she is moaning. My brother is naked and has his face buried between her legs!

I am shocked with disbelief but I don't panic or say anything. I slowly back away and get to vantage point in the dining room behind a wall where I can see them perfectly. I realize that I have my cell phone in my hand and it has a camera built into it, so I start taking pictures. My mother is moaning so loudly that she will never hear it click.

After a few minutes my brother stands up then Mom lays down on the couch and pushes a pillow under her head to make herself comfortable. My brother then gets on his knees between her legs and she guides his hard cock to her pussy entrance. He slowly moves his hips forward and I take some great pictures of his cock slowly disappearing inside her. After his cock is all the way in, he leans forward over the top of her and supports himself on his elbows while he slowly fucks her.

I hear Mom tell him, "Honey, don't ejaculate inside me this time because I just a shower. Just let me know when you are ready and you can cum in my mouth."

My brother starts speeding up and Mom starts screaming, "Give it to mommy! Fuck your mommy good! Fuck her! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her! Fuck her good! Shove your cock in your mommy has hard as you can! Give her a good fucking! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck your mommy!"

After four or five minutes my brother suddenly pulls his cock out of her and he stands up in the middle of the living room floor then begins to masturbate feverishly. Mom quickly scrambles off the couch and gets down on her knees in front of him. My brother immediately shoves his cock into her open mouth and I can tell that he is ejaculating because his whole body suddenly becomes rigid and he holds still.

Mom swallows over and over several times then wraps her fingers around the base of his cock and pumps it towards her mouth a few times to get out the last few drops.

I take one last picture then slowly make my way through the kitchen and quietly open the back door.
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