I Fell in Love with my Wife's Sister
As has happened over the last number of years, my wife's sister, Sara, had come to visit for the weekend. This was nothing out of the ordinary, it probably happened about five or six times a year. Everyone had their routine down and it was comfortable having her around.

To be clear, I've had the biggest crush on Sara for the longest time and after a few drinks I'd tease my wife about it. She never thought much of it and always thought that it was cute. These two were close so she appreciated that I took interest and never had a problem with her being around. In all reality...I loved her being around.

We were in the middle of remodeling our house this time that Sara visited. The guest bathroom was tore up so we were all operating out of our master bath for the next three days while Sara was here.

We had decided that we'd go out on Saturday night. So with that being said, we needed to coordinate our prep time so we could all shuffle in and out of the one bathroom we had open to us.

The night had started out slow. My wife had need to run to town and run some errands and get some groceries. I was still outside working and Sara was going to use this as her time to get ready. I had been outside all day and saw my wife leave. Again, thinking nothing of it I continued to finish up what I was working on. I came inside to get ready and walked into our bedroom to change out of my dirty work clothes and get into some lounge wear while I waited for Sara to finish up. The door to the bathroom was cracked some and I could hear Sara in the shower. I took my clothes off and changed. As the three of us had become awful close over the years, I didn't hesitate to walk into the bathroom and throw my dirty clothes into the clothes hamper that was behind the shower. We had a solid curtain shower so Sara never really had paid attention that I walked in. I hadn't really given any thought to all of this either.

And then...out of the corner of my eye as I passed the shower, there was slight opening between the wall and the shower curtain. I just so happened to see this out of the coner of my eye as I threw my clothes in the hamper. I had to do a double take and my heart jumped up it's pace to about 100 mph as I looked in again. There was Sara, facing me, with the shower raining down on her. Her hands were up in her hair, washing the soap out. She had her head slightly tilted back with her eyes closed. There she stood, her perky little B cup tits hard from the water...the warm water running down her tan body, glistening in the light shining down. She had a soft stomach, in no means fat, but just the softness of a woman in her mid twenties that worked out some but not religiously. She didn't care what she ate, she naturally was able to stay somewhat fit. Her self confidence was one of the biggest attractions. Anyways, she had just a little lower gut on her, which I've always found sexy as hell. Long story short, she had a womans body. Curves in the right place, not fat, not skinny but built right. As I continued my gaze down her body, her pussy was freshly shaven, bald and smoothe, but she had some fat lips on her that seemed to be held together like a zipper. Her hips down to her toned thighs and all the way down to her feet continued to glow with the water running down her tan body.

I really didn't know what to do. My heart was racing, my dick was instantly hard and I all of the sudden it felt like I could have my wife's sister all to myself for a short while. Emotions were running through my head all over the place. Could I? Should I? I'd never felt like I'd ever cheat on my wife, but honestly IF I ever did, it'd be with her sister. It sounds strange, but it was the truth. I really think it's because my wife, were she to ever share me, would pick her sister as well.

Like I said, we've always been a close family and had always joked around or talked about one another's sex life. I knew from Sara and her friends that she adored sex. She had talked her sister into getting a dildo, after she shared her experience of getting one. Honestly, I'd jerked off to her telling that story more times than I can count. After a few drinks she'd always start making sex jokes or letting a thing or two slip about being naughty. I'm not going to call her a slut, but she liked sex. And who am I to judge? I love sex.

I'm a person who likes to push the limits and take chances. This was a chance that as my dick got harder, seemed like I had to take. As the next 30 seconds went by, I reasoned in my head that if it doesn't work, Sara would just brush it off and laugh about it. But...if it did work....oh my.

I looked around the bathroom and grabbed some lotion. I stepped out of my gym shorts and took my shirt off. My plan was to just jerk off while peeking in on her, no harm no foul. Sara at this point had heard me in there and called out for me. I responded with a very nervous "ya?" Almost not able to get the words out of my mouth. She said she was just checking to see if I was still in there and was almost done, so she was making sure I was on my way out. Again, I was so nervous I could only muster a "yep"

I made my way back over to the shower curtain and she was back in the same position,this time rinsing the conditioner out of her hair. I started to slowly stroke my cock. It was almost instantaneous that I came as I was mere feet away from my naked sister in law, with me naked as well. Just being naked in her presence was about all I could take.

As I peeked in on her and was admiring her beautiful body, stroking my cock, she finished with her hair and opened her eyes. I was startled as I looked back up and she was looking at me. I froze. I stammered. I had nothing to say. Nothing would come out. But I also had no idea how long she had been watching me. She got a grin on her face and teasingly asked "what ya doing there?!?!" If all else failed, I knew she was just going to make fun of me and this would all get forgotten about.

I stammered out an apology and explained to her what had happened and what I had seen. She never really got out of the water or tried to cover herself up. "Well..." she giggled..."It looks like you need to finish." What the fuck did she just say, I asked to myself. My heart began racing harder. Did she just say what I thought she said? She flirtatiously giggled at me again and said "just hurry up and finish. I hate to leave a guy withe blue balls. Here, let me help you feel more comfortable, but hurry up, my sister will be back soon." What the fuck is going on was all that was racing in my head. My dick had gone softer now as I was very confused. Sara looked me up and down as she began to massage her nipples and run her hand down her stomach to her fat pussy lips as the water continued to run down her beautiful body.

Holy fucking shit. I could not believe what was happening. My dick sprang back to life as I watched Sara caress her little titties and start to spread her lips to tease her clit. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. She picked up the pace and began to rub her clit like she was trying to rub it off. Her back arched and her ass slapped up against the wall. At this point I stepped into the shower. The warm water only enhanced the mood and I knew I wasn't going to last long. I stepped in front of her and pulled her into me. I kissed her long and hard as her tight tits rubbed up against my chest. It was uncomfortable and amazing all in the same breath. The water was splashing our faces, but our tongues were deep in one another's mouth. I grabbed her small but tight ass. My dick was rubbing against her stomach and taking in every soft inch of her skin. I lowered myself a little as I slid my dick between her thighs, rubbing against her clit. Sara fucked my cock back, clenching her thighs together and rubbing her clit back and forth on my dick. Her pussy was so soft and her perfectly fat pussy lips were wrapped around my cock as we fucked her clit. I grabbed her ass even more, but this time cupping both ass cheeks with one hand, using my middle finger to tease her ass hole. She came fast as did I, spewing my hot load all over her pussy. We both giggled and kissed one more time.

We got out of the shower, a little awkward but giggling and making fun of one another, flirting back and forth about what just happened.

We dried off, but both of us knew we weren't done. I walked into the bedroom and acted like I was getting dressed. I pulled open the dresser and grabbed some underwear. I felt Sara come up behind me and put her arms around me. "What are you doing?" she asked. She undid my towel and let it fall to the ground as she turned me around. She had already dropped her towel. I stood there for a second just taking in her beautiful naked body that was all ready for me to take advantage of. She pulled me into her. Her body was so warm from just getting out of the shower. She pulled my head down, pulled the underwear out my hand and dropped them to floor, as she put her tongue into my mouth again. She kissed me passionately, running her hands all over me. She kissed my neck and chest. As she began this, I knew what she was going to do. She worked her way down my body, kissing my stomach and thighs, letting my rock hard cock slap against her face as she kissed all around it. She lifted my cock up as she tongued my balls....and then ran her tongue up the length of my cock, straight to the head. She played with the tip of my cock with her tongue for a few seconds, taking me off guard when she told me to look at her. I was now staring right into my wife's sister's beautiful hazel eyes as she engulfed my cock in her mouth. Sara knew what the fuck she was doing with a dick in her mouth. She had the perfect combination of her lips, tongue and cheeks while also using her hands every now and then. As she took me deep in her mouth, she grabbed my ass pulling me in deeper. I was going to cum and we both knew it. She bobbed up and down two more times and as I exploded in her mouth she pulled me in tighter.

She kissed her way back up to me and looked me in the eyes. At this very moment, nothing mattered. For an hour or so, I had fallen in love with this woman. She swallowed every last oz of cum I could give her and it was one of the hottest things that had happened to me. I pulled her head into mine and drove my tongue deep into her mouth. Her tongue washed over mine as we passionately kissed. There was a faint taste of my cum, but I didn't care, I just wanted to kiss this woman. I backed her up to the edge of the bed. It hit her right in the middle of her thighs as we both fell onto it. I kissed her ears, neck and collarbone. As I worked my way down to her small tits and rock hard nipples I teased her pussy with my finger. Rubbing her clit as I put each nipple in my mouth. As I began sucking on each nipple I'd slide a finger into her pussy, reaching to find her g-spot. As she began to buck against my hand I slipped another finger in, stretching her pussy with every thrust. I worked back up to her neck and ear and back to her mouth. I kissed her harder as she drove her tongue back into my mouth. By this time her pussy was really bucking. I pushed the limits and stuck a third finger in her. She was full and she loved it. I rubbed her clit and g-spot with my fingers and heel of my hand. She was about to cum but I was ready to make it something very naughty. As I finger fucked her I had sat up with my body on my knees. I was reaching down banging her pussy with my dick bouncing around by her face. I wanted her to cum with my dick in her mouth. She knew what I wanted and devoured my dick. Almost at the same time as she took me in her mouth, she came all over my fingers, her pussy gushing as her hips bucked in the air. She wasn't even really sucking my dick at this point, it was just in her mouth. But her and I loved every second of it.

I pulled out of her mouth and took my fingers from her pussy as she relaxed some. Now was really what we both had been fantasizing about. I positioned myself in front of her, but I took my time spreading her legs. Again, this felt like we were falling in love, and as I've gotten older, I've learned to take my time so that I can remember all of the details. Sara was laying there on the bed on her back, looking up at me. I gazed at her body, up and down, back and forth. I was going to remember every inch of her body. We locked eyes as I opened her legs. Her fragrance was amazing and I adored everything about her. I love the feeling of when a woman gives herself up and spreads her legs for you. This was so much different but also the same.

I crept forward as she began to wrap her thighs around me. I grabbed her hips and she arched them up in anticipation. We never broke eye contact. I felt the tip of my dick hit her pubic bone. I rubbed my cock against her clit, rubbing it up and down the length of my shaft. I lifted her hips up just a bit as I finally felt the head of my cock rub the openings of her flesh hole. I was nervous. She was nervous. This was about to happen. There is no better feeling in the world as when you first thrust into a woman. She let out a gasp and closed her eyes. My heart was about to come through my chest. I was FINALLY inside my sister in law. Her pussy was wet, open and ready to be fucked. Her walls clinched around me as I slowly began to fuck her. Her tight perky tits were standing at attention. They were rock hard. We made eye contact again as I continued to fuck her slowly. We both knew this was going to be an intense fuck, but we both wanted to savor the moment with one another.

I leaned down, letting my body fall onto hers. She grabbed me by the back of the head as we kissed. I slowly fucked her as she whispered in my ear "I've wanted this moment since the day we met." I had to, but I couldn't get anything out for words. I kissed her one more time as I began to pick up my pace. She looked up at me and grinned and had a look of desire in her eye. She wanted me to FUCK her.

I sat up, grabbing her thighs and put them on my biceps. I grabbed her hips with my hands. Sara was exposed and couldn't move. The only thing she could do was take the pounding my cock was about to give her. Her hips tried to buck at me as she tried to grab my chest. I was fucking her hard and fast, each stroke seemingly slamming deeper into her pussy. Her pussy gripped my cock. Sara loved getting fucked and her pussy said so. I slammed into her, over and over, her feet in the air knees touching her shoulders. I now had my hands on the back of her knees and I pushed her open, as wide as she could go. Her pussy spread and exposed for my cock to penetrate for as long as I could take it. Her pulling on the bed sheets, back arched, her tits bouncing as much as they could. I loved every second of this. As I'm fucking her she pulls my hand that I had used to finger fuck her off her knee. She lays that leg down as I step over that leg, thus having one leg on my shoulder and one leg under me. I keep fucking her in this position, hitting her g-spot with every thrust. As I'm admiring her ability to fuck she pulls my hand to her mouth. She looks at me and grins as she sticks two of the fingers I used to fuck her pussy with into her mouth. There was still a slight wetness to them as she tasted herself. I fucking loved that. She looked me in the eye as she sucked each finger like a blowjob, cleaning herself off of my fingers. She was even more of a whore in the bedroom than I had imagined, and I fucking loved it. I coudn't take it any more. I was going to blow my load. I put her leg down and got in between her legs again as I fell on top of her, face to face again. I was going to cum in her while I kissed her. She wrapped her legs around me as I kissed her mouth, tongue and face. My dick ached for a release and I could feel her pussy start to tighten. As I kissed her she pulled away for a second and whispered in my ear "blow your load in me, fill me up like you fill my sister's pussy." It was so fucking hot and dirty all at the same time that I came on command. Her pussy gripped my dick as she came all over it. Fuck she was dirty, and it was hot.

I rolled over and off of Sara, out of breath and feeling slightly guilty, but also very satisfied. This was one of the more intimate experiences that I'd had and getting to do it with Sara made it that much better. She rolled over and kissed me long and hard. I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and immediately was scared. As I looked over, there was my wife, stark naked, leaned up against the wall. She had been masturbating while watching us. She clearly was satisfied with what she saw, judging my the cum running down the inside of her thigh. She walked over to us, dripping pussy and exhausted. Neither Sara or I had had any idea that she was there. She crawled into bed with us and kissed Sara first and then me. Neither of us knew what the fuck was happening. My wife worked her way down to my cock taking it all in her mouth as she tasted her sister on me. I pulled Sara into me as she rubbed my wife's back, and I kissed her again. Judging by the way my wife was reacting, Sara had slid a finger into my wife's pussy as she slurped up my cock. Man this Sara was a horny little slut. I couldn't get enough of her.

Though what happened next was one of the hottest experiences of my life, I still think back to falling in love with Sara for a short time as we were able to fuck for the very first time. We all three still get together five or six times a year like always. Now a days these times are a little more physical, but we've only grown closer as time has gone one. Sara will eventually find her lover and marry off, but we're going to enjoy her while we can. And I'll ALWAYS remember her and I's first and only time together, alone.
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