I Find a Darkened Corner
She's standing with the edge of her shoulder leaning against the wall, her face and neck obscured by a shadow cast from a low hanging lamp. Her thumbs are hooked on either side of a competition rodeo buckle that's bent forward slightly showing off a thick, black, hand carved leather belt. Her right leg is straight and leaning slightly at a bent angle to her trim waist line which appears even thiner under her tailored buttoned down denim cowgirl shirt tucked into her matching tight jeans. Her shirt is so snug there's no trace of a crease anywhere. Her left leg crosses in front of her right at the ankles with her toe fixed against her left boot, heal pointing straight out horizontally. Her western style large brimmed hat dips so low only the edge of her profoundly pronounced chin could barely be made out. She attracks querried looks from the multitude of people hanging out in the juke joint. She exudes a poise of confidence that instantly demonstrates her declaration of independence. Guys returning from the rest room, just behind from where she's standing, keep gesturing about this fine curvacious creature down the hall, 'round the bend. As if taking turns to check her out there's a steady stream of hot to trot pick up artists wondering if there's a hint of a chance. They're so intimidated by her presence no one even dare tries. Her silhouette doesn't budge. It's as if she's oblivious to all movement around her. Her eyes are glued on the performance coming from the stage. The trio cranks out song after song keeping pace with the audience's requests. In a flash the last song comes to a lively end and she makes her move. She saunters in ever so country-like, slinking directly up in front of the microphone, looks up with no hesitation, winks at me with a request...or rather a demand, "If that next song ain't Johnny Cash, I'm out'a here." I wink back and without hesitation tear into Folsom Prison Blues. During the intro I turn to the bass player and drummer and let it be known that I'm in trouble. This gal has got me so mesmerized I can't think of the words to the first verse. I swear I recognize her but I don't know why. Covering my embarrassment, I extend the intro to another solo. My mind registers the words, 'I hear that train a comin'... As the solo ends, I start singing and she starts clapping, then lets out a rebel yell, leans over the corner of the bar and orders a Buttery Nipple. (It's surprizing what you can hear from the stage. All you musicians out there can testify to that.) The bartender looks at her with an approving smile. "Want a Pink Pussy to wash it down with?" She nods approval of his excellent suggestion, and adds, "Make it real wet." The bartender winks and nods smilingly...

This lusciously slender full breasted beauty swings and sways to the rhythm, "If they freed me from this prison, if that railroad train was mine...", rocking her hips from side to side, then rolling her pelvis around slowly to the right then to the left, all the while holding those drinks without taking a sip. The audience begins their applause before the end of the song and this lil' Kountry gal looks up at me again, "Hey, take a break and share these with me." My body quivers uncontrollably and I try to hide it, "Thanks so much folks, we're gonna' take a short break for that pause that refreshes. Remember, the quickest way to heaven is by tipping your waitress."

After removing my guitar and turning the mic volume down I step off the stage starring at this determined wide eyed, picturesque beauty wearing a smile that can melt the polar caps. She stands about the same height as me and has a most sexy way of throwing her shoulder into mine as if to say, "Hey, is there a back room in this joint."

"No, but I can find us a darkened corner."
She stops dead in her tracks, her smile slowly transforms into a sultry, sexy, warm, 'please take me right now' look. "I love that song." She leans into me softly and I can't resist. Our lips meet gently, my thoughts going wild, 'should I try to slide my tongue...' before that thought ever has a chance to materialise her tongue slides between my lips slowly seeking a warm return. My tongue is right there to meet hers and we pleasantly tease each other by taking long swiping strokes, practically opening our mouths and parting for a fraction of a second then closing and coming back together with involuntary sighs and moans that vibrate throughout our bodies. Her tongue slides to the side of mine and I swirl my tongue around hers ever so slowly, savoring the most sensual succulent ecstacy I can ever remember. Her right hand is balancing one drink and her left arm comes around my waist. I remove the other drink and set it on a table stand. My right arm reaches over her shoulder as my left embraces her side, my hand settling on her rib cage just below her breast. She lowers herself begging my hand to caresse her braless wonder. As I cup my hand she presses herself deep into my palm and we hold that moment gently swaying side to side.

"Promise me your gonna' sing my song."

"You mean, 'I Still Miss Someone'?...I promise, it's one of my favorites."

"Where's that darkened corner, Golden Throat." Her mood shift commands the moment. How'd she know that June Carter called Johnny by that nick name?

"Right this way." I grab her other drink and hold her left hand and we disappear into an unlit back corner that has just a hint of light reflecting from far up the hallway. By the time we both stop and turn toward each other she has her shirt unbuttoned and is dipping her right breast into that Buttery Nipple.

"Now you'll find out why I like this drink. Feel free to let your imagination run wild."

Without hesitation, I lean over and lick the liquid from her nipple. My tongue swirls around attempting to get every drop as some rolls down her deep breathing rib cage past her stomach. Then I delicately suck her nipple until it becomes warm and begins to expand and swell into an enormously succulent morsel. I swear I feel it pulsate in rhythm to my throbbing cock hanging semi-limp down the inside of my left thigh. Juicy clear liquid begins running down my leg as she marvels at the thought of my arousal. Her left hand reaches over and rests on my thigh and she gently squeezes, releases, pulls back, rolls forward, continuously teasing and pleasing me no end. There's that special turn on excitement when someone feels you up over your jeans, my mind starts to imagine her hand around my cock as she raises it to her mouth...

Then she dips the left nipple and once again I lick and suck, this time with a little stronger presure. Her body flinches and I respond to her signal. I suck her nipple, swirling my tongue around and pressing the tip into her swollen rosette until it gets warm then inhale the entire bulbous front section of her breast into my mouth to the point where the fullness of her shape won't allow me to suck any further. Her nipple is tickling the back of my palate. My tongue presses in on her huge nipple and I feel it disappear into her massively swollen corona. What a solar eclipse this trick rider is turning out to be.

"Don't be bashful, how fast and how hard can you suck...I'm almost ready to cum. Unfasten my jeans and put your hand on my pussy with your middle and ring fingers working their way through my lips, then massage my clitoris using your thumb." No wonder she's about to cum, this is a gal after my own heart, no panties...Ah, the thrill of getting her pussy massaged along the inside seam just below the zipper...wish it were my tongue...

My hand follows her directions instantaneously,
as she walks me through exactly what it takes for her to cum right in my hand. "Grab that Pink Pussy."

Handing her the other drink she dips her huge bulbous outer lips into the glass and before the liquid has a chance of dripping, my mouth is inhaling her enormous mound, drink and all. My, my, my, how her cum adds to the flavor. And, cum she does, her pussy erupts in a shower of liquid that smells so sweet and fresh. With the added sweetness of the drink, my mind explodes right with her erupting, convulsing body. She reaches her left hand around my head and pulls me into her pussy and I finish licking and sucking her massive flow of cum, her body continually pulsating and twitching. Her breathing becomes forceful. I finally go for it...I suck her lips and clit in my mouth all together and work my tongue between her outer lips. Then, up and down her inner flowery, ever so soft, succulent lips. Her thighs press against the sides of my face and she flutters them back and forth. I hold on to her legs and feel the slender strength in her calves. My hands automatically massage the back side of these beautiful limbs imagining them strapped around my neck in a pussy lock that won't let go until she explodes in a furious, jolting massive orgasmic fourth of July display. She begins to moan and sigh while her body convulses more drastically, Buttery Nipple spilling over the edge of the glass.

"Pull my jeans down around my ankles."

I'm only to glad to comply. Her jeans are so tight that when she trys to spread her legs she comes up short. Then she bends her knees slightly flexing them outward while she bends forward looking over her shoulder at her butt and pulling her shirt up above her cheeks. Her eyes flicker my way and again I don't hesitate. Dropping my trousers I grab my cock all the way back on the shaft and as I center the head on her pussy from behind her left cheek, she thrusts backward with a vengeance swollowing three quarters of me in an instant. I let go my hand and drive my cock the rest of the way home, she pushes back with a grinding force to recon with. Her pussy feels so exotically warm and free I can't control myself. Within minutes I'm squirting cum like a high pressure lawn sprinkler. I'm amazed at how large the opening of her pussy is and how tight it gets the deeper I go. Then I realize why...she starts rotating her butt and pelvis in huge circles bending my cock to the extreme. My cock feels like it's caught in the trows of an out of control washing machine. The smile on her face is oh so precious as she gives me the thrill ride of a lifetime. I'm feeling her outerlips swirl and mash against my groin. Her clit is so swollen and extended, it springs past each side of my cock like a door stopper. She pumps her legs as if doing a series of squats, the head of my cock is tightly wedged into her cervix and her pussy is so hot and juicy we glide through a river of cum. I think I know what that belt buckle means...she's definitely a rodeo queen...

"Hey HotRod, you better get back up on stage."

As I slowly slide my cock from her love tunnel I keep slipping it back in, "I just don't want to..."

"You promised to sing my song."

" O K, thanks for the quickie, take a rain check for the long version?"

"You can come home with me tonight and finish doing me."

"Only if you'll let me stay the night and all day tomorrow."

"That's a must do, it'll take that long just for me to get undressed."

"How'd you know I'm going to undress you with my tongue, one lick at a time."

"That killer look in your, my, my, said the spider to the fly, you sure look good to me."

"Alright, that's it...where do I know you from?"

"You really don't recognize me, huh? Just wait 'til we get home. I'll show you somethin' you'll surely recognize." She rubs her pussy in a circular motion just before raising her jeans. Her smile, her long blonde hair, those elegant fingers, slender arms, Lord have mercy, it's her...

For actual drink recipes just click on Buttery Nipple and Pink Pussy drink recipes...enjoy!!!
They are for you drink them???...well...let your imagination run wild...
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